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Extra Credits: Toxicity

Watching this episode of Extra Credit has encouraged me to write about what happened to me few days ago. I was posting my opinion about a game which has been just released. My opinion, which wasn't popular at all, got me into a rather ugly exchange with few users on one of gamespot forums. I tried to keep my posts related to the discussion as much as I could but I couldn't help but confront one of the guys who kept attacking me for having an unpopular view. I asked him whether he had anything to say other than the stream of insults he showered me with, calling me childish, a joke, emotional among other insults. He clearly didn't. I have to admit that during my nine years of being a part of this community, I've never experienced such thing until two days ago. Here's what happened for those of you who are interested in knowing the whole story.

How I ended it:

Well you sure have tolerance for people with opposing views. Saying negative things about something you like, an inanimate object as a game and not your mother, doesn't give you the right to attack other users. Whether there was basis for that opinion or not, nothing justifies insulting a person over a game. Second, all opinions should be welcome as long as they follow the rules and guidelines, none of the rules here state that a user has to have played the game before writing anything about it. Until that happens, I and other users shall continue to write what we think of any game. 


Grow up. All of you.


I post here because I want to share my thoughts about video games. I post and read other opinions because I want to know more about video games. I'm not here to put anyone down. I'm certainly not here to make you feel bad about yourself or make fun of something you like. Even if I were, it's just a game and it's not an extension to you. It's not an extension to anyone's person. It shouldn't offend. You might have grown up in a family where everyone have their own opinions about things. Some like chicken, others like beef. It doesn't make chicken for those who like it any less nor does it make beef that. I believe the same applies to games. 

I wouldn't have brought this up if the attacks were coming from minors but to see that it's adults, who are supposed to act mature, resort to this kind of language to express their disagreement rather than minors, concerns me deeply. And remember, we're all here to talk about something we like and enjoy. So there's no need to insult others over a game. And like most things, if you truly love something, you wouldn't care about what others think of it.