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Same Crap From Sociology Teacher

We're getting into a unit on race in sociology. Today, once again, my teacher said that the word Caucasian is made up! He then said that he would talk about the reason why later.....He never did.:|


Why are Caucasians always called whites? Blacks are frequently called African Americans. Asians are frequently called Asian Americans. Hispanics are sometimes called Hispanic Americans. Why can't whites be more frequently called European Americans?

My sociology book irritates me with this terminology use.

Examples from the book:

There is a chart that has data on the percentage of 12th grade students based on race on certain extracurricular activities, such as cheerleading and sports. The racial categories are White, African American, Hispanic, Asian American, and American Indian.

A bar graph shows the rate of tobacco use among three racial groups among high school and middle school kids in 2002.

The racial categories are White, African American, and Hispanic.

A question below the graph says:

In which group of students is tobacco use the highest?

a. White high schoolers

b. African American middle schoolers

c. Hispanic high schoolers

d. Middle schoolers of all races.

Next, here is a sentence from a paragraph centering on rural poverty.

The sentence: African American, Hispanic, and American Indian families are more than twice as likely as white families to be poor.

Another sentence in another part of the book talking about ethnic relations in Great Britain: Violent clashes between groups of white people and South Asians left hundreds injured and caused damage estimated in the millions of dollars.

Um...They should be called English people or British people, not white people, which is vague.

I know that I'm probably making a bigger deal out of this than it needs to be, but minor crap like this makes me want to burn my sociology book. I'm not offended by the term white, I just want a formal term for whites being used more frequently, since we do it for non-whites, too.


Another Stupid @$$ Day In Sociology

Today in sociology, our teacher had all the guys come up in front of the room because he wanted to hear the girls' opinions on what guy looks the most like a criminal. He had us all turn around, and I think the teacher just let the girls point at the two guys that looked the most like a criminal: I was one of them.

[spoiler] WTF?! [/spoiler]

The teacher asked us both for our reactions. The first guy said he was picked because he had on a black and red hoodie and stuff like that. The teacher asked him if his race had anything to do with it, and he said, "a little" or something along the lines of that. Then the teacher asked me, and I just said that I didn't care.

A LIE!!!


  1. The other student was surely picked because he was black.
  2. People picked me for wearing a damn gray hoodie! What the hell? How does wearing a ******* hoodie make me look more like a criminal? Oh, did the girls (mostly preps) pick me because I wasn't wearing some preppy clothing? God, **** that school.
  3. Oh, and don't get me started on staring. It seemed as if THEY WERE ALL staring ONLY AT ME, at least MOST OF THE TIME. Why? My mom would just say, "They think you're cute!" If they really thought that I was attractive, I wouldn't have been voted as looking the most like a criminal. O_O
  4. My school and life in general make me want to kill myself.
  5. I'm sick of judgemental douchebags.
  6. What do people have against hoodies?
  7. Oh, we were also talking about violence and crap, and some girl mentioned video games like Call of Duty and Halo and how they're all violent. Yup, I'm gonna go find a gun and go on a shooting spree b/c Call of Duty: World at War and Killzone 2 told me to. :roll:

I need a new one of these for my PS3.

I need a new one of these for my PS3.



Because I accidentally left one of my cats locked in my room and he chewed off the red jack. I really do not like my cats now, and I'm never letting the jackasses into my room again, at least for a long period of time. My mom says she can buy me a new one next Friday.

I can still play on my console, but no sound comes out of my television's right speaker because the red jack was responsible for emitting sound from that speaker. I can still see the picture and hear sound from the left speaker, but I'm still pissed.


I beat Killzone 2 yesterday!

I beat Killzone 2 yesterday! :D

I was hoping it would be longer, but it's okay. I still need to get used to the controls. :P I started playing World at War again, and its faster controls felt weird for a couple minutes. :P Maybe that's a sign that I'm getting used to Killzone 2's controls more! :o