Yeah IM BACKKK people hello =)

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well i dont know wether anyone that i used to talk to on this are still active and using this well i have a laptop and internet now and i am back with a handy knowledge of PhotoShop Skiklls and i will be making a shop soon =P with animated sig's and you can pay me in serveral ways =) also guys i will be getting a new laptop on X-Mas so i will have a much better system for photoshop and i will have a lot more things that i will be doing like making games so i will have a lot on my plate with college and photoshop shop and making items on SecondLife so ill have fun =] so give me a bell and tell me ifk you think that the photoshop shop will be a good idea heres a couple of ways i was thinking of getting paided for this

1. Microsoft Points / XBL Gold Subscription

2. Secondlife Dollars

3. Maplestory Gold / NX Cash

4. PayPal =)

OMG i may be coming back and staying :P

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Hahaha geez,

i haven't been on this for F**king ages and well i shall give you'se a update on myself;

IM now 17

i have a really nice girlfriend , her name is Danielle [ best person ever ]

will be hopefully getting a job soon =]

getting internet and computer :D [with job moneys]

having a awesome time with my girlfriend

nearly 10months with danielle now (longest realtinship + best)

cant wait to be back on this and talking to you guys seeing wat you are all upto =]

Hope you have all been well and waiting for a awesome time on this with you'se again OH im good on Photoshop making pictures and Sigs so i may make some for you Forumers xD

Also erm idk LOL

Stephen :)

yes i caught him ^^

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YEAH i have caught giratina on pokemon platnium yes im so happy ^^ can i have people friend codes if they have pokemon diomond pearl or platnium ^^ plz :P im gonna make a trade union soon