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I don't usually blog about politics...

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3 days ago


I don't want to sound ignorant or biased, but this may just be a case where there are less women who are interested in making games than men. I don't mind research or surveys being done on the matter to help get a clearer picture of what's going on, but I don't think there's any sinister plot to exclude women from game development and I doubt you'll find many people nowadays in the average who would be against it in any way. In fact, I presume more people would support it just for the same of more dynamic in the industry.


 gamingqueen gamingqueen 3 days ago 

@TenraiSenshi I love this comment. Matter of preference... there are those who are fighting to claim rights as access to contraception, passing violence against women act, building shelters, push congress to sign cedaw, a paid maternity leave, equal pay and those who could only and pretentiously address what they consider an issue. 

   bluefox755 bluefox755 3 days ago 

@gamingqueen Let me counter that with some simplistic, common sense, questions...contraception, to my knowledge is available to anyone, anytime.  You would ask for government subsidized, free or discounted contraception, yes?  Violence against women...Pretty sure that's already illegal, women are people, just like everyone else, and violence is illegal, right?  And cedaw?  There are already gender discrimination acts in place, the equal rights act, and the civil rights act.  You think government should pay for maternity leave?  Many companies already do this on their own volition, what do you say to the women who claim they are capable of tending to their own affairs just the same as a man would be, without government intervention?  And equal pay?  If you do some research, specific statistics, show that women with equal education, ambition, hours worked, priorities, you'll find women make as much or often times more than their male counter parts...I think maybe you don't give enough credit to your gender, I think you all are more than capable of accomplishing your goals without the help of government.


@bluefox755 Not really: 

Equal pay:,_by_sex,_race-ethnicity.001.png

paid leave:

read the number next to US.

reproductive rights:

Countries sign international and regional conventions to make up for any shortcomings or loopholes in national laws which is why the VAW act was important. It covered most of the topics cedaw and other agreements addressed. 


  bluefox755 bluefox755 2 days ago 

@gamingqueen @bluefox755 You didn't answer any of my questions, you just linked, Wikipedia?  I take it you disagree with my statement about your gender being capable without needing help.

  gamingqueen gamingqueen 2 days ago 

@bluefox755 @gamingqueen I disagree. Government control over people =/= government control over corporate. I think government should step up and not allow corporate to punish women for being women. And really this isn't about more or less government  it's about women not having rights and using every way possible to claim those rights whether it's through government, through you. I don't care :)

 gamingqueen gamingqueen 2 days ago 

@bluefox755 @gamingqueen And then needing help. What a way to downplay an issue. No wonder Todd Akin is a senator. 

  bluefox755 bluefox755 2 days ago 

@gamingqueen @bluefox755 I only ask that because all the women in my life have no problems with any of these issues you list.  I've talked to them on numerous occasions about this, they all tell me something to the effect of "I don't understand why the feminists are so upset, I do just fine the way things are"  Maybe I just surround myself with stronger women?  But what women in my life tell me, and I hope I don't offend you, but they tell me the one's who constantly demand that things be equal, are lazy or lack self confidence.  You understand I have this mindset, because I see the women in my life doing amazing in their own lives, without a single complaint about how things aren't fair...I just can't figure out why some women are successful in life with little effort, and others complain that things aren't fair.  I don't think I'm downplaying, I only base my position on what I see around me.

 bluefox755 bluefox755 2 days ago 

@gamingqueen @bluefox755 And once again, I have to ask, why do you doubt yourself?  You sound like a strong confident woman, I can't imagine you would concede to being a victim and demanding government hold your hand.

 gamingqueen gamingqueen 10 minutes ago 

@bluefox755 @gamingqueen Also, are you with abortion so called libertarian? Polygamy? Incest? Wouldn't it be better to save it for a pro gun control discussions or NDAA? 

 gamingqueen gamingqueen 13 minutes ago 

@bluefox755 @gamingqueen No I don't doubt myself.  It's just how you insist on turning this into a libertarian versus authoritarian discussion is quite off putting. Just because the women around you don't need to have equal wages as men or cedaw or any of the things I mentioned above doesn't mean government shouldn't do them. This isn't how things work. This is like saying, you know what since no one is stealing we should decriminalize robbery and we don't need a law that tells us we shouldn't steal. 

 gamingqueen gamingqueen 5 minutes ago 

@bluefox755 @gamingqueen so we should leave monsato and exxon mobil to do as they wish? Libertarian?




