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Stick Together VG Pressers - The servers are closing and we need to move

Did any VG Pressers see this message when trying to log on today?

EveryDNS: Migrate Now

You are seeing this message due to the site you are trying to view having its DNS hosted by EveryDNS.

EveryDNS services will be fully discontinued as of September 9th, 2011.

As part of this process, we have set several scheduled outages leading up to this date to give site owners a chance to migrate their services to

New Schedule
August 29th 14:00 - 15:00 UTC - 1 hour
August 30th 14:00 - 17:00 UTC - 3 hours
September 1st 14:00 - 20:00 UTC - 6 hours
September 6th 14:00 - 24:00 UTC - 10 hours
September 7th 14:00 UTC - Sept 8th 14:00 UTC - 24 hours
September 9th 14:00 UTC - EditDNS and EveryDNS services retired

Migrate Now!

Numerous notifications have been sent to the account owner requesting that domains migrate over to services as soon as possible. These notifications were sent starting 90 days prior to the September 9th, 2011 deadline.

If you are the owner of this domain and didn't receive a notification about this migration, it could be because the email address on your account was invalid. You can begin the migration by going to If you are not the owner of this site, please pass this link along to the owner of the site.

If you have migrated this zone already but haven't delegated please check out the steps outlined for our Dyn Standard DNS users.

If you need further assistance, please contact

In case things go pear shaped and we need to hook up again - I'm posting this blog as a lighthouse to keep the gang together. If you find the site is working today or between now and the 9th September, PM Yoda and find out what's going on.

The White Whale, pops his head above the ocean surface and takes a look

Wow look at my Endless Ocean sig, that's from the end of 2007 when I left Gamespot, the sequel is out soon :lol:
Why the hell is Foolz sending me a PM through gamespot a month ago when I see him everyday on VGpress? ASS :P
Anyhow how is everyone I dont see on a day to day basis? Most of my friends have come over to the new site, how's everyone else? Selbie, Skylock, m0zart, armyman etc?

I was messing around for a new logo for the site, took about 10 minutes I dont really have free time to work on it unfortunately. Right at this moment I am screwing around trying to sell turnips.

Some people will know why. I've also been selling my body to a Mexican housewife, SteelAttack's spouse.

See you guys in another 6 months. :)

... or like tommorrow if you'rethe scumwads I see daily.

So what are all you Asswads up to?

It's been a while. I stopped by to check on you guys.

I have been busy. Playing old games, playing a couple of new ones, laptops breaking down, have a cold, making a local magazine. Other stuff too.

We changed the name of Insert Coin and launched a new games site last week. It's still early, there are some bugs, especially with IE but its coming along. Hope to have it improve presentationally.

It's here:

It's all gamespot or ex-gamespot posters you know, basically a swap from Gamingeek Weekly to Insert Coin to VGPress.

The big change is forums, yes there is now a board. No modding except for porn.

This is the front page:

It has a static page per week with a couple of fake stories on the front written by users.

This is the profile page with your own blogs and your friends blogs tracked.

The forums have one board, just a general board but now you can have your own threads, vote them up and down and chat about anything you like. There is no off topic restriction.

Finally, the sites premiere feature continues, GGWeekly is an open source news update page where as a member you can update with any story/preview/review you see. All the news comes thick and fast each day, yet is logically held and displayed on one page per week and refreshed every Monday morning. We generally all hang out there.

We need some more guys for new views and chat and more fun. You can do whatever you like really, as we do. Post stupid youtube videos, post pictures of scantily clad ladies (no nudity allowed), chat about games and news and make podcasts. It's pretty cool. It's early as the site is less than a week old, has some bugs and presentationally isn't all there yet, but hopefully these issues will be ironed out in the coming months and years.

If I don't see you guys there, merry christmas, miss you guys. Bye.

Gaming's Greatest Blog comes to an End

Gamingeek weekly is no more.

So it's over, an epic tale of love and descruction, of mice and men, broken phone lines and exiles in bloom. A tale of excessive swearing, broken anii, bats, news and comedy.

