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PC Help ?????

Everytime I log onto my computer, it goes to a different screen that says Windows has detected a problem with your computer and has shut down to prevent damage. At the bottom it says beginning dump of physical memoryonce it reaches 100% the computer restarts.Then I try to log on again and the same thing happens. Any ideas? Suggestions?

It's been soooo long!!!!

I can't believe I wasn't even a freshman in my last blog.... I'm now halfway through my sophomore year.High school has taken up so muchofmy time.A lot of stuff has happened since (went to New Zealand and finallygot to see Disneylandduring Christmas... it's magical! LOL)but i can't think of evrything important. May try to take another stab at reviving long-dead unions.... so how have u guys been doing?

A couple of questions

My parents are going to buy me a cell phone and want to get a prepaid t-mobile cell. So I'm thinkin about either getting a razr v3 or a sidekick3 but I can't choose. What do you guys think?

Since I'm going to Lowell I have to read 2 books over the summer. I was wondering if any of you had some suggestions. Here's the list:

My top 4 right now are Reservation Blues, We are witnesses, Rebecca, and I never Promised You a Rose Garden. Thnx for all the help!

I GRADUATED Yesterday!!!!!!!

So yea I graduated middle school yesterday and I honestly can't believe it. All we had was three years and now its over :cry:. I remember the first day of sixth grade like it was yesterday. Well I'm going to the best high school in SF wit some of my closest friends so that's good. But I'll have to say goodbye to my best friend who is going to the School of the Arts. I haven't blogged for about a year so I have quite alot to say but am too lazy to type it :D. Oh yea I'm takin geometry in high school so I'll be in the advanced course but not in the honors strand. Atleast I get to take calculus. Lowell is a pretty tough skool so once september comes I will go bac 2 not havin time for gamespot.

Btw, I would like to show you alla really kool site but you have 2 pm me about it because I don't want 2 get moderated like I did b4, don't ask.

July coming to an end

I haven't posted a blog in a long time.Anyways,I'm on Level 14.I'm a Ring King??!! Sometimes I wonder who comes out with these names.Btw I just finished reading the Da Vinci Code today.It's a great book.I usually don't take time to read unless it is a really good book.I recently got GTA LCS for ps2,it's good but not as great as I expected.My mom's bday is coming up on the 5th of Aug.I really don't have much else to say.Well catch ya later then!! 

4th of July

The day America got independance from the British.It doesn't feel like a special day though.I'm level 13 now.Toobin' what does that mean.