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E3 Impressions


Due to final examinations, I could only watch Sony's conference and a bit of Microsoft's. Both shows were good compared to last year's show. Microsoft wowed the audience with their latest technology NATAL which allows xbox 360 and NATAL device owners which is yet to have a name, to play various games without using controllers. The technology used in NATAL is the same as the one used in motion capturing only this time, 360 owners don't need to wear suits in order for the scanner to read their movements.

Another surprise thrown by Microsoft was Peter Molyneux' new project Milo which also makes use of MS's new project NATAL. Milo promises to push the boundaries behind NATAL's technology. It's a game where you fully interact with characters by using your own body. You can start conversations, ask them questions, explore in the world they live in and even give them objects! Even though it's still in the making, the conceptsounds very promising but would you take a word from MR. Molyneux?

Sony's conference started by showing a number of games available on PS2. I was surprised when I heard that they weren't going discontinue making PS2 as long as they announce games for it but the thing is, all I can see coming on PS2 is multi-platforms which not only look better on current generation consoles, they also play better.

Shortely after PS2 releases, Sony announced their new line of Playstation Portable, PSP Go.It might look like a normal PSP with a different design but the games it has are system sellers. The new PSP will launch with Metal Gear: Peace Walker, Resident Evil PSP and Gran Turismo PSP... Yes Gran Turismo on PSP along with other block buster titles such as Little Big Planet. Does it sound tempting now?

Moving on from PSP to PS3. All the time the show was on, I was waiting for Sony to announce new titles coming on their big shiny brick other than the ones we already know about and been waiting to hear updates on for the past few years. During the show, Sony did announce new exlusives coming on the PS3 such as Rockstar's Agent and Final Fantasy 14 which is going to be online. As well as new titles, Sony showed trailers of its biggest exlusives coming out this year including God of War III, Uncharted 2 andTrico which was named The Last Guardian. Popular multi-platforms were also shown such as Assassin's Creed which didn't look any different to me other than the setting which was breath taking by the way, but I doubt I'll buy it. Sony also announced that Square's most popular Final Fantasy game FFVII was available on PSN and that Home was coming very soon. I don't know how far do they mean by soon but it's coming!

Last but not least... Ok maybe it's the least interesting story I got for today, Sony introduced their new technology which is quite similar to Nintendo's Wiimote. Sony's magic wand allows gamers to play games differently by waving their wand. It is similar to the Wiimote and I fail to see the difference actually!.

Verdict: The show was better than last year's no doubt but E3 post current gen consoles was big. I wish for the show to regain its glory and become as big as it used to be and I wish more companies would work on new titles other than developing technologies. It's a good thing to work on creative ways for playing games but in E3, developers have the habit of... I wouldn't say talking big but showing something so small and so promising and releasing titles featuring those concepts without any addition to what we've already seen. E3 might be an important event for developers to share their plans with the audience but not keeping promises makes the event loses its credibility if that makes any sense. I don't want to watch misleading trailers because that alone won't make me buy the game, the final product will.

I'm not excited about Metal Gear Rising even though I'd love to play as Raiden again but I'm still pissed at Kojima after playing Metal Gear Solid 4. The title looks promising but I was sceptical as soon as I heard that Kojima wasn't the one who wrote the story nor directed it.

What was your impression on E3? My picks:

  • Trico
  • Uncharted 2
  • Final Fantasy XIII

It's my birthday!

Today is my bithrday. I'm 23 years old as of today! YAY!

I went out to have dinner. I had pizza. I planned to go to a theme park because I haven't been to one for ages but the theme park I planned to go to was booked for the employees of one of the ministeries over here so I went to a different place and got new stuff. After I was done shopping, I got really tired carrying bags and bumping into people at the mall and saying Hello! I went home.

I haven't been playing videogames for a long time too because I was studying all the time. It's been ages since I last watched a movie because none of the movies nowadays appeal to me. Seriously, even when I buy DVDs, I rarely watch the movies I got. Movies nowadays have become crappy don't you think? Before, I used to go to bed thinking and analyze the story and characters but now, as soon as I leave the theater, I forget what I watched. I'm not sure if this happens because the value of movies have dropped or because people have more options than they did back then which makes them appreciate movies and entertainment business more. Speaking of movies, one of the things that ticks me off is movies based on videogames/anime because they're never good. But I was really pissed when I heard the rumor about a movie based on Shadow of The Colossus being made. I doubt it's going to be good because SOTC relies heavily on silent story-telling and not dialougs. I dislike it when producers take advantage of popular products. If they ever agreed to make that movie, I hope it draws people's attention to one of the best games in the last generation.

