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@ANIMEguy10034: Thanks! :) One more question, so i just ran into a wild Articuno and it immediately fled. I've been tracking the thing ever since, but every time i go to its location, its long gone. Someone told me that you must encounter articuno about ten times before it goes into a cave and becomes catchable. Problem is, i can't seem to keep up to this vulture.....

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Thank you everyone :D I just beat the game today, and I liked it so much, i think im gonna get pokemon X and play that too. How can i transfer my pokemon between games? I wanna have all my pokemon Y pokemon on my pokemon X. Also, can i do that with other versions like black, heart gold, diamond, etc? I eventually want to have all my pokemon on one game

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1) Pokemon Y

2) Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

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My Riolu just evolved!! :D

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I have a Riolu in pokemon Y, and I would really appreciate it if someone could give me specific instructions on how to evolve it into Lucario. I know it has something to do with friendship/happiness? I'm really confused about it, some guidance would be greatly appreciated! :)

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Thanks people! :) omg i am loving pokemon Y so far. I take forever to train my pokemon though. Like i spent over 2 hours in the same patch of grass at the beginning. I always feel the need to train a ton prior to moving foreword. I may overdo it a tad. XD

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Its been a while since I played pokemon games, i'm not gunna lie; my knowledge of pokemon is limited to the first three gens. I just picked up my copy of pokemon Y however, as I am still a big fan, and just got my 3DS last week. I kinda wish I had stuck with pokemon over recent years, so it wouldn't have all this "catching" up to do.

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Anyone have any suggestions on games for ps4 that are available right now? I only have cod ghosts so i'm trying to expand.

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@JordanElek: Thanks :D

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I've had an xbox 360 since it launched back in the day, and I still enjoy it a lot. I top of that, I have a ps4, wii u, and 3DS. Needless to say, I have my gaming cut out for me. Xbox 360 was my bread and butter as a gamer, its all i really played last gen other than some wii here and there. I think i want to wait for at least a year or so to get my xbox one, that will give me some time to enjoy my current consoles, and let xbox create a new and improved batch of one's. Like I said, my hands are tied as it is, and although i'm a die hard xbox fan, i think im better off waiting for a more stable machine, as opposed to paying full price right now for the first ones. Any thoughts?

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