Sexist Tropes in Videogames Project

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There are a lot of people who are willing to spend a life time defending a cause not because they believe in it but because they want to gain something out of it and I believe Anita Sarkisean is one of those people. While starting a project that adresses sexism within the industry and in games is certainly a good thing but I'm afraid Anita's intentions in ridding the industry of sexism are not genuine. Before I start talking about why I think she's insincere, it's very important to distinguish between two kinds of sexism. There's sexism in the industry of videogames whether in journalism, hardware or software making and sexism in the medium itself. The first is when women are banned from getting into the industry most likely because of a policy which prohibits hiring women or a job ad which mentions that only males can apply for this position. As for sexism in videogames, it's when a video game contains or tries to promote sexist ideas as men being the superior sex or women being weaker and so forth. A game can be sexist even if it wasn't made for the sole purpose of promiting hate speech or descriminates against a group of people based on race, gender, religion...etc. 

Here are the reasons as to why I think sexist tropes in video games project is unprofessional:

  • Lack of research on the subject matter:

After watching Feminist Frequency's episode of Bayonetta, it had become clear that Sarkisean doesn't play the games she talks about. Sarkisean mistook young Bayonetta for her daughter. If you were going to do a project about something, the least you could do is research the subject. Besides that episode of Bayonetta, Sarkisean asked people to point out sexist or games which might help her with her project. After making 150k USD? Really? And here I thought you had a lot to say about women in videogames.

  • Damsel in Distress trope is NOT sexist:

Sarkisan claims that the trope of a man going through hell to save a damsel locked up in some tower, fighting beasts, slaying dragons, not having a shower or clean undies for years is sexist. Seriously Anita, regardless of all parties gender, the act of saving a person itself is never sexist. And no, that's not in every single video game as you claimed. Sarkisean's claim of games containing that trope comes without statics or studies or anything to support it. 

  • Lack of understanding other popcultures:

Sarkisan is unfamiliar with Japanese pop culture. She probably doesn't know that Japanese authors, film and game makers like to poke fun at things as big breasts, panties, girls with curves and even horny guys. I get that you don't find it funny but they do and it's a sub genre called Ecchi. Of course not all Japanese games/anime have big breasted women with very little clothes on. It's only one or few genres that does. Now if you're going to count Ecchi or "perverted" games as sexist and misogynist then you might want to add the entire porn industry to the list.

  • Presenting arguble and disputable views as facts:

Sarkisean thinks a guy saving a girl is sexist. She thinks a girl putting few clothes on is sexist. Who knows she might also think drinking water is sexist! Point being is Sarkisean labels things as sexist from her own point of view not from studies, laws, agreements or sources where a large number of people, let's say women committee in the united nationsm recognizes and label things as sexist or criminal or bad. Whining about a trope in video games for being sexist is like a kid complaining to ICC because another kid stole his candy.  

  • Ditching methods of research:

I know this wasn't meant to be a study but I believe traditional methods of research apply. I doubt Sarkisean has played enough games to come up with this conclusion. The first episode of her project was void of any clear definition for sexism or examples for it. As I said earlier she didn't base her opinion on studies, statistics or even experinments. She didn't give a preview of what will she talk about later and I think I know why because all of this would prove that it's all just a fallacy.  

