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I'm so unreliable. I haven't updated this thing for months now, like I somewhat promised I would.

Anyways, a few things I'd like to address.

1. Project Uranus has died, unfortunately. We had the design and mechanics down pat and I saw a potentially great game. However, due to lack of resources and my partner's unwillingness to pitch the idea to any modders or developers or publishers it's died for, well, ever.

2. However, in my quest for becoming a great writer in the gaming industry, I've come up with a brilliant story (At least, in my mind). Set during the Crusades, you choose to either be knight or merchant and go through the overall story however you want. My friend and I who are working on making an outline and script have been musing with various ideas on how it'll happen. We've been thinking of the two parts of the story happening then coming together in some way. However, the overall plot is heavy, dealing with grey morality, religion, politics, etc.

We're really excited about this one and have a plan to follow through on doing this and hoping someone in the industry likes our idea. We'll see :3

3. For those of you who do read this, I thank you greatly. I know I'm not consistent at all, but it feels good to know someone likes to listen to my ramblings.

Project Uranus- A Multi player game with a story you build

So, me and my friends have been working on an MMO and since that will probably never lift off the ground, we're going to launch it as a meta-game (Where battles are instanced and fought over territory, and when one kingdom gains that territory, it's added to a map everyone can view).

The problem we've have is, how can we push an interesting story while focusing on hundreds, maybe even thousands of players?

We think we've found a solution and a good one.

One of my favorite things about one of my favorite RPGs (Mount and Blade: Warband) is that you sort of forge your own story and your imagination takes over. Well, that's something we're setting out to do in our game.

Except, there's one problem, but we think we've found the solution to that, as well.

The entire purpose of most games is to make you seem like the biggest bad ass ever. You're the center of the world, even when that world is inhabited by thousands of other plays who want or feel like the center of the world.

What we've decided to do is make it so you're an absolute no body in the beginning. If you want to be the center of the world, you're going to have to prove it. Whether that be through some feat of diplomacy or showing your awesome skills on the battlefield, you're going to have to earn your fame.

This provides a healthy amount of competition among players, each one striving to be the next great commander (More on that later). As a person does feats of epic proportions, his fame will spread among the players. Of course, someone may lie about them actually doing something, but I think that's what's going to make our game interesting: That drama one can get in real life.

Bonjour Everyone!

So, I promised in my last blog I'd do another one the week after that. Seems like I lied.

Well, I've been busy. Getting outside, enjoying life and realizing that I need to live life to the fullest. Stop complaining about everything and just enjoy everything.

And well, I've been enjoying everything.

School was a drag until I got out, but to be honest, I had a great time with my friends. It was really only the stress of finals and projects that got to me. But, I got to know some of my friends better than ever.

Other than that, I've been doing a lot of Boy Scout activities. I went to Summer Camp two weeks ago. On one side, I missed E3. But on the other, I met the most awesome group of people I've ever met in my life. I've found some good, good friends.

Yesterday, I got back from Abaco, Bahamas from a sailing trip, which I also did with the Boy Scouts. I learned to like a lot of people I used to look down upon, I enjoyed being in paradise for a week, it was also my first out of country trip and I'm now starting a nice visa collection in my passport, and finally I met a really awesome girl and hung out with her for a day in the most beautiful place on earth. Unfortunately, I didn't get her number or last name, but maybe it's better that way.

But, anyhow, I'll try to update more often and in a new style, devoid (for the most part) of that angsty teen style where I complain about everything.

Au revoir,


A look back at this week...

So, I look back at this week and in retrospect, life kicked me in the gonads this week.

First, I break a violin in orchestra. Just snapped while I was playing. Then, jackasses feel this is the perfect week to piss me off and haze me. After that, I nearly fail a playing test in orchestra, but at least my teacher was cool enough to let me try it all again.

Although the jackass part only got a sentence above, trust me, it made my week absolute hell. I was ready to kick ten people's asses, but I didn't really feel like getting expelled, so I controlled myself.

Finally, on MSW, I screw up the end for a roleplaying thread. I was feeling like such a dick towards the end for screwing up two people's meticulously made plans. Oh well, I guess it all worked out in the end.

Well, I'll get to a better blog mid next week.



Sometimes, I just don't get people. Whatever drives some people to do the things that they do is beyond me.

For instance, today in my PE class one kid decided that today he'd focus on making fun of me because of how white I am. Somehow, in his mind I was beneath him because he has a tan. What he did was rather simple, in all reality. He pushed me around, abused me, and just teased me in rather general ways. Somehow, he managed to convince nearly twenty other kids that I was beneath them all and most of them did the same.

This wasn't the first time, though, so I'm used to it. I've been called everything from fat to pale and from stupid to a Nazi. Society gets me down sometimes and sometimes it just really gets on my nerves and I need a release. This was one of those releases, so [/rant]


Back to school

Well, sadly, my winter break ended and I'm back off to the extremely exciting ninth grade! Along with school, I'm also starting back up in Boy Scouts.

