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A list of the greatest calm moments in game history

So, this maybe a tricky one to understand. But the general idea is that when playing a action filled game you sometimes stumble upon a part of the game that builds up the game experience through it's calmness. Like the calm before the storm or the happiness when finally achieving something great.

1. Meeting Vigil, Mass Effect 1.
(I actuarly got goosebumps when playing this part of the game, it's so smartly done with the music from the menus comming back to you as to say that this is something essential to the story).

2. Working the adventure map, Heroes of might and magic 3.
(A lot of people have the same opinion, there is nothing more cosy then to run along exploring a HOMM 3 map).

3. The Glow, Fallout 1.
(Maybe not totally calm, but surely one of the least actionfilled parts of this game. First time I played this part of the game the intencity and anticipation of what to come was almost unbareable).

4. Cloakwood forest, Baldurs Gate 1.
(This area of the game has it's fights - SURE, but there are also parts where you just explore the area without much encounters. Doing this along with the great calm soundtrack is a bless).

5. The whole game, Guardians of Graxia.
(So, there is a lot of calm and turn based games. This one has been a great retreat from everyday stress for me).

A list of **** last bosses and general crap in game history

So, to make a kind of warning list then... the numbers are just to keep order, no hirarki.

1. Last boss, Two worlds 2.
(the game is really good sometimes, and then comes this ending).

2. Last boss, ToB expansion, Baldurs gate 2.
(the series had so many good fights, so my expectasion for this one was maybe to much).

3. Portal fighting, The elder scrolls 4 - Oblivion.
(the game offers great experiences in general, even if I don't like the fact that the enemies level up along with the hero, but then when going in to the portals it gets REALLY REALLY repetitive...and boring).

4. Final map WIN, Guardians of Graxia.
(I LOVE this game but what the **** did the developers think about when they made this win condition?).

A list of the best battles and challenges in game history

Ok, the topic makes it clear. I'm going to post them in numerical order just to get them organized. Feel free to comment your own opinion.

1. Demogorgon, tower expansion - ToB expansion, Baldur's Gate 2.
(I know there are some madskilled people out there who have killed him without problems, it took me HOURS though. Not many game offer fights like this.)

2. The last battle, X-COM Ufo defence.
(This old battle has so much action and variation going on, I remember loosing some of my men while the others triumphed).

3. The looong bridge, Dragon Age - Origins.
(I just love it when you are fighting low lever monsters and they still almost kill you since they are so many).

4. Derelict reaper, Mass effect 2.
(Same as above, fighting a lot of low lever monsters can get messy. I remember that I went out of bullets at one point.)

5. Yog fighting the nagas (and later the titans), Heroes of might and magic 3 - Armageddons blade.
(I thought my hero was totally invincible and then came these fights that seemed totally ridiculous at first.)

6. Random caravan fights - preferably with many different enemy gangs, - Fallout 1 OR 2.
(It can become totally wicked when different gangs shoot at eachother and then there you are in the middle, killing and looting as you please.)

Where are the fat chicks?

Hi again... so, I've been thinking... and playing... alot.

Just tried the Homm 6 beta (Heroes of might and magic 6), and it's way better then heroes 4 and 5 ..FINALLY something that seems worthy of taking over from heroes 3.... anyway, I se that there is a lot of female units around..
BUT they all look the same, with the same anorectic attributes...

Ofcourse it's not only this game that has starved all the female units.. I tried Forsaken world some days ago. Man ohhh man that game is made by men :) Reviealing armors and luxery whores seem to be the graphical edge there...

So - are you with me? - where are all the fat chicks? Can somebody show me? I would salute the game that dares show the female body of a normal person instead of just supermodels (that, as we all know takes more drugs then food).

Or why not just make the size of the units a bit random? Two units of the same kind can perhaps have different body mass index? Or is that a dream that will come true first in the next century?

Well..if you have read all this above and know a game with a fat female, please post it on a comment :)
And if this post keeps being uncommented - that will speak for itself :P

Epic Windows Update Failure

So I'm gaming away in Torchlight..going to seek out Gah's missing ring, right..

WRONG! apperantly windows update just wanted to shut down my computer and all programs that was running without letting me know. :( Can they really have this update-program doing this without a question first?!

Steam + EA = not compatible

Hello, I just like to take a minute to whine about EA and their stupid autentication process.

I just purchased Dragon Age: Origins - Ultimate edition on STEAM.

Then when i turn ingame, I cannot access the DLC's!

The point of me buying this ultimate edition was so I could play all DLC's now that's money down the drain?
or is it... well now, after 90 minutes of searching and running around EA's and STEAM's support.. I find that it was TIME down the drain as well.

My point beeing: How can a game I purchase from one place have to be authenticated by another place and then NOT allow me to use the bought products?

And how the hell can a person have so much time that is needed to reach the right place in Steam and EA's support "system"?