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People who talk down to depressed and suicidal people really need to piss the fuck off.

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Jesus tap dancing Christ .

Anyway, I hope some good comes from this situation.


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TV in general sucks.

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There's a reason that in this last primary election I voted against every single incumbent. I'd like to see everyone in congress kicked out and replaced. Can't be any worse then what we've got now.

And not just replaced by anyone. We need women, minorities, and younger people in Congress to represent Americans more. Congress is 90% old white men; which America is not. These guys are all stuck in the past and don't give two shits about the country; they only care about re-election and how much money is in their multiple bank accounts.

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A mufti-faceted set of issues ranging from societal to political.

  • Broadening gap between the rich and poor, including the ultra-rich paying almost no taxes via loopholes and off-shore banking.
  • Sacrifice of freedoms for "safety".
  • Racism and general discrimination against outsiders and those who are "different" (amongst most communities). The "melting pot" isn't working.
  • Focus of spending on military rather than science and medicine.
  • Inability to generate meaningful and lasting jobs for the citizenry rather than outsourcing to China.
  • Public education generating students only capable of the bare minimum and not given the tools to succeed in life.
  • Militarization of the police and low standards for hiring (creating a lot of bad eggs ruining the show for everyone else).
  • Republicans (i.e. social conservatism).
  • Religion making it into politics and almost every facet of the government that it shouldn't be in.

Too state a few problems.

Very well said.

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This is the world we live in, folks. Relish in it.

"North Augustus police Lieutenant Tim Thornton said it's uncommon for officers to arrest people under the disorderly conduct ordinance, but in this case 'we have a definite law that's been violated, city code. And we had a witness and a confession.'

He added: 'You can't go someplace in public and use that kind of language in the state of South Carolina.'

I'm glad I don't live in South Carolina Dumbfuckistan. Jesus tap dancing Christ. This makes me wanna bash my head into a brick wall, but since my brain cell count is low to begin with, I gotta preserve what I have.

What do you think of this? Just more pussificiation of America? I say yes.

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Why the hell did she tell the officer she had the gun? "Unsafe lane change" would have warranted what, at worse a ticket? She should have just kept her mouth shut. IF the officer for what ever reason wanted to search her car (which unless he had lawful reason he probably couldn't anyway) THEN she should have told him, because he probably would have asked if she had any weapons, etc. in the car. Stupidity across the board on her part.

This is a good point, but I still think three years in prison is stupid for this. If she does get time, I think I'll go ahead and agree with Blu Ra-I mean Emil's comment.

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Kind of seems like it would have been better for the officer to inform her of the law and maybe give her a fine. 3 years of jail is ridiculous.


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To answer TC's question, there aren't many people around to make threads anyway. Although I try sometimes anyway to try to get a little traffic flowing through.