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no, you don't, here is the link for the steps

just do the first 4 steps and you will get it. that's how i got mine. I don't have the stone and the rod either. you need them to complete the entire easter egg.

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You don't need to have the other maps for that achievement. to get that achievement you only have to do one part of the easter egg. I heard if you want to to launch the nukes and get all 8 perks then you will the rod and stone. Some one else please confirm.

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So, I recently got the Rezurrection DLC and I've been  wanting to get the achievements for it.  Well I'm trying to do the "Cyrogenic Slumber Part" and every time I try to do the "Samantha Says" thing with the computer it never lets me press anything. I've heard you had to do other easter eggs before this one, but I couldn't find any place to confirm it. So I've come to you gamespot. Help me out?


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Oh and people hate it because they hate success. A lot of people love this game and play everyday. It is only the few that hates the game that swarm every videos leaving hate comments and low ratings. They are very vocal about their oppinions and will go to great lengths to make people think the way they do. Don't quote me on this but I believe most of them are PC gamers who has the best version of battlefield 3 and got screwed over with the whole dedicated server thing in MW2.

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Hi guys, I know I'm in the wrong place but the black ops forum are very dead. I am thinking about tackling this easter egg soon but i heard that you need the focusing stone and the golden rod by completing the easter egg in the other maps. I don't have any of the other map packs except resurrection. I have been reading this guide here and there are no mention of the rod and stone's_Grand_Scheme

I don't remember ever having the stone or the rod in any of the games i played online or solo. can any one confirm that you need to have these items?

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It is certainly not a bad game. Infact it is the best multiplayer experience out there. I only hate the campers but there are ways to deal with them. You can have fun from playing it and as with anything once you get good you won't want to stop. It really suck you in.

MW2 is still my fav though. I know that MW3 balanced out a lot of the multiplayer. However, i can't help but feel everyone is weak now. In MW2, everyone was powerful and noobtube is a sure way to take care of campers. Some would probably argue there were some overpower tools given to the players in MW2 but at the end of the day it is fair because everyone is powerful and you have a fighting chance with what ever you are given if you are good at the game.

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thats the first thing i thought of,but they are sooo dead. I'll get a reply in like a month.