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What happened to me at Games in the UK

I posted this in the UK discussion board. 

I bought the last of us thinking it was a used copy. I was happy becuse I saw a sticker with the word preowned plastered on it. Later I found out that it was the season pass. I bought the real game for 42 pounds new and wanted to refund the season pass which I bought for 15 pounds. I haven't looked at the code so in my opinion I have every right to have my money back but they didn't let me. They said keys and codes cannot be refunded and that is also mentioned in their refund policy but I have not looked at the code so I don't know what it is and the guy was holding the paper with the code the whole damn time even after he printed the recite. So yeah I got ripped and this is a heads up.

The guy who works there was waving with the bill and the numbers and letters typed on it were too small for me to see. He never gave me the paper with the code until I paid 140 pounds. I think I have a right to be refunded.