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Propaganda Games

They’re on the rise! First, let me tell you what the word propaganda means. Besides being used to make a piece of writing sound intellectual or fancy, the word propaganda actually means something. I will tell you a more simple version than the definition Wikipedia has and hey! You don’t have to click on a link and start a new page to know what it means. It’s the use of information, true or not, to achieve a goal mostly unnoble. Before, it was up to people to decide whether to dismiss something as a propaganda. Some might find labeling things as propaganda offensive. Some might not. What I care about is painting a whole group of people as good or bad. Yes. This still exists and yes this has got a big appeal in video games despite majority or minority not agreeing with whatever message a video game is trying to convey.

Current Theme: The War on Iran

Battlefield 3 and Arma 3 are some of the video games which use the war on Iran as a theme. I haven’t checked yet but it doesn’t need guessing that those stinky racist lobbyists have something to do with the finances of such games. Regardless of how bad the Iranian government is, how oppressed and poor the Iranian people are and how wrong for the Iranian government to have its own nuclear program (even though it’s right for every other country) Nothing justifies killing. Nothing justifies demonizing. Would Americans like it if a big companies as the ones that made Battlefield and Arma made a game where American people are the bad guys? Then why accept this? A video game that has you think those poor, oppressed and UN sanctioned to bones deserve to die because they have a satan of a government? That evil government is theirs. Not yours! It’s up to them to keep it or get rid of it. Until they actually use that nuclear weapon, how about you stop demonizing them? Also, what makes you think the Iranian populace are in favor of their governments indoors and outdoors policies? Do you realize there are millions of outspoken Iranian critics and opposition members out there? Bottom line is, no game should make it okay to kill a human being.

Racism, hate and mainstream games

This issue is deeply concerning because video games are very few in number and unlike books, movies and other industries, there are no alternative to mainstream games in video game industry. While we hear about a successful and high quality independent game from time to time, the number of indie games in which the quality matches that of a high budget, made in a big studio one is very small. It’s not political correctness to advocate equality. It’s not political correctness to ask to stop demonizing a group of people in the media based on their race, religion, sex and sexuality, ethnicity, views and other things. To allow this to continue to happen is the same taking part in the act. While I consider myself a fierce defender of free speech whether in the form of a book, film, song or a video game, I find games which promote war and killing to have exceed what’s known as the right to expression and “entertainment” and become incitement and a call for violence.




Fun Fact: ArmA is made by a Czech developer and targets a primarily Eastern European audience.