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Hmm... quite. :P

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Hey guys. :( Now I know that some of you have already been in school already but I just started on the 27th and I know that i've been really inactive as of late but sadly since school is here i'll probably rarely show up on here. Sorry about that. :( This is one reason that school is evil. :x But other than that i'd like to say hi. :D Oh and could you guys stop sending me union invites please and thank you! :)

It is OVAH!!!!

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Yes everyone the fair is over. Well technically tomorrow's the last day but today wasthe last day I was going to go. So since it's over I will be able to get more active again. so bottom line is.... I'M BACK!!!! :D :D :D

My inactivity

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Hi guys gamerobber7 here and as you may have noticed i've been kinda inactive lately and sadly to say i'll probably be inactive for a while yet. :( Why you ask? Because as I posted a blog about it 2 blogs before this one the Iowa State Fair has started and i'll be going there a few days, probably all day. So I just wanted to explain myself but i'll try to post every now and then and don't worry i'll be back and active soon! :D

Mario or Luigi?

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Hey everyone! Gamerobber7 here and I was just sitting at the computer thinking about Mario games and I decided to see which brother youguys like better. So who do you like better


Or Luigi?LuigiMy favorite is Luigi. :D

Iowa State Fair

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Hey everyone i'm not really that much of a blogger but I was thinking about the Iowa State Fair and thought that I would put up a blog asking who knows about it. I actually live in Iowa and i've gone there every year since I was 2. For those of you who don't know about it: It's one of the best state fairs in the USA and it lasts for 11 days during the month of August. It has tons of food, rides, contests, shows, talent shows(I think they count as the same thing oh well :P) stores, and a lot of things to look at. There's also a campground where you can stay during the fair. It's a lot of fun and I was just wondering if there were any of you that have been there before.

some general information

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Hi everybody i'm gamerobber7 and I became a member on gamespot on july 1. Actually i've been familiar with for awhile but I decided to finally join. I really like reading the forums about my favorite video games and finding out other information about them like when some are going to come out in the USA and stuff. So this blog was to introduce me and if anyone wants to be my friend just ask.