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Favorite Silent Hill game


Mine is Silent Hill 3 simply because it got rid of all problems previous Silent Hill games had as walking for long distances in foggy places which was used to make up for lack of substance. Another thing I liked about it is increasing the number of locations and decreasing the number of rooms which you have to go in to see whether there's an item you need to pick up or a document to read.

I also like the fact that Silent Hill 3 protagonist is a young woman. Yay for gender biase! Seriously though, realistic portrayal of women in video games is rare. So seeing a realistic looking character who's not only playable but a main character too is quite refreshing.

You play as Heather, a teenage girl who wakes up one day and finds herself in an alternative Silent Hill. As Heather tries to unveil the mystery behind the alteration, she learns about her upbringing and that she was was supposed to bring "Salvation" to humanity. But the people whom her father took away from seek revenge and eventually kill her father. I'm not sure where "Silent Hill" fits into all that and why protagonists from other Silent Hill games keep coming back and whether it's haunted or not but it still holds your interest in the game.

The thing I like about Silent Hill 3 the most is the levels. The game is set in different parts of the town. Despite going back to locations from previous games as the hospital and church, Silent Hill 3 features one of the most clas-sic settings for horror stories which is of course the theme park, precisely the haunted mansion. Besides stunning character models which I consider the best on PS2, the crew did an excellent job at capturing the atmosphere of what the location is based on. Silent hill 3 feels like a cheap horror flick but in a good way. It's not over the top and doesn't try to be a block buster game like other horror titles and that's what I love about the series.

So what's your favorite Silent Hill game?

It's not a victory

Even after SOPA and PIPA were put on hold, the US gov. went ahead and shut down Megaupload. It's wrong to shut down a file sharing website just because users upload copyrighted content and allow others to download it. Just because user X is uploading a copyrighted content doesn't mean other users are doing the same. Megaupload is a file sharing website where users can upload both copyrighted or none copyrighted content. So downloading from Megaupload or any file sharing website is not always "illegal". Another reason why it's wrong to shut it down because while something might be illegal in a country, it might also be legal in another so why is the US gov. making laws on behalf of the world?

Other than file sharing websites, there are video and music streaming and radio websites which allow users to upload copyrighted content and instead of being able to download the file, users are able to watch and listen to files with copyrighted content. Blocking Megaupload is the same as blocking Youtube or Grooveshark.

Megaupload and similar file sharing websites are a bit basic for you can only upload compressed files there. There are websites which allow you to upload video clips, music clips, images, and other files in different format and yet they're not as prosecuted as basic file sharing websites because some lawmakers aren't aware of the technical differences between streaming websites and file sharing websites. A good example of this is A better solution to this problem is asking file sharing websites to take down illegal content or suspend and ban users who upload illegal content.

Online piracy is a bad thing. If content creators do not get support from fans and consumers, they will go out of business eventually. A good example of this is Clover studio. When the games made by Clover did not sell enough, the studio had to shut down because they couldn't cover the costs of making new games. But that doesn't mean litigations as SOPA and PIPA are good solution to the problem. Infact, the bills violate civil and constitutional rights of people as the right to expression and fair use.

So how do we stop online piracy?

-Digital Distribution: Paulo Choelo, Steam, Itunes, Radiohead and a million webcomic I read. They all allow you to download the book/song/video game for a fee. They allow you to read, listen or play the file as a test and then buy it if you want. This is the best solution for those who'd prefer owning digital copies rather than hard ones and incase a copy of your favorite album, movie or video game is not available in stores.

-Buy a share of file sharing websites: By owning a share in uploading websites, production companies can have part of the profit file sharing websites make from adverts and other services as paid subscribtions or donations.

-Limited Access to websites/files: This solution works in places where licensed content of copyrighted material is uploaded. For instance, if a production company in the US didn't want people inside the US to watch Nicki Minaj's latest video for free because they want to protect her rights, then they could always block access to Nicki's video for people inside the US just as what the BBC is doing with British programs.