  • Disregard all attempts to engage women in video games/videogames making:

Anita, who makes it sound as if game designers are going out of their way to make games for gratification, dismisses all attempts by designers to get more women into the industry. If you look at games from early times of the industry then you'd know that there was a fair representation of the female gender in videogames. Games nowdays gives the option of playing as male/female/other. They come with a complete and advanced character customization system and a wide range of costumes. Although I didn't like the idea of making games solely for girls as a way to get them into playing but let's not deny that these guys are trying. You know how much it costs to make a video game? These guys spent time and money trying to get us women into playing video games. 

I know Gamespot likes her but it'd be nice to hear a different opinion on this website. 


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I felt I had to post this image here simply because it's underappreciated.


This image belongs to the simA'Baast and was taken from The Sim Social Fansite. I hope he/she doesn't get mad at for posting this without him/her knowing but wow! I thought it had to be seen. Gamers can't build more than one floor in the social network's version of the game but some talented gamers managed to find a way to build two and more story houses and buildings. The Sims player here managed to make a ship by using the "stacking" technique". Creating the illusion of two and more floors takes a great talent.

My stance on feminism

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Gamespot featured an interview with a feminist who made a project pointing out the tropes and sexualization of women in video games. I disagreed with the article and mentioned the reasons why I disagree with it. I said, the game is based on her perception of those characters, she didn't play enough games to make such a claim, she shouldn't be judging female characters in video games based on their outward appearance and that none of the companies which she's using their characters in her project have made those games to cater to male's needs as she's claiming. Serious accusations there.
Of course I had my share of "devil advocates" trying to make it sound as if I'm saying that woman should shut her face when I said she shouldn't be making such claim when she hasn't played enough games. Another admin pointed out to me that she was a gamer. Anyone can be a gamer. Has she played any of those games she was attacking? I highly doubt it.

Besides admins assuming that everyone is dumb and don't believe in free speech, the problem that such calls, I mean calls to "end sexualization of women in video games" could affect content and right to speech in video games. After all, many video games were banned in Germany, Australia and even the liberal Sweden all thanks to such calls. So one can't deny that such opinions have an effect on content in video games. I was merely voicing my concern for the future of right of expression and content creating in video games.

I'm going to say this to all those who are whining about diversity, you don't like the way women are portrayed in video games? You don't have to play those games. As simple as that. For those companies, these games sell and they'll continue to make games with women who dress in that manner as long as they sell. As for authors who don't care about sales, I find it extremely rude when people ask me to change the way my character dresses, speaks or any trait in them. As an author, I write what I want. I don't write to please you. My books are an extension of my personality, a piece of my brain and not yours. So seeing people as miss Sarkisian, using characters which she thinks are oversexualized in her games as an example, and implying that women should not look that way, is the same as someone asking me to not write something or do something in the way they ask for.

Congrats to your negative project which is built on wrong perception of characters in video games and only shows how little you know about the industry and many other cultures. I'll go back to playing Street Fighter and use my favorite character since I was nine years old, Cammy! Adious. Another thing feminists do when pointing out sexism in games is overlooking the message these books, movies and video games contain, ignoring the bigger picture and whining over small, stupid details which hardly anyone notices like the size of Lara's breasts instead of the highet of buildings and the beauty of sceneries and complexity of design and such. You're the one whose mind is occupied with sex not us.

My E3 Impressions, late I know

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I didn't watch the entire show, I've only looked at gameplay videos for the announced games. Unlike many people here, I have to say this year's E3 was much better than the previous years. In previous E3s, console makers were too busy looking for none traditional ways of playing video games as Wiimote, Move and Kinect. As for game companies, there weren't any new titles to announce. Console makers try so hard to find other uses for consoles as an attempt to prolong this doomed business and software makers shifted their attention to story telling in games. Here are my impressions about E3 2012:


Watch Dogs:
The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the trailer was Assassin's Creed set in the not so far future. The game looks busy. You follow the main character as he enters a club looking for a man and taking instructions by another man through what seems to be a magical device. The same device, which is small in size and big in features, can also be used to hack into machines run by computer and control them as traffic lights and mobile phones. The demo has a cutscene with the main character having exchanges with another character in the game. Who needs movies when we have games with people who can act better than real people?

