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Live is working

My Xbox live is up and running (finaly). My gamertag is Cadwallader13 and the only gameI have for online is the orange box so look for me on Team Fortress 2

*Coming soon* My online play

I still have no xbox live for my 360 because of the placing of my router and some other stuff... but I have a offline gamertag and the orange box so ill be fine till its working.

Gamer Tag mix up

There was a mix up and i pretty have to make up a new gamer tag i will post whene that is said and done with.

xbox 360

I have always been a Sony boy but now I just have the urge to get my self a 360........I will still have my PS2 hooked up on the side but I just cant see myself getting a PS3. Games like crackdown a dead rising are pushing me to the 360, whall Sony doesn't have anything I really want out for the PS3. So after owning a PS1 and PS2 for so many years I have finally given up on the former gameing God that was Sony. On another note I am not leaving my gaming style with fewer and fewer exclusive for the PS3 I will just as happy with a 360 I believe.

Spider-man 3

I just rented and beat the ps2 version of the spider-man 3 game and it was pretty sad and the last boss fight was pittiful I will not go into depth here but later in a full review I will.

God of War 2

God of War 2 looks freaking awsome from what I have seen and it comes out neare my birthday how perfect is that.


Cristmas was awsome for me hope it was for every one else and happy new year.
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