So how do I feel now that the epic news blog is dead? It's an interesting question and one that's not easy to answer. The first one is proud. It ran for 9 weeks, actually 10 if you count the test week and that makes it something like 75 days of daily updates. Weekends? Holidays? Pfft. I was there. I updated at break times, I missed lunch to post, I always tried to make sure that the front page had something there for people to read.

Statistically speaking, 9 weeks, well over 1000 updates, over 7125 views. Roughly between 20-30 updates per day, everyday. There were enough updates to cover the entire front page of a forum like NeoGAF or GGD, on a daily basis.

So I guess the second feeling I have is exhaustion. Maaaaan. Taking a personal blog page and turning it into something else... well it just shows how the format, construction wise is not fit for purpose. It was so much hassle, so slow, there were glitches, weird tags, saved txt files, multiple windows. Ehhh.

Grateful, I feel grateful to Yodariquo firstly for adding a skin and comment editor to the feature. I also feel great, great that I could still talk with my good old GSpot buddies and provide a place where people felt comfortable. Relieved is also another emotion. Now instead of being an all purpose news blog, I now have a place where I can muse. I couldn't post personal blog entries..... on my personal blog as the feature was dominating.

But Gamingeek Weekly isn't dead, it has evolved, moved to: Insert Coin Everything now works like a technical dream. Posting news is a lot easier, the page is faster loading, less glitchy, everything tends to be a lot more reliable to boot.

It's been a wild ride and I hope people enjoyed it, I know it was only 9 weeks but it feels like an epic chunk of internet life and it's now continuing in its new home.

So let me know what you think, how it went and pop back in here from time to time, I'm going to keep my blog where it is for the time being: it's good HTML practice and I feel like I need to keep my own little slice of the internet in a secluded burg.

If you want to check out the feature on Insert Coin (link above) than click on the GG Weekly tab at the top of the page, it's completely formed from gamespot users you know, active posters include:

  • Dvader
  • Yodariquo
  • Edgecrusher
  • Gamingeek
  • Ravenprose
  • Dencore
  • HiResDes
  • SteelAttack
  • Iga Bobovic
  • Foolz
  • Yarcofin
  • Bugsonglasses
  • Phantom Leo

...and more. It's notable that some people on that list such as Bugs, Edge, Dencore, Ravenprose and Gamingeek (myself) are not posting on gamespot whatsoever, others are reducing their time here, so if you want to see us than it's a good idea to pop over. Hope to see Dutch mix and Aspro former GG Weekly posters there as well some more of my gamespot chumwads.

Gamings' Greatest Blog Explodes in your face

Little bit about what I've been doing lately....

Gaming? Are you getting enough?

So.... miss much this week?

These are some of my friends who already have 1up accounts:

If your name is on that list, where are you? If your name isn't on that list, you can be there with an email address and 30 seconds to spare. Gamingeek Weekly is a completely private blog space I've created on 1up, where the news comes thick and fast, like.... nevermind. I would be modded for making that joke here. Though it did include a Phantom leo reference. Those restrictions don't apply on Gamingeek Weekly :P

I mean come on, what do you have to lose by actually lifting a finger to click and check something out? Two minutes of your precious life? That's how long I sit on the john for, to squeeze one out.

I love and miss you all. :cry:

Gamingeek Weekly: The Experiment, how did it go? Plus Mario Kart!

Note: in no way is this blog a cheap attempt to hook up with mario kart wii gamers around the world. *cough*

Wii Friend code 2194 6222 6980 4429

That's my system code^ give me yours and then I can invite you via the wii message board on mario kart.

*clears throat*

Now onto business, running a site, sort of. Those in the know, know that disillusioned with various message boards, a new feature was born last week. Called Gamingeek Weekly it aims to be an up to date news resource chronicling the industry. It's completely situated on my personal blog and is basically a week long blog post that is constantly updated with news on a daily basis, with weekend updates grouped together.

Week-1 was our inaugural week, well my inaugural week and I think it went well. Ex-gamespot forumer Yodariquo has used his technical wizardry to work a few small wonders on the technical side of things to give the place a distinct advantage over your normal blog.

It was a tough slog at first, I had to use external HTML editors and transfer the code across to get the look and layout desired. The news updates could be exhausting at times. If some people remember my GGD days when I used to limit myself to three threads a day, Gamingeek Weekly has upwards of 20 updates per day, every day. I still miss things, but I get most of the biggies and gradually now I'm into it, the addictive old news hound in me is back and it's become less effort as a routine is established and I always enjoy chatting with friends.

