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I'm back...

Hello to all!

It's been a while since i wrote here isn't it? But now i'm back and as a surprise, i got a new custom song for you people!!! Ok, maybe you won't be able to play it since the band is from Quebec city and is just starting with their 1rst album but they will be famous eventually, i'm pretty sure of that. In the meanwhile, you can still watch my video and enjoy the work of that hard, painful custom chart. You may also be able to find the song somewhere on the web (i'm pretty sure some of you had some little tricks and will get your hands on that song before midnight) ;)

Oh and if you watch the video of Touch Me and / or play the song, please feel free to PM me with your comments or rewiew it at the Custom Hero Union. Thanks!

I'll try to update more often than in the last months and i'll also be more present in the custom chart editing universe! :P

Good day to all and don't forget to post your comments!

The Legend of ZelDuh!

A lot of you has probably beat Zelda:TP by now...

Me, on the other side, have the game since it's release and i have just the 2 first dungeons clered... I don't know what's happening to me, is it because i start to create custom songs for GH? is it because don't like that zelda (... and i haven't played enough to take any judgement yet)? is it because i'm at school and i'm now creating instead of playing?

These are the questions i have in mind these days... Is this kind of feeling "boring gaming" hurts you too sometimes?

Anyway, i'll try to complete my website, take care of my own union and finish some unfinished business with my custom songs!

The Custom Hero Union

The Custom Hero Union has finally launch.

Now, all creators have a place to share and talk about all that stuff on gamespot!!!
It's a good place to talk about music, musician and games too. So come and have a look at it!


Custom songs post

Currently working on:
-> Touch Me Easy, Medium and Hard difficulty level --- DONE!
-> Thinking about creating the Rythm guitar for Touch Me, all difficulty levels
-> Choosing another song (so many choices, it's so damn hard... :P)

Song: Touch Me (as made famous by Samantha Fox)
Artist: The Lost Fingers
Album: Lost in the 80s
Time: 3:41
Difficulties: All
Coop: Not yet
Rythm/Bass: No
Star Power: Yes

Midi file: TouchMe_v02.mid
Offset: 1000 ms
Video: (sorry for the vid... i'll update it as soon as i can. For now, you'll have to download it)


Song: 4:41 AM (Sexual Revolution)
Artist: Roger Waters
Album: The pros and cons of hitch hicking
Time: 4:52
Difficulties: ALL
Coop: No
Rythm/Bass: No
Star Power: Yes

Midi file: SexualRevolution.mid
Offset: 0 ms
Video: 441.swf


Song: Omerta
Artist: Lamb of God
Album: Ashes of the Wake
Time: 4:45
Difficulties: ALL
Coop: Yes
Rythm/Bass: Yes / Bass
Star Power: Yes

Midi file: OmertaFullFinal.mid
Offset: 3600 ms
Video: omerta.swf



Song: Ghost of Perdition
Artist: Opeth
Album: Ghost Reveries
Time: 10:32
Difficulties: Expert only (for now)
Coop: No
Rythm/Bass: No
Star Power: Yes

Midi file: GhostofPerditionV2.mid
Offset: 3000 ms (i'm not sure about it)
Video: gop.swf



Song: Run to the Hills
Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: The Number of the Beast
Time: 3:50
Difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert
Coop: No
Rythm/Bass: No
Star Power: Yes

Midi file:RunToTheHillsEMHE.mid
Offset: -100 ms


Song: Ninja Gaiden Mini boss theme
Artist: Mega Driver
Album: WIP section on megadriver website
Time: 4:15
Difficulties: Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert
Coop: No
Rythm/Bass: No
Star Power: Yes

Midi file: NinjaGaidenBossEMHE.mid
MP3: Ninja.mp3 or on the website
(The original song has been modified and merge with another one)
Offset: 5500 ms
Video: ninja.swf


From now on, each time i'll get a new song, i'll edit this blog!
So be sure to take a look once a week ot two ;)

NB: Green means that the work is Complete, Orange means that the work is In Progress and Red means that the work has not been started yet!

Custom Hero once again!


there is news for custom songs creators, and all the thanks to AlexinatronDX who give me the info, we can now easily change the names of the songs on the setlist and in game!!

That's awsome!

I'll put some pics here when i'll get the time to upload...

oh, and... if you want to know how to do so, visit scorehero or join the Custom Hero Union!!

For other news, 4:41 AM by Roger Waters is almost finish, i just need to do some tweaking and the easy, medium and hard part!
Stay tune!

Coming soon!!

Just half the way to complete 4:41 am by Roger Waters, i can already tell that it will be my best creation!

Still need to get through my homeworks................

Anyway, the next step will be updates of my previous creation so i
won't be creating songs for a while.
Here is a list of thing i'll be doing in the next month:

- Finish Sexual Revolution (4:41 am)

- Work on the end part of NinjaGaidenBoss
(I don't like the end part)

- Re-synch the beginning and the end of Ghost of Perdition

- Create the easy, medium and hard part for Ghost of Perdition

- Probably create the bass part for Ghost of Perdition
(if i'm in the mood for it)

- Work on the beginning of Run To The Hills
(add Alternate Time-Regions)

- Try to complete my website and update my vids!


After all that, i'll strat working on a new song!
It will be a long and painful month!

Creation, creation, creation...

Welcome back to my place!

Yes, i've started working on a new song: 
4:41 AM (Sexual Revolution) by Roger Waters

You will have to wait longer for this one... i'm in a rush 
at school so i'll take care of my homeworks first and 
the song will come later.

I also completed my videos of my own creation's 
(thanks to AlexinatronDX and Plynn79)!!!
Just visit the post of each song and go to the video 
section for the links.

When my next song will be completed, i will create a 
new post and put all of my songs and vids in the same,
so you won't have to search everytime.

so, while waiting for my next song, enjoy the vids!   


I've start working on the videos of my custom songs this week and i've complete the Ninja Gaiden Boss and Omerta videos!

Check my song section and be sure to take a look often 
the rest of the videos will come to life very soon! 

my songs finally online 

new song

Song: Omerta
Artist: Lamb of God
Album: Ashes of the Wake
Time: 4:45
Difficulties: ALL
Coop: Yes
Rythm/Bass: Yes / Bass
Star Power: Yes

Midi file: OmertaFullFinal.mid
Offset: 3600 ms
Video: omerta.swf



HO/PO problems and TPQN

To everyone who create song for GH2 having problem with this matter, I found a solution. Some people on Scorehero says that you just have to change the Tick per quarter note in Sonar or Midi Maestro (that by the way create irrecuperable errors), but it doesn't work! don't bother trying to do this...

Instead, go for the long way, recreate your tablature and divide the tabs you want your Ho/Po in half (ex: 4/4 time signature cut in 2/4) and cut your tempo for the same parts in half too (ex: 180 cut to 90).


Do this and your song will get these Ho/Po's working just fine.

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