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Infidelity in games, a common theme?

A a great addition to the list of immoral things we do in games besides killing, stealing, battery (Grand Theft Auto series have all those) is cheating. I was shocked to see that I was the only one who reacted to Sera getting all dovey dovey with Noel in FinalFantasy XIII-2 despite being married. I used to call her a cheating whore everytime I walked into my sister's room and see her playing that. I mean is that okay? Of course it is. It's a f****** video game for god's sake. I know things didn't get physical between the two but the mere thought of looking at another guy that way is, I don't know. 


"If he's hawt, I approve."

Another funny example is the smart phones video game In Your Arms Tonight, where you play as a wife who's been forced into an arranged marriage and end up living with a cheating asshole. But is that a reason to choose from a selection of handsome, rich strong men to cheat with? The game gives you the option of staying with your asshole of a husband and I'll asume trying to fix things but I'm too cheap to unlock the following chapter of the game or cheat with your boss, co-worker, bartender, former classmate and two other guys whom I haven't had the pleasure of meeting yet. 


"He was bad at secks anyway!"

Whether you agree with cheating or not, I find it extremely interesting when games try to attract us consumers by featuring controversial themes. It's a great way to make us keep playing. I might actually pay for In Your Arms Tonight. Add to that the great artwork and well written dialogue which is far better than ones I've seen in cheesy romance novels out there. I'd choose this over plain old, overused good versus evil plot anyday. What do you think?