Yodariquo when he enters each GG Weekly puts in an HTML comment box, think about the box that appears on gamespot whenever you want to reply to a board post. Only here, you can use that box in the comments section of a blog and include hotlinks and full size screenshots. The blog has other advantages, there is no active modding apart from my own iron fist, which I have yet to use. You can go 'off topic' to your hearts content and swear all you want although people don't do it just for the sake of it.

Anyone using a browser other than internet explorer will get a glossy black skin on the blog upon entering each Weekly edition.

It's even populated entirely by gamespot or ex-gamespot forumers I know and love. So far we've had posting:

  • Yodariquo
  • SteelAttack
  • Dvader
  • Edgecrusher
  • Iga Bobovic
  • Dutch Mix
  • Ravenprose
  • Foolz
  • Gamingeek
  • Dencore/Punk Rebel
  • Valek

During Week-1 we managed to breach the 136 comments mark and it's as active as any thread. So imagine if you will one big thread totally populated with your friends, un-moderated where you can swear or -in the case of Edgecrusher- post pictures of Maria Sharapova suggestively eating a banana, to your hearts content. And continually updated with all the latest gaming news. That's what GG Weekly has become. Kind of cool if you ask me. Especially as it's all driven by fandom and passion for news and good humour.... mostly good humour.

Things I could or want to change? The layout, sorting updates by platform is a possibility but might yield an imbalanced look. The colours and backgrounds and fonts really aren't under my control and are at the mercy of 1up's rigidity or Yodariquo's wizardry.

Apart from that the one thing I wish that we had were more great friends to stick around. I know it seems like a world away but in the great scheme of things, if you just stop and think about how many different websites you check out on the internet each day. I'm only a click away. :P Spooky eh?

I'm even happy with the general response of the guys apart from SteelAttack continually mocking my lack of penis:

"I've missed these GG topics" Yodariquo

"Am I going crazy or do two days of updates look like a mega E3 thread?" Gamingeek

"Nice banner GG But what's this talk of no porn and no violent images?" Bobovic

"This blog is great, GG." Dutch Mix

"BALLS. /ninja vanish :D " Valek

"GG has so much info listed that I can't be bothered to read any of it." Edgecrusher

"Maria Sharapova makes me hard. This blog is the ultimate ****, I've just gotten the RSS feed. Go, GG! Don't let your lack of a penis stop you from becoming the ultimate newshound! It's like a gaming site, Geppetto! You know what? I don't need any more news sites anymore. I'll just come here." SteelAttack

"Insane blog. Damn this blog is better than GS as a whole, this is insane. I just found a bunch of stuff I never saw like SH5 videos." Dvader

"Blog ***** ask Dvader" Edgecrusher

"Cowboy Jed says: Git Behind the Wheel!" Dutch Mix

"So much content, so little time" Foolz

Well that's it for this little non-excuse to get mario kart wii codes for now. See you around. Bye :) bookmark it :evil:

As some gamespotters know, I've made a cosy little nest for myself over on another site:

From this Monday I will starting a new feature, a single blog post per week that will be constantly edited with gaming news bits and comments. The comments section can act as one huge thread that friends can hang out in and Yodariquo has helpfully added a smart editing system that can be used for comments.


Next week, Monday 21-27th will be the test week to see how it goes.

*Waves frantically at rragnaar, Godmode, SteelAttack, Phantom et al*

Hi guys!

Ho! Ho! Ho! Ho! GG is a Ho!

Just popped back to poke you all with Christmas cheer.

Image Hosted by

Merry Bat Anus... Everyone

Image Hosted by

I made a Christmas playlist for you to listen to online while you browse for Christmas porn - yes I know how your minds work.

Go here

Image Hosted by

Oh yeah that's some cheesy musak there. Jingle Jingle.

There's a song there for mean gamespotters too...

I'll see you on the streets Dvader, we have some Christmas gigolo business to attend to...... what's this? You're stealing my posts now? :evil:

I knew this gigolo whip would come in handy.