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My E3 Picks

Final Fantasy VX

I've been keeping an eye for this game ever since it was announced for Ps3 and I think that was four years ago. I read that this game was inspired by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and that the story is about a couple who are also star crossed lovers. Another thing I love about the game beside the post apocalyptic setting and the story, is the new action based combat which is similar to the one in Kingdom Heart games. So to those of you who are fans of Kingdom Hearts series, rejoice. (as if you havent already) The combat in this game is action based by all means; Not only youre able to carry out a fight without waiting for turns as in other Final Fantasy games, you get to control characters who use different styles and weapons. Theres hack and slash, shooting as well as platforming. The 2013 E3 trailer shows scenes where prince Noctis' home is being invaded by enemy soldiers. It's time to escape for home is no longer a safe place to be for Noctis and his friends. Though this time, you wont flee the castle by simply fighting a number of battles, you'll be avoiding getting damage by the place as it gets destroyed and even stay out of the enemys sight if you want to. The trailer has scenes where the player stops for a moment to show that the whole game is running on real time. Watching some of the foes in Final Fantasy games make a comeback as the Iron Giant was great but watching the scenes where Noctis reminisce about him and his father was better. I can tell the relationships in this game aren't as shallow and theres great use of narrative (telling stories through gameplay) whether it's by Noctis being helped by his friends during battles or by Noctis and his love interest fighting together.

Bayonetta 2

The original Bayonetta was simply the best game I've played in the current generation. It's the only game I've played and beaten three times so far. The gameplay was highly addictive and quick based. The theme was stunning. The soundtrack, backgrounds, characters and everything about the game were a perfect ten. The only thing I didn't like about Bayonetta was the chase levels but that didnt ruin it for me because I could simply skip these levels in my second time through. Bayonetta was an easy game to get into. There weren't any lengthy tutorials and excessive exposition. Every boss battle was epic and unique. The entire game was unique because a female character with a strong sense of sarcasm is also rare.

I won't say I expect the second one to surpass the first because it's on the WII U and I hope we don't see any downgrades considering the system's limitations, and because it's hard to keep the success or hype going. I hope I'm wrong though and I'm still going to get it. We need badass women in games as Bayonetta and she deserves to have her own series and even if the graphics won't look as good as in the original (Which is the case)  I don't care. It still has a badass and funny heroine, epic battles and soundtrack.

X by Monolith

I admit I never liked Xenoblade or Xenogears and Im not a huge fan of mecha anime and games but this one looks actually cool. The trailer shows the main character as he roams in this big vast world with huge enemies. Theres so much going on in this big open world. Enemies flying above, enemies crawling on the ground. I felt the whole segment of the game was to demonstrate WiiUs capabilities.

Project Spark

This title is mostly known for being Xbox Ones Little Big Planet but for me it's nothing like Little Big Planet or Minecraft simply because of the graphics. They're not cutesy and they're not cube like so for those who want a game where they can create their own levels and characters without them always ending up like a stack or row of cubes, this is your game. I'll call these games the engine games because we get to create our own mini games in them, add textures, music files, create our own characters and share them with our friends. Who knows we might be able to sell them one day and release our creation as stand alone games. I can't wait to see the future of user created-content games. Here are more things developers could add to the genre: Allow us to make multiple characters, assign roles for the characters, role-play, be part of other users games. I know I sound like I'm asking too much but this genre of games is excellent. It's developers releasing engines and allowing you to create your own games minus other video game components.

Honorable Mentions:


Below is the name of a creative title developed by an indie studio and published by Microsoft. Although the trailer doesn't tell much about the game or gameplay, I like the focus on art. For those of you who would like to see videogames with a focus on visuals and narrative rather than traditional ways of storytelling, you might want to check out this title.


Is a title announced during Sonys E3 conference. The game uses 2D artwork but has 3D gameplay mechanics. You control a badass fiery-head young girl as she fights bad guys for reasons which remain unknown. I felt the song played during the trailer was too loud. It made it hard for me to listen to what was going on in the game. This title also focuses on visuals and presentation. If you're a fan of anime like me, and want more female characters in lead, then this might be the game for you.

WTF moment:

Plants Versus Zombies Garden Warfare

I'm a huge fan of Plants Versus Zombies. I've beaten the first one and I'm currently playing PvZ adventures on Facebook and you guys should check this out because it's cute and very challenging (limited number of plants to take with you in battles and you need to plant more every time you run out of them and you have very few planting beds) and I can't wait for PvZ 2 but this one looks like a joke. It's as if someone read my comments about how every game is being turned into a Resident Evil 4 and decided to make it. The plants dont look cute. The whole thing looks like a nightmare. I know it has zombies but to turn what used to be about strategy and planning into a mindless shooter is ew.