Metal Gear Rising:
I'm so excited about this game despite my huge disappointing and the tantrums I've thrown, and the post video game depression I had after playing Metal Gear Solid 4. So why am I excited about this? One word: Platinum Games. Bayonetta is my favorite game for this generation for reasons which I'll explain later. In short, I trust that Platinum Games can make games with compelling storyline, fleshed out characters, addictive and fun gameplay, superb graphics and great and memorable soundtrack. They're better than Kojima at it. Mark my words.

Not impressed:

Beyond Two Souls:
From the makers of Heavy Rain comes another title with story line as the main focus, clunky, broken and unresponsive controls and very little gameplay. These guys think video games are all about cinematics.

Assassins Creed III:
Besides the computer generated intro with horrible animation, the gameplay did not change one bit. I don't know what people are excited about. Can someone point out the improvements this game has over the first two?

Final Fantasy for Next Gen consoles:
The once role-playing games empror also had something to offer as a trailer for their newest project which they decided to call Final Fantasy for Next Generation Consoles. It doesn't look like Square has anything new to bring to the table. I see the same old religious dude hungry for power, same old flying dragon which I doubt we'll control in the game even though we rode cars, chocobos and airships in older Final Fantasy games and a nice looking gal whose character is as deep as a puddle probably. At the end of the trailer, the game zooms out for a landscape of a world we won't explore.

Tomb Raider 2013:
I made countless blogs explaining why I don't like the new direction of Tomb Raider. I don't like their attempt at giving Lara a whole new personality nor I like the gameplay. I don't like anything about Crystal Dynamics games and if I were Toby Gard, I'd sue them just to force Eidos to stop using the title Tomb Raider or Lara Croft in their games. Shame on you Toby.

The Last of Us:
I almost forgot about this one. Naughty Dog impressed the whole world with the Uncharted series. I don't understand this race of "video game realism" companies are dying to win. I've never liked Hollywood and I definitly hate it when a video game tries to conform to Hollywood's standards of cute or cool or whatever. Ellen Paige is just someone who memorizes scripts and does as she's told. I hope that character is playable though. Besides the lovable interactions between a teenage girl and a thirty year old hunk, I fail to see the difference between this and Uncharted.

What do you think?

Me and pro gaming

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Just commented on Synthia's blog post about professional gamers and what are some of the readers favorite gamers and what games and such then I realized that I haven't graced this website with my stance on this whole proffesional gaming business. I'm a pain in the ass but dare to bare that pain for a bit and read what I have to say?

Oh professional gaming, basically is rewarding the lazy bums who sit on their asses playing games all day and punishing those who have invested thousands of hundereds of dollars and spent four years and probably more to get a decent education and thought about about doing humanity a favor. So you have this A student in medicine school applying to a number of medicine schools in the world trying to earn a scholarship because this straight As, talented medicine student*which is the hardest major there is, no kidding it is.* cannot afford to pay for tuition fees and a person who's good at pointing at things and shooting, that's about the only skill one can gain from playing games, and a third party that has a 30k dollars to spare, should the third party give those 30k bucks to the medicine student or the so called pro- gamer?

Do pro-gamers help us build schools? Do they help us build hospitals? Treat kids with cancer? End world poverty? No. Do law, medicine, engineer and other majors students contribute to society? Not all of them but in fact many of them do. The majority does or you wouldn't see law firms, schools and hospitals in your home town!

Okay so you're saying this is purely for entertainment and it's the same as soccer games? No it's not. Soccer and sports prevent illnesses, encourage people to get in shape, build more green spaces, socialize with people, spend more time outdoors and move around more. It's not the same as sports no. The bottom line is, that I don't like this professional gaming thing nor I think it's fair but there are those who'd go as far as spending millions to sponsor tournaments for entertainement and not support cancer researchers or help someone become a doctor or a scientist.

