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Facts About Me

I will list some facts about myself.:) I hope you enjoy them!:)

  • My birth date is December 6, 1992. I was born at 4:03 A.M. My due date was January 22, 1993.:o
  • I'm of French and Scandinavian descent. I also have a small amount of Native American heritage. To be more specific about my ethnic background, I'm one-quarter French and almost three-quarters Scandinavian. The remainder consists of my small Native American heritage. I believe most of my Scandinavian heritage consists of Swedish and Norwegian ancestry. Though I'm roughly three-quarters (75%) Scandinavian, I don't look Nordic at all. I have an olive skin tone, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair, unlike most Scandinavians or people of Scandinavian descent. I think most of my physical characteristics came from my French and Native American heritage. In fact, my high cheekbones are most likely from my Native American ancestry. I know very little about my Native American ancestry. I don't know the tribe, nor do I know the percentage it makes up in my ancestral makeup. Because my American Indian heritage is so small, I just identify with my French and Scandinavian heritage most of the time. However, I'll include it sometimes because it contributed to my physical appearance (high cheekbones). I like my heritage.:) I just wish I knew more about it.:(
  • I'm a frequent complainer, yet I hate being told that I complain a lot. There will always be something to complain about in this day and age.:x
  • I used to hate getting stared at by other people.:x As of right now, I'm getting used to it.:)
  • It annoys me when people seem to disbelieve the fact that we humans are animals.:x
  • I'm a perfectionist at gaming. I really despise it.:x I sometimes feel that I get almost no fun out of gaming because of it.:(
  • I have two cats named Pinky and Mouse.:P
  • I like using proper spelling and grammar as much as possible.:)
  • I'm right-handed, but I can use my left hand fairly well with certain tasks.:)
  • I love to laugh!:lol: Who doesn't like laughing?:question:
  • I have an interest in demography.:) I love to browse the U.S. Census Bureau's website for statistics on American population centers.:D
  • I like mainstream music, unlike lots of users on this website.:|
  • I have an account on GameSpot (obviously),,, and a few other websites. I have two accounts on Wikipedia.:D:)
  • I love summer vacation!:D
  • My favorite color is red.:)

That is all of the facts I will list for now.:) I hope you enjoyed them.:)