How's everyone at Gamespot doing?

A store with the name Gamespot in Kuwait

Note: This blog was posted forthe purpose of humorand not to point out to Admins that a shop with the same name as the website exists. So please, don't sue whoever runs this shop for having the same name and logo as yours. The owner might be a big fan of yours and naming his/her store after your website is a nice gesture after all, let alone the fact that it works as a way to advertise for your website.

One day, I was shopping for new games in this old complex which everyone who plays games in Kuwait goes to. A surprise awaits me everytime I go there but this time, it was different. I ran into a shop that has the same name and logo as Gamespot. I couldn't ask the salesmen about the owner nor how the name was chosen because the shop was a bit crowded and I couldn't get it. I hate crowded places! Despite of the fact that the name Gamespot and the logo designed by the media team are trade marks owned by Cnet, I think it's a nice gesture. It shows how popular the website is over here. Next time I go there, I'm going to ask the owner about the story behind the name.

YLOD? Gimmie a break!

YLOD is a short term for yellow ring of death which is a propaganada created by none other than Microsoft to delude consumers into thinking that 80 GB, 40 GB and 20 GB ps3 systems produce a yellow light incase you placed them vertically= A LIE!

HI! I know it's been a long time since I last posted an update here. I wanted to do many things and share them with you guys such as reviews for games, games I stopped playing, new consoles I bought and other gaming tid bits but gamespot wouldn't let me. This site has been very laggy lately and it's hard for me to type a complete sentence. Let along having to click on sumbit twice all thanks to html warning. I've noticed that some bugs still occur. The "member since 1970" bug is still there. I'm not going to complain but I think this place would be more active if the staff worked on fixing those bugs. While I was away from gamespot, I got Valkyria Chronicles, Eternal Poison and Tomb Raider Underworld. I haven't beaten Valkyria yet but I could tell that it's a nice game. The decision to buy Eternal Poison was rushed because I'm not into Strategy role-playing games but the artwork was very tempting. I started playing TR Underworld, I regret buying it for playstation 2 beause the graphics don't look as pleasing as other games. Or maybe because I was playing too much ps3 games and Eternal Poison has cartoonish graphics.

I was planning to buy a wii this break but I ran out of money so the plan to buy a wii was postponed to summer. Though I'm not sure if I still want a wii because I heard that Fragile, which is one of the reasons I'm getting a wii, didn't turn out good so I'm worried. I'll get it anyways because I want to play Murasama as well as other games so bad. I'm also waiting for Steet Fighter 4 and Resident Evil 5.

How's everyone doing?

Who said the 360 costs less than the ps3?

Dear Consumer:

You might think buying a 360 to play Tekken 6 and FFXIII will cost you less than buying a playstation 3 and the two games but the truth is, it's not. After doing simple math, you'll get a larger total when buying a playstation 3 and the two games of course but let me tell you that you're forgetting something.

#1 The cost of reparing a 360 after getting damaged which is very likely to happen costs more than buying a safer and a more secure system such as the playstation 3. If you run out of warrenty, you might need to get a new 360 but what if the new 360 stopped working? Would you buy a new one just to keep playing games? Suppose a cheap 360 costs $200 add to that the expenses of an HDVD player, what if that new $200 stopped working? Will you buy "another" 360 to buy games which are already available on a durable and more powerful system which already comes with not only a HDVD player, but a Blurray player?

#2 Who said the 360 has more games? Biased websites and ads make it look like the 360 "has a bigger library" when the truth is it doesn't. The only difference is that the 360 is getting games EARLIER than some consoles like ps3 and PC. Most of upcoming games on it will be available soon on the above mentioned systems. And not only that, extra content will be available in some games.

#3 Let's not forget the fact that you're still forced to pay to get your 360 online even if you weren't going to use it but getting your ps3 online doesn't cost a cent.

Which one costs more now?