School was altogether fine, but like usual, all I could think about was video games, Mechscapeworld, and my writing projects (one of which I'm starting on tomorrow). Orchestra went badly for me, seeing as our great teacher made us switch instruments for the next quarter. So, instead of having fun and being comfortable with my wonderful double bass, I get to learn new posture, new hand positions, new notes, new tuning, etc on the... violin. Now, there was always a reason why I never decided to play the violin before. Namely, because my hands are rather large and not... precise enough for the small instrument.

Although, I guess it's not an altogether bad thing. I'm learning a new instrument, which is a really good thing for me. I've been sticking with the bass because it's inside my boundaries and I can't really argue going outside those boundries is a necessarily bad thing. It'll just be extremely uncomfortable for me, but in the end, I guess I'll benefit. I just can't wait to go back to Sarah (yes, I named my bass, no I don't really know where I got the name Sarah =P) and her sweet delicious curves.

Other than that, I still have Boy Scouts left for tonight, which will be a pain. I get to be an Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (basically, I pretty much help run everything) for another six months. I get another six months of idiot kids annoying me and disrespecting me. Although, almost like the violin situation I'm in, I guess in the end it will help me become an overall better leader.



Well, for those of you who track me, you may have noticed my extremely sexy signature. Now, you may be asking yourself, what is Mechscapeworld? Well, Mechscapeworld (soon to be renamed, more on that later) is the first fansite for an MMO called Stellar Dawn (earlier name was Mechscape). Nearly two years ago, the lead admin of the site was doing some snooping about on Whois, searching Jagex (the ones who created Runescape and Funorb). He saw one of the domains was, with quite a few similar domains.

Now, over the next few years MSW obtained quite a bit of information (although it required a lot of snooping about), acquiring awesome looking concept art and even a piece of music from the game (which was mighty impressive, especially compared to Runescape's music). Over these years we never obtained any screenshots or gameplay footage and information scarcity struck hard, especially during the summer months of last year. They made promises that Mechscape was 'awesome' and it was coming 'soon', with promises it was not 'Runescape in spcae'. They also said that there was no leveling whatsoever and every thing was based in a 4x format (like strategy games), but in an MMO form where you control one character. Then, a few months ago the **** hit the fan for Jagex, in a way.

On Youtube, a user named 'Jagexinsider' leaked a video of footage of Mechscape and what was it like? It was Runescape in space and it made me not want to play the game. Then soon after that two Jagex employees joined the site (confirmed) and gave us quite a bit of information. They said that Mechscape was canned and that the CEO (Mark Gerhard, who I like quite a bit compared to the last one who was a greedy bastard) had pulled the plug on it. Several press releases later it was found out that the can cost ten-twenty million pounds to cancel the game (as a side note, I'm just going to say that takes a lot of balls) and that Mechscape was reborn as Stellar Dawn (which is a much, much better name, imo).

Now, once again we have entered a period of information scarcity and news on the game is almost no where to be found. Now, you may be wondering why I, along with many, many others decide to stick around. It's because of the community, which is the best one I have ever seen on my travels on teh interwebz. The admins, mods, and staff are great and the general members are awesome, too. I encourage you to join the site, because, it kicks serious ass. I promise you won't be disappointed.


Well holy crap!

I know no one reads these, but here I go.

Today was on of the best of my life. Everything went near perfectly. The best part of my day was nearly finishing my short story. It's the fastest I've ever written one, and I hope to publish it on the internet soon. I'm really proud of it, I love it a lot. One of my favorite pieces.

In other news, I got a PS3 on Black Friday, however my parents won't let me play it until Christmas Eve :( I can wait, though. I'm just happy to have one. I already have a PSN account (PSP) so if you want to add me, go ahead. Gandaf007. I'll probably be playing MW2 and the BFBC2 beta the most. Both awesome games (I've played them at Chruch [yes, at Church, that's how cool my Church is]).

Well anyways, that's all for now.


Haven't updated for a while, so what the hell.

I just finished my frist two weeks of High School, big deal right? Well it sucks and I hate it. I can't wait to get to college and learn stuff I actually want to.

Been busy writing a compistion, which I hope to put up on teh interwebz soon.

Speaking of music, if you've never listened to the ELO before, go out and listen to them now! They are probably my favorite group right now.

Well anyways, that's all for now. lol

Letting my cynnical self flow!

Well haven't done a blog in a while, seeing as no one reads them... but oh well.

Nothing really interesting has happened the last few days, just mainly doing research on various stuff.

To the main part of this blog...

Last night, I was looking at some blogs... what they were about, I'm not going to say... seeing as I don't want any flame wars going on in the comments.

So anyways, there was this group of... idiots and there was the group of people who actually have common sense. Now, the idiots were trying to disprove our beliefs in a way that makes sense... to a 5 year old. They were so obsessed with finding the flaws of our beliefs, they'd post paradoxes and scientific proof... then we'd just destroy their argument with a simple sentence filled with... common sense.

I really hate people like that... so obsessed with the fact they're right they can't admit they're actually... WRONG!

Anyways, seeing as we were just a bunch of teens and young adults and they apperantly had PhD's in the topic they were right and we were wrong in their idiotic minds.

So when you post something or say something... think, how could this be wrong...? Don't be like those idiots... please.

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