Do you have any more suggestions? Please share with me.

Genre shift, innovation or a game losing its identity?

When a popular franchise changes genre from survival horror to plain Action and features new camera mode for better aiming, or from Action/Adventure to Survival Horror which is not as common as the first but is still there. Would you think of it as a way to make a game more innovative? Or makes you not want to play the game anymore because it's not what it used to be?

Resident Evil


Upon the release of the fourth Resident Evil game, the crew at Capcom kept making RE games that were almost identical to the fourth only less scary. Resident Evil is not a Survival Horror series anymore.

Silent Hill: Homecoming


When a new team was in charge of making new Silent Hill games, a guy from the crew literally said in a video that "since the combat sucked in the first four games, I couldn't wait to give that dude a gun and watch him blast the head of those mutant freaks!". I think the team has done a horrible job. Not only the team made the once scariest Survival Horror franchise less scary, they're dishonest and would grab any chance to take advantage of the people who aren't familiar with how things work in the industry. Remember the new voice overs in Silent Hill HD collection? Weren't they worse than the original? Did you really think those people couldn't tell that already? Well you're wrong. They could and the only reason they did it is because there's a budget for actors. So they thought about hiring people *who knows maybe they're relatives* to do the voice acting in the HD collection and take the money for it. Old trick.

Siren PS3


Not only the over the shoulder cam was featured in the Playstation version of Forbidden Siren game, which makes aiming at zombies much easier, gamers have access to a larger collection of guns and weapons than they did before. Remember how long it took to get the first gun in the game?

Tomb Raider


I won't stop complaining about this game until I see Eidos or Square hiring people to design levels and make Crystal Dynamics in charge of the graphics and only graphics. These guys are clueless. The name of the game is Tomb Raider. A tomb is a grave, and a raider is someone who steals things from graves. Well not really, but in that context it is. It's wrong and illegal to steal things from tombs so why the attempt at making a "human side to miss Laura Croft" **** when tomb raiding is wrong? So the "tomb raider" "Laura" was stranded on an island after a plane crash and is trying to survive. Seems like our tomb raider who hunts for artifacts Laura is not alone as the island is inhabited by zombies, mutants, beliebers... whatever they're called. So technically, Uncharted games has more tomb raiding than this Tomb Raider. And the "combat has always sucked in older Tomb Raider games so we thought about adding that camera to help you shoot at things" excuse was used here as well.

What do you think? Were any of your favorite games made into a shooter or an Action title and less scary or noy about tomb raiding anymore? Do you think those changes are for the better of worse? Share with me.

Microsoft fail at hardware manufacturing twice?

Before launching the operating system which made it a lot easier for humanity to use computers, Microsoft, the creators of Windows Operating system, or maybe Bill Gates alone I don't know, had unsuccessful attempts at making hardware. The company stopped making hardware because it couldn't compete with hardware manufacturers at that time as IBM and stuck with software.

Don't like the console? Buy our controller then, you can plug it in your PC

After releasing two successful video game consoles, Microsoft thought about multiplying the uses of their console accessories by allowing gamers to plug their xbox 360 controller in PC so that those who hate using the keyboard could always use their 360 controller instead. Days ago, Microsoft announced that gamers will be able to connect Xbox Kinect to their PC so that they could play PC games without a keyboard or a controller.

Still hate the console? Buy our kinect and connect it to your PC

What are the people at Microsoft thinking? Are they telling people to stop buying consoles and play video games on PC? Or do they think anyone who plays games on PC has Windows installed? Or buys Microsoft products? Or maybe they have a share in every company that makes computers? Hello Microsoft! Can you hear me? Are you in the console race or not?

Is that Ellen Paige shooting zombies?

The Last of Us looks like Uncharted with Ellen Paige in the place of Nate and another dude fighting zombies using weapons and shooting ala Uncharted sty*le It looks like a cheap Action flick. Don't get me wrong, Naughty Dog have come a long way. From platformers with cartoony and repetitve levels as Crash Bandicoot to flawless and game of the year nominee titles as Uncharted, one would expect them to take another drastic leap as they did before but they didn't.