Some people give otakus a bad name

I read an article on an anime website which was about women in anime. I don't know whether the point of the article was to address the portrayal of women in anime/manga or address the issue of lack of female mangakas in the industry. I wrote about the irrelevence of needing more female mangakas because gender has nothing to do with the quality of the content. I've also mentioned few examples of "different" and "unique" women in shoujo mangas/animes. A female user posted something about women in a far-east country having master degrees and working as waitresses. I posted that gender has nothing to do with those women having a master degree and serving food because men in that country also have master and PHD and serve food and we have many of them here. Not having job oppertunities and discrimination against females are two different things. The user said she sent a sample of her work to a print house and they turned her down because she was female. She's from Texas btw so I don't know if these things really happen over there. I told her that the print house is owned by people and not the gov. therefore the gov. can't do anything about her being disciminated against because of her gender. Another user jumped out of the blue and told me that the country has one of the best anti-discrimination systems on the face of earth. I told her that this only applies on companies which are owned by the gov. and not companies which are owned by people. I told her that the number of companies which are owned by people where she is is larger than the number of companies which are owned by the gov. because of the economical system and the only condition where the gov. is involved in a private companies' appointment policy is when those companies hire forigeners and use public property. Another user said that the gov. punishes people who violate civil rights and among them is the principle of EEO. I told her that proving that a company violated civil laws is not the gov's job. It's the person's job to prove that he/she have were disciminated against by those companies and this scenario takes place in courts. So the gov. does not interfere in the way corporations hire people because those corporations are owned by people and not them. I also told them that personal freedom is a constitutional principle when EEO was mentioned in civil rights law and constitution is the supreme law of any country so people hiring other based on gender/race/religion etc. is a personal freedom as long as those corporations were owned by those people.

After I made many posts explaining why the gov. can't stop companies from disciminating against females and that some companies are run by sick people, users started calling me names. Ironically, the user who said that the country has one of the best anti-discimination systems on the face of earth called another user a European snob. Funny how the article highlighted the issue of showing women as dumb and clumsy creatures who all they wanna do is cook to satisfy men when the women behind those screen names are ignorant themselves. Maybe the reason why women in anime are dumb because those who watch them also lack in the knowledge department? Not really. So instead of barking about why aren't there more women in a certain industry when it doesn't matter and the way a certain medium shows women which you find offensive because of cultural difference, how about you learn about your country's economical foundation. Wouldn't it be better?

Unfair and Square

Yes I'm saying this because I'm mad at Square for choosing money over loyal stupid fans like me who bought a $600 console to play their game and mgs4 and because I have a point. Final Fantasy games stopped being great not when Tetsuya was made the art director no, but when Final Fantasy 12 was released. Here's why:

Final Fantasy 12, a game which got high scores across gaming boards didn't bring anything new to the table. How's that? FF12 borrowed the battle system from two old games which are Vagrant Story and Parasite Eve. As well as the battle system, the guy who designed the characters in Vagrant story didn't break a sweat while working on FF12 because characters look just the same but because this is running on a newer console and because Square are masters in polishing everything, the game looks totally different. In addition to the fact that nor the gameplay neither the art style are new, the story was bland and copied themes from Star wars games not to mention that entire scenes were stolen from knight of the old republic and the soundtrack was utter crap because it lacked catchy and memorable tunes and wasn't as good as previous Final Fantasy games soundtracks. Bottom line, if you play the game, it feels like you haven't played a game means the outcome is zero because it lacked charm. It's not a shooter that doesn't need an engaging type of story because it's meant to help people let off some steam no... since nothing is immersive about the gameplay, the story needed to be immersive if that makes any sense. Final Fantasy used to inspire animes and shows with its unique art style and design but now it looks like the guys at the art department are doing the same thing hence Square has nothing new to offer other than spin offs.
Here's a new challenge for Squareenix: Try to make a game set in present and doesn't suck instead of using the same setting over and over again. Also, your trick has become old. Many RPG comapnies are catching up to you because prefecting the battle system, elminating pointless features and having a jaw dropping presentation is not everything in a videogame.