Edit: before any smartass jumps and say not all of them are lazy, I know some of them hold degrees in rocket science and it's not like selling your body for money but I just wouldn't do it. Maybe for the sake of competing and having fun but definitly not for money.

A late Mass Effect blog

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In one of the articles a gamespot staff member wrote that a reason why people hated Mass Effect 3 is because it had a homosexual couple in it. Seriously?

Animation: While it's true that Mass Effect's writer was drowned in a pool of insults that also include homophobic ones but Mass Effect 3's main problems were NEVER about people being homophobic. The game allows you to choose between being straight or gay moreover, if KevinV would look at the animation of some games from previous generations, he'd tell how bad the animation is in Mass Effect 3. I suggest looking at Psychonauts. The movement of characters is robotic. The facial expressions are almost nonexistent. Bioware better hire someone who can animate for them if they want to deliver "a true cinematic experience".

Bad execution of choice system: Another issue with Mass Effect games is the choice system. Mass Effect is one of those choice games which get the concept wrong. The concept is never about choosing between scripts, it's about playing as different characters and experience being many personalities and not just one. A good example of this would be Peter Molyneux's Fable where gamers get to choose between playing as a good or a bad person. And I mean by good or bad here is allowing gamers to destroy or construct buldings, attack or save people, burn or grow plants and so forth and not look at cut scenes with the things mentioned above. Video games are meant to be played and not looked at.

The movie game: A cinematic experience in video games means to make graphics look so realistic that people would mistake that video game for a live action movie and not include many and ten minutes or more cut scenes. Game play to story ratio in games which try to deliver a cinematic experience should be at least 60 to 40.

Jack of all trades: Mass Effect gives the illusion that the game play is rich by including FPS and role-playing games elements when the truth is neither the shooting nor role-playing is good. It's one of those games which try to cheaply shut consumers by including many forms of game play without perfecting either. The aiming is still clunky and role-playing is about choosing which story to see and not play.

When is it okay to sue over a video game?

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Seems like Bioware releasing a DLC as a quick fix to the convoluted ending of Mass Effect 3 did not please some angry fans as one of them decided to take his rage to a whole new level and sue the company on the grounds of false advertising. Other fans started circulating memes with images of Mass Effect 3 and other video games accusing Bioware of stealing scenes and gameplay segments from those games.

When can a person sue a company over a video game?

A person can sue a company for false advertising in case a company advertises for things that aren't in the game whether it's in the storyline, gameplay or even music. Fans claim that Bioware adverts were misleading. It says on the adverts that the game includes multiple endings when the the only difference between the three endings is the color. Here's a link which shows the difference between the three endings in Mass Effect 3

This reminds me of when a popular fast food chain was asked to remove a word from the adverts when it released a new breakfast meal. The ads had the word "healthy". After long battles in court between the customers and the mighty fast food chain, the court ordered the chain to remove the word healthy from adverts after customers were able to prove that the meal was anything but healthy.

I believe a customer has the right to sue a company in case a video game suffers from technical issues as bugs and glitches which prevent customers from completing the game or broken controls which makes it unplayable. The industry should be beyond releasing video games with glitches and bugs. Buying a video game with technical flaws is the same as buying faulty products as a new book with torn pages or a shirt with some buttons missing. A customer should have the right to be refunded or download a patch for free in case a company released one online.

A customer cannot sue the company for copyright infringement on behalf of the author whose rights were infringed unless that customer gets monetary benefits from the published content. If a company loses the case over copyright infringement then the company is likely to be asked to re release a copy of the game with the stolen scenes/segments removed or altered.

Although there have been many bills which aim to restrict sales of adult and violent games to minors but none of them was passed. I don't think I've heard of a customer suing a video game company over offensive or violent content. Releasing controversial content would hurt major video game companies image and sales. Moreover, this is more common with indie and amateur video game makers.

Would you sue a video game company? If so what would you sue it for?