There's Resident Evil, Gears of War, Dead Space, Shinji Mikami's zombie game that bombed and tons of zombie games with the same theme, same gameplay and same everything. While the graphics are nothing short of stunning as one would expect from Naughty Dog, but boy I'm so bored of mainstream games. Look at me! I'm using the word mainstream! Since when there were mainstream video games Haha! It doesn't even have a huge fanbase compared to movies or books. Everytime a movie adaptation for a video game is released, it flops. Gotta love cash. Anyways, this Lost video game, I mean the Last of Us, I don't own Naugty Dog and they don't work for me, but I can tell you, these guys are little bit unimaginative.

What really annoys me that the games I enjoy don't do well enough in terms of sales when some of the games which I can't even tell apart are made into a series. This is one of the times when I don't like democracy. I know it's too early to judge but this was my impression.

The "big" games of 2012

Just a title for a video I've seen somewhere.

  • Batman (Sequel)
  • Bioshock Infinite (Sequel)
  • Mass Effect 3 (Sequel)
  • Call of Duty 5 :roll: (Series)
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 (Series)
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 (Sequel)
  • Tekken 7 (Series)
  • Metal Gear Rising (Spin Off)
  • Tomb Raider (Reboot)
  • Battlefeild: Bad Company (Sequel)
  • Borderland 2 (Sequel)
  • The Last Guardian ( A game that might get cancelled)

Yeah... *goes back to playing 15 year old games*


SOPA is an act which aims to stop online piracy. Not only the bill targets those who download files illegaly, the bill prohibits the use of any content by major labels without paying for the company. The act forces websites which stream content for free as Youtube and GrooveShark to take down any file with content from major labels. This means users won't be able to use any content from certain video games, TV programs, songs and movies unless they pay to the producers even if they weren't making money out of it.

As I mentioned in previous blog posts, users uploading content from video games actually helps marketing those games as many people, myself included, learn about certain products from videos especially video games. Furthermore, footage of games is not as playing a game for interactivity and immersion are essential parts of video games.

As for record labels, pop star Lady Gaga has sold over eight million copies of her latest album. What is it with people whining in the industry about artists not selling? Where do these private jets, luxury cars, 5000 square feet mansions, designer cloths and trips come from? Musicians also make more profit from concerts than they do from albums.

Stop SOPA now.

Playing good or bad in Video games

This has to be among the most uninteresting things I've ever seen in video games. The choice system. What constitutes good or bad? Whose definition are we going by? Is it the producer's? Or the writer incase the company hired someone to write the story for the game.

Here's why I think the choice system is unappealing to me:

Up for interpretations:

There are seven billion people inhabiting planet earth today. None of the seven billion people think alike. We all think differently. Even if we were to put these seven billion people through the same situation with the same people and same everything, you'd still come up with different stories of the exact same situation. While our brains might be biologically identical, the way our brains take and produce information differes. Which is why people come up with different interpretations of things when reading a book or watching a film or hearing a story.

The good does wrong things too:

I've never come across any character in a video game who's supposed to be good and hasn't killed or shot or hit a person or broken the law. Good people in video games are considered to many, me included, good despite them killing, stealing, beating and committing things which are considered a crime in almost every penal law out there.

It's not an issue of black and white:

Since good people are still considered good despite them breaking the law, there are times when people don't have a choice but to break the law. Suppose you're playing this game where you have to protect people let's say from zombies, and all you have a is rocket launcher *as if you wouldn't love using that* would you rather leave those people to get killed by zombies or save them?

It's not realistic:

Who said video games are supposed to realistic? They're not. I've never said they were. But the human brain doesn't work that way. We humans think of everything we do as good. We always try to justify our wrong doings. Always making up excuses. And when admitting to have done something wrong, we promise to not do it again. Every human being thinks of doing the "right" thing. It's just our perception of what's right and wrong that is different.