I might have complained about the old days being better than the new days or crappy days before and I know users here hate me for it but believe me when I say that E3 was so much better before. I still have the page from the newspaper that covered E3 award show because most of the awards went for metal gear solid 1 back in 1998 and it doesn't seem like today's E3. I didn't see any confrences because I heard the three companies did bad. Sony is the winner to me here's why:
PS3 has the biggest number of exlusives.
PS3 also has worthy multiplats and most of them were designed on PS3 so expect them to look better on it,
Ps3 still has the best system and offers alot of advantages for developers more than other consoles.

360 has two exlusives and one of them is fable 2.
360 has multiplats which were originally stolen from sony.

wii doesn't have new titles other than remakes and no zelda or mario coming in the next two years or so.

Here's the deal. I'm getting a wii! Why? because as I said somewhere, games on current gen systems with the exlusion of the wii seem to be more about graphics than substance and I'm more into games on the wii. This doesn't mean I'm ditiching my Ps3 no... it's just that I'm tired of palying games with no substance and are more of the same and I really wanna try something new and different. I've never played a Fatal Frame game nor Animal Crossing so a wii is going to be my next gaming purchase hopefully.

Calling all Kuwaiti gamers

Hello! I know it's been a while but I'm really starting to lose interest in posting because of a bunch of idiots. How's everyone doing here? I hope you're all doing great. I'm doing this blog because I want to count the active and non active Kuwaiti members who browse this website. I've noticed that there are many Kuwaiti members here so it's nice to let them know about each others and since I'm the most active Kuwaiti user and the one with the least interesting life xD I'll be the one to start the roll call. The rest of the blog is something you can't read so feel free to continue reading the gibberish I'm going to type or browse something else. For those who are interested to read an update about my life, I'm done with this year at college and passed all the subjects but I didn't get the total I worked hard to get and was hoping for. I'm now taking a summer course and I'll be done with it hopefully by August 2nd. I'm yet to start working on building a website but I'm trying to. I'm also trying to get better at drawing.

To Kuwaiti members on gamespot:

goowa. la7atht enna a7na mashalla wayed o lazim net3araf 3alaba3th. ana ma kitabt hal blog ella 3ogob ma ew9alatnee PMat min wayed nas kuwaitteen yegoloon wow! I've never knew Kuwaiti people like to join English forums and a girl too! al7een this is your chance to meet other Kuwaiti members who are also into videogames and other geeky interests. If you want to swap games feel free too bas moo ma3ay:P kaifee na7eesa! Swap email accounts, books, games, movies whatever, suggest things like wain ar'7a9 mokan yebee3 al3ab o look for great deals and give us info about online shopping in Kuwait o other useful stuff. Ay wa7id Kuwaity lazim yaktib bil comments box 777. wa shukran *tanzil min el mina9a*

Go Go Sinclair Review! Come and read!

Go Go Sinclair
Chapter one: The beginning!

Picture1.jpg picture by whatevertouploadapic

Game Info:
Designer: Pumpkinlover
Time spent: 20 minutes.
Genre: 2D Action/Adventure.
Number of players: 1 player.


Go Go Sinclair

Picture2.jpg picture by whatevertouploadapic

Go Go Sinclair is a great attempt to make a game based on humor with funny dialougs, funny tasks and funny plot. The gameplay is fun and simple. In chapter one, in order for the player to grasp the control scheme, you're asked to look for a number of items and give them to the people who ask you to look for them in return for items or answers. This will be required for you to move on to the next stage. The controls go like this:
Right: walk to the right direction.
Left:walk to the left direction.
Space bar:start a conversation.
S: open the menu.

Picture5.jpg picture by whatevertouploadapic

Picture3.jpg picture by whatevertouploadapic

The game uses character models from popular videogames such as street fighter and other games. Aside from borrowing characters from popular videogames, the game is set in different locations though there's no connection between the locations you travel to in the game. Also, the choice of locations is random as you don't get an idea about the world the story is set in and whether it was in present or future. The transitions between locations are swift. The background music suits the game's setting very well yet there should have been more variations. Another good thing about Go Go Sinclair is the excution of the game as it does not contain any bugs. The poor grammer in dialougs only makes it funnier also, the familiarity of characters and illogical dialoug makes it more plausible for bored players.

Picture4.jpg picture by whatevertouploadapic

Despite the repetiton in its gameplay, Go go Sincalir's funny plot makes it worth playing.

