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Animated or Motion captured?

Was the dicussion I was having with my friend yesterday. I was leaning towards motion capturing because of the good ol' technology makes everything easier. Add to that the fact that motion capture technology depicts human movement realistically which is better suited for games with realistic style as Uncharted. Motion capture technology is cheaper, a time saver and always accurate. You won't look at an old game with motion captured sequences and think ugh the way characters move in this is so awkard. Animation on the other hand works better for cartoon style games and games where characters are expressive, you know, animated? Games with certain themes, artsy in other words. 

"Halo series uses animation"

For those who don't have a clue on what I'm saying, motion capture is the process of capturing movements and including them in games by attaching luminous dots to models or real people and have them act while a machine traces their every move. Animation is drawing characters in many poses and moving them fast until you see characters moving. My friend thinks animation is better (he's an animator himself lol) because he believes there are movements that are hard to capture with motion capturing technology. To me that's like saying real life actors can never be able to act some parts. 

"Uncharted series uses motion capture"

It's very likely to see a movie or a video game where the two methods are used. A good example of that is older spider man movies. Almost all CGI sequences in those movies were animated because neither the actors nor stunt men could do the action scenes. Also because the producers thought the way spider man moves in animation is more smooth, faster and super hero-like and no human can move as fast as a super hero. Another film which uses both technologies for character movement is Berserk's movies. The entire battles are motion captured while the rest of the scenes are animated.