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I personally really enjoyed playing wolfenstein. Pure fun.

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PSN: Souffe89

I have a ps3, ps4 and vita, right now I'm more active on the ps4, mostly play watch dogs, killzone, battlefield 4 and fifa. Currently on the destiny beta.

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Gamespot ID: gangstarapper (I know lame)

PSN: souffe89

feel free to add me if you feel like playing a match of fifa 14 or some CoD

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Out of those games I enjoyed tales of vesperia and eternal sonata the most. Never could get into star ocean for some reason, its just not that immersive.

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Well, you would be 99% wrong. I was even told by Eidos what to do and it is not working, and yes you do have to burn this gate to proceed. 

Maybe try talking to Square Enix instead of Eidos next time :P
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Havent really payed much attention to my 360 in a while and my friendlist is looking sorta empty. most of my friends have ps3's and so do I, but I decided to give my xbox the respect it deserves and renewed my gold account today, I play a bit of everything recently started tomb raider and far cry 3, so yeah some more xbox friends would be much appreciated. My GT: Souffe don't hesitate to add me.

PS: there used to be like a sticky thread for gamertags way back when, but I cant seem to find it

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You can add me if you want GT: Souffe

if you dont want to, thats also cool

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I'll just look for 2 of those 5830 cards then.

Thx guys. 2bad though those 8800 gtx's and that 285 are more aesthetically-pleasing :p

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would the 460 outperform the 8800ultra sli ? or the MSI 285 OC ?

It looks like such a small card :P in my head bigger is better :D

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So I just ordered parts to build my new rig, but since I prefer consolegaming I don't want to spend to much money on a gfxcard. so I thought I'd look for a 2ndhand card. So now I can get a 285 gtx OC for 70 euros or 2 8800 gtx's for 50 euros each. I could also get 2 8800 ultras for 130 euros but I don't know if there would be that much difference with the gtx. I could also get a 4890 or a 4850x2 for 90 euros. have no clue wich card could give me more bang for my buck. I haven't built a pc or followed hardware developments since 2007 when I had the 8800 gts. So could you guys help me out a bit ?