Rating: 10/10

Please give me feedback! I need it.

Metal Gear Solid Special part 7


Metal Gear Solid

My all time favourite videogame!

Game info:

Developer and publisher: Konami
Platform: Playstation
Time Spent:12 hours
Number of players:1
Release date: 1998

Six years after Zanzibar incident, Solid Snake, the legendary solider who stopped Big Boss twice in Outer Heaven and Zanzibar land was called out of retirement in Alaska. His director, Roy Campbell and doctor Naomi Hunter, a lead doctor in Fox Hound's medical staff were sent to Alaska to inform Snake of his next mission.
Snake's mission was set in Shadow Moses, a remote island located somewhere near Alaska. Snake was told that a group if terrorists were holidng the DARPA cheif hostage in a nuclear weapon disposal facility. The terrorists were planning to launch a nuclear strike if the government doesn't give in to their demands. The terrorists demanded that the U.S. government gives them the remains of Big Boss.
On his way to save the DARPA cheif, Snake looked down the hole he came across while crawling and saw a woman practising. The DARPA cheif told Snake about metal gear rex and the key to deactivate metal gear. Right after he told him about the PAL key, he died of a heart attack. Snake made his way to the room where the terrorists took president of arms-tech Kenneth Baker and met Revolver Ocelot, one of the Foxhound's members who was skilled in the art of shooting. A fight took place between Snake and Ocelot but it was interrupted by the appearance of a man wearing a ninja suit. Snake asked Baker about metal gear rex and the way to stop it but Baker gave him a disc instead and told him to talk to Otacon, metal gear's head engineer. Baker died of a heart attack too.
While Snake was on his way to meet up with Otacon, he fought Vulcan Raven in the snowfeild. Before snake met Raven, he had recieved a warning about plnated claymores via codec from a man who called himself Deepthroat. Snake destroyed the tank Raven was using to kill him and went inside the building looking for Otacon. Otacon hid in the closet when Snake and the man in a ninja suit fought. When the man in a ninja suit was defeated he disappeared again. Snake and Otacon talked. He knew that metal gear was first designed as a weapon to detect and destroy nuclear warheads but corrupted heads in the gov. changed the plan and made it into a weapon of mass destruction. Otacon told Snake about Meryl. He told him that she had one of the three PAL keys which are needed to deactivate metal gear. Snake went to look for Meryl. Meryl gave Snake a PAL key and showed him the way to the building where metal gear was kept. Before they proceeded, Snake fought Pyscho Mantis, a member of Foxhound who had the ability to read people's minds. After Psycho Mantis was defeated, Snake and Meryl went through the door Mantis opened. By the time Meryl crossed the mine feild, she got shot by a sniper who was watching from the other side of the building. Snake fought Sniper Wolf, one of Foxhound's members who was a skillful sniper.
When she was defeated, Snake took few steps forward and found out that Meryl was taken by the terrorists. Snake was caught by the guards at the end of the building and was taken to the torture room. Ocelot tortured Snake and kept him in a room with the body of the real DARPA cheif who was killed three days before snake came. Snake contacted the colonel, Naomi and Otacon and found a way to get out of the cell. He also knew that the man who talked to him as the DARPA cheif hours ago was Foxhound's master of disguise, Decoy octupus.
After Snake got out of the cell, Liquid Snake who was flying his helicopter fought Solid Snake on top of the building. Snake was able to destroy his plane and went downstairs. Snake continued his way but was interrupted by Sniper Wolf again. Snake was able to take her down and carried on to stop metal gear. Snake fought Vulcan Raven for the second time and entered the chamber where metal gear was. Snake learned the trick behind the PAL key. He used the key to deactivate metal gear but instead of deactivating it, metal gear was activated. He also learned that Liquid was using him all the time he was in Shadow Moses to help him activate metal gear and that he disguised himself as Master Miller, a friend Snake knew from Zanzibar land. After explaining the reason why Foxhound wanted the remains of Big Boss, Liquid jumped inside metal gear and started attacking Snake. Halfway the battle, the man in a ninja suit from before jumped and tried to help snake destroying metal gear but Liquid cut his feet crushed his body using metal gear's foot.

