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Sounds like a waste of $25.

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I've been smoke free my whole life! Beat that! :P

Seriously though, good job on kicking the habit, TC. I sometimes wonder why alcohol is legal. It causes more problems for society than smoking IMO. Not to mention smoking is on the decline in America given that public smoking has been cracked down and the price of cigarettes keeps going up. People will buy alcohol no matter how expensive it gets though.

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ITT: Conservative equals gay marriage or no gay marriage

Surely there is more to social conservatism than that. :P

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5'7 or 5'8

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I rarely upload my pictures on my facebook. I rarely even take photos. I don't have a camera. #LongLivethe3rdWorld


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LOL she'd probably flip shit if I told her that I have neither a FB or Twitter account. I'm the same age as her.

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KingKinect, you don't like animals? You best be joking. Animals are awesome!

Well I like to eat animals. Does that count? I'm not sure I would say they are awesome but they sure do taste awesome!

I'm with you there. I'd rather jump in front of a semi truck than be a vegetarian or vegan for life. God, I really don't understand how those people can enjoy life without meat. It's almost like trying to enjoy life without oxygen, except that would kill you in a few minutes, LOL.

Have you ever even talked with a vegan? Otherwise you'd know better than to say silly things like they actually enjoy life.


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Kind of.

Also the black layout rules.

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I hope so too. Not too long ago, I noticed that I went 29 days without posting here. No one welcomed me back. :(

If it makes you feel any better, I was gone for like 5 to 6 months before and no one welcomed me back lol.

Damn, that's harsh. D:

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On topic, yea definitely. I might go as far as saying that right now we have more traffic than we had before the infamously dreaded changes.

Let's hope it will stick though. We had such sudden surges in activity/traffic in the past few desolate years and they rarely amounted to a substantive thing. But in general the activity level has become decent enough for people to check the forums regularly. That's how I feel at least.

I hope so too. Not too long ago, I noticed that I went 29 days without posting here. No one welcomed me back. :(