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    Hey man, about those keys... I would really love to play the game as a Warcraft 3 fan and ex LoL player this game brings back lots of memories and I know I woud like it alot.
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    Hey man, you still have one of those HotS keys to spare?
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    hahaha you look like Justin Bieber faggot
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    Wow. I am legitimately surprised Mass Effect had received that many votes.Not surprised by Zelda though. The series has not missed a beat.

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    stop trolling on here kid grow up
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    I havent been able to post any youtube link that are related to the article I was commenting in. The comment stays on pending status for days meanwhile the article gets lost into the void of 7543726 ...

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    Seriously man.She does seem to be something like a terrorist.And she's definitely not a troll.After a thorough checkup of her entire profile,I think we should do something.What say?
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    Perfect example of the TERRIBLE state the industry is in nowadays.

    Most overhyped and overrated piece of shit of snoozefest of all time. This is the perfect example of a movie with tacked on shallow gameplay segments and a perfect example of the BAD bad state the ga...

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    hey man heres a link to her facebook page https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001094123408&fref=ts
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    Neither. Sticking to my PC and Ill probably buy a Wii U in the future .

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