Snake found out that the man in the ninja suit was his partner in Outer Heaven, Grey Fox. He was also providing support through the entire mission by codec and called himself Deepthroat. Snake was able to destroy metal gear and knocked off Liquid in a hand to hand fight but that didn't stop him from following Snake and Meryl down the road. When Snake's veichle was turned upside down and Liquid was close to killing him, he died of FoxDie. Before Snake fought Liquid on top of metal gear, he recieved a phonecall from the US secretary of defense telling him that they will nuke the base to rid of the evidence of operation Shadow Moses. Naomi who who was assisitng snake through the entire mission, bursted out that she injected Snake as a way to avenge for the murder of her brother, Grey Fox and when she heard the truth she felt guilty. Ocelot, who escaped Shadow Moses island before everyone took the disc Baker Gave to snake and gave it to US ex president and a terrorist group leader Solidus Snake.
Snake was able to escape the island with the help of his friend Otacon and Meryl.


Solid Snake thought that he was on a mission to rescue the DARPA cheif but later he discovered that the weapon both the DARPA cheif the president of armstech were funding fell in the wrong hands. Snake's mission was changed from saving the DARPA cheif who died of a heart attack which is caused by the virus FoxDie, to destroying metal gear. Donald Anderson and Kenneth Baker were part of the government and inorder for the gov. to not be exposed and take the responsibility of Shadow Moses, they ordered that every person who's involved in the opeation should be injected with the virus so that they get rid of the evidence. When the gov. heard that there were survivors including Snake, they gave orders to nuke the base.

Liquid wanted the remains of Big Boss to cure the imperfection and disease in him and the Genome army which he was commanding. The Genome soldiers were infected with the Gulf War syndrome, a disease which causes them to age fast and die.

Grey Fox's purpose of showing up on the island was to tell Snake about the truth of this operation. Naomi Hunter, the doctor who works for Foxhound thought that Snake was the one who killed her brother in Zanzibar. She injected Snake with Foxdie without hesitation but when she found out that he wasn't the one who killed her brother and that Grey Fox, who was in Shadow Moses is Frank Jaeger, she delayed the effect of Foxdie which is why Snake didn't die at the end of the game.

celot killed the darpa chief during his torture, before he could get the info on how to activate metal gear with PAL. Decoy octopus impersonated the darpa chief and tried to find out if snake knows how to activate metal gear. He dies as a result of Fox Die .

So their last recourse was to allow snake to reach metal gear and allow him to activate metal gear. off course snake and otacon believed metal gear was already active, so they simply assumed that they had to deactivate it with the PAL card.

So why did foxhound try to kill snake, when they needed him to activate metal gear? It had to look like foxhound was actually trying to prevent snake from deactivating metal gear. otherwise it would be really fishy if snake just walked though shadow moses without taking on foxhound and deactivate metal gear.

And Liquid believed that no one in foxhound could kill Snake. After all, he is a clone of big boss, the greatest soldier to ever live. I think only Liquid and Ocelot knew that Snake was a clone of big boss. No one else in foxhound knew this.