Good or bad defined by?

Laws? Morals? Religions? I think we all agree that following a religion doesn't make a person good or bad. Abiding by the law doesn't make a person good or bad either and the term morals is very strechy. We have a very vague idea about what's morally right or wrong. Not to mention, All these things influence each other. Laws are influenced by both religions and morals specially if religion was a source of laws.

Political Correctness:

Video games where people take control over characters who are outlaws, criminals and have them commit crimes are often issues of concern for many human/animal rights organizations. Some video games ignore recommendations issued by those organizations and some take them into consideration. Though those organizations can pressure governments to pass laws which control offensive content in games. So if we're to make a video game where the main character is "completely" a bad guy, we'd be in a huge political debacle.

What do you think?

Why is it a big issue?

I'm one of those people who've been called dumb on these forums for not realising that that video games are just fantasy and not real. The argument which I got into was about video games and violence. Why can't women who call other women dumb on forums say the same thing about the way females look in video games?

Why can't men and feminists, who complain about sexualizing women in videogames instead of empowering women in reality, realise that the reason women look like that in video games is because it's fantasy and not real? Do you know that at this time and age, women in some parts of Africa are still forced to marry and their "role" doesn't go beyond giving birth to children? And that women in Saudi Arabia were granted their political rights but still can't drive? And that the number of women who are subject to domestic violence and rape in South America is large? And that women are being pepper-sprayed and grannies are being cuffed in Wall Street as we speak? Wouldn't it be better to work on solutions for these problems instead of whining about Ivy's breasts and the bigger they get with every Soul Calibure game?

Suppose you're sitting on a table on this beautiful Sunday where the sky is clear and birds are chirping happily, holding caryons and paper and drawing a woman with big huge and massive boobs, would you want anyone to tell you to stop drawing ladies with big breasts because it's making their seven year old daughter insecure? No? So do game producers and concept artists who squeeze their brains trying to make their characters look appealing so that you go and buy their games.

While I realise that I'm complaining about someone who's complaining about the way some fictional and none existent women look in video games and we both aren't doing humanity a favor and wasting bandwidth and someone's precious time, I just had to blog about this particular video by The Escapist "addressing the issue of the way women pose in video games" You see it's the pose now. We're no longer arguing the size of their breasts or asses or the number of clothes they have on, it's about the poses now. Another dear gamespotter is concerned about... about... I think it's about making women look less feminine and more masculine? Or unrealistic? Or why are there women in video games? I don't know. This also reminds me of a video I've seen a long time a go where this lady wonders about what Team Ico did for Feminism?

Just as I have the right to express my opinion, everyone has the right to express theirs INCLUDING video game makers. It's not the produce's/artist's job to help feminists with their causes. It's not their job to end poverty and stop hurricanes and wars and rapists and killers either. All what this guy from Team Ico did was think up a nice little story where a young man goes against sixteen colossal beasts to revive his love interest because we, women, know how many men are there, who are willing to go that far for the people they love. We love romance. Anyways, people who express their opinion through books, films, music, video games and other media, are expressing their opinion and not yours. You want a video game with a "realistic" or "less masculine" or "less feminine" or "less generic" or "a saint" woman, write your own character and send it to a video game producer. You might as well make your own video game, book, film or whatever with your ideal character in it.

As a woman and a person who plays video games, I have to say that I'm not offended by the way females are portrayed in video games. I wasn't offended by Dead or Alive and certainly won't be offended by a million game like Dead or Alive. I believe it's a cultural thing and if you happen to watch too many "Ecchi" anime, you'll see how people are supposed to laugh at those bouncy things and not take them seriously and it really gets tedious after a while. However, I believe that if a video game was breaking the law with its content then it's here when an action has to be taken. I am in no way encouraging strong themes in illegal amounts by writing this blog post.

Ideas expressed within video games represent the people who make them and not necessarily the people who play them and we have a right to agree or disagree with them.