Solid Snake: A special agent who works for Foxhound, a governmental group which fights terrorism. Solid Snake was able to take down Big Boss, the legendary soldier whom Snake was cloned after and became a legendary soldier afterwards. Snake was born in year 1972 as a part of the les enfant terrible project which aimed to create the clones of the ultimate soldier back in the 60s. Snake was one of the 3 survivors of 8 clones.
Roy Campbell: Snake's mission director and friend who was giving him orders since the days of Zanzibar, and was called out from retirement to assiast snake and save his neice who got in the middle. Campbell reveals that he's Meryl's real father and that he had a relationship with her mom behind his brother's back.
Naomi Hunter: A doctor who joined the ranks of Foxhound only to avenge for the murder of her brother but she developed feelings for Snake which makes her help him later.
Revolver Ocelot: A high ranked and experienced Russian soldier who's known as Liquid snake's right hand man and a member of Foxhound who's skillful with guns.
Liquid Snake: The second survivor in the les enfant terrible project and Snake's twin brother. He holds a grudge against Snake because he thinks that he recieved Big Boss' inferior genes when he has the dominant genes. He's the feild commander of Foxhound and genome soldiers.
Grey Fox: Snake's ally in Outer Heaven, enemy in Zanzibar and an old friend in Shadow Moses. He disguises himself in a ninja suit
Meryl Silverburgh: Snake's love interest and the colonel's neice. She was forced to join the terrorists in Shadow Moses but refused to do their dirty work and ended up in a jail. In the ending, Campbell reveals that Meryl is his biological daughter but she doesn't know. Meryl decided to join the military and become a soldier to follow her father's footseps.
Hal Emmerich/Otacon: Metal gear's head engineer and designer who's a weapon designer and a fan of anime and manga. His family's involvment in the weapon industry was the reason he became a weapon designer as well as his wish to make a weapons such as the ones in cartoons.
Mei ling: An originally Chinese and American born inventor who invented the codec and the radar.
Master Miller:A former member of Foxhound whom Snake knew during Zanizbar operation. He helps Snake in Shadow Moses but appears to be dead days before Snake came to the island.
Nastasha Romaneko: A Russian nuclear scientist who helps Snake by giving him info on weapons.
Vulcan Raven:A native Foxhound member and a former employee in Outer Heaven who weilds a big canon.
Psycho Mantis:A member of Foxhound who's a psychic and specialised in reading minds.
Sniper Wolf: A Kurdish member of Foxhound who's an expert sniper and always works alone.
Decoy Octupus:Foxhound's member who's a master in disguise. He disguises himself as the DARPA cheif to get info from Snake after Ocelot had killed the real DARPA cheif by accident.
Donald Anderson:Office cheif of DARPA who was taken as a hostage. Ocelot tortured him to death so that he spils the info on metal gear.
Kenneth Baker:President of armstech who funded the metal gear rex project along with the DARPA cheif.
Jim Houseman: Secretary of defense who gives the order to nuke Shadow Moses island to rid of the evidence of the incident.

The game:

The gameplay of metal gear solid stays true to the previous metal gear games as you still have to infiltrate chambers without being seen or the alarm will go on.
The game has many additions over the previous games other than it being a 3D version of the previous games.
Addition to stealth techniques: Improved A.I. with guards who can use clues to detect you such as footprints, stomps, sound of noise, beaten up guards,blood stains, cough. You can still avoid drawing guards' attention by staying out of their sight. If Snake catches cold, that will cause him to cough so a medicine is handy for situations like these. You can use the cardbox as a way to transport between buildings and hide from guards. You can use the cardbox to avoid getting bitten by wolves by simply getting it urinated by a wolf. You can flatter your back against a wall, crawl and hide using many objects, use grenades to block the cameras view and stealth camoflauge which is a suit that makes you invisible to the eyes.
HUD:MGS features improved radar where you can see your main objective, your position and enemies's feild on the land. You can also see the state of the alarm on the radar to know the right time to move. The game also has improved codec screen with artwork of the character, improved camera angles which enables view from first person perspective for some weapons, improved health bar and health bar for underwater sections and oxygen level and improved inventory system.
Combat:CQB which allows snake to perform quick combat moves to knock off guards, more weapons including stinger, nikita missles and a variety of guns. The game allows you to play it differently everytime you use an item or a weapon which changes the experience overall. In addition to the new features the game has, MGS has you do manythings in one game. Aside from staying away from the guards, there are chase sequences on a veichle and feet, innovative and original boss battles which are considered to be some of the best in the history of videogames such as Psycho Mantis' battle, vulcan raven and metal gear rex, breaking the jail by using many tricks, firing remote control missiles, surviving in a room filled with gas, surviving in torture sessions which could trigger either the canon ending or the other ending. The game also features a training mode which is known as VR where you can work on your stealth abilities. Every single quest the game has is essential and smartly designed to insure that you keep playing it. No a moment will come where you feel dull or frustrated in metal fear solid. The Sound system in metal gear solid was a great addition over previous games because of the voice acting. The voice acting in metal gear solid is the best in the series in my opinion because the voice actors did their best in this game. The acting wasn't phony nor over the top. All VAs did a great job in delivering the right sentiments and their voices matched characters' backgrounds and personalities. The cinematics were directed just as scenes in movies. Metal Gear Solid should be played by every gamer! If you have any question about the game, leave it in the comment section and I'll be happy to answer.