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New Zombies Record (Black Ops)

In Solo Zombies, my previous record was Level 23; my current record is Level 26.

Kills: 740 Zombies K.I.A.

Headshots: Not 99, not 101, BUT EXACTLY 100 HEADSHOTS

Well rounded numbers For The Win :P

I'm Eighteen!

I'm eighteen!:D8) I'm a legal adult!:o

Oh, and...

[spoiler] I have Black Ops and Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood [/spoiler]

The Zombies mode is amazing! I can't wait to start playing co-op on Zombies and multiplayer!

I don't want to go to school tomorrow!

I don't want to go to school tomorrow!:cry: These four days have gone by too fast!:x

Well, at least winter break (coming up soon) is twelve days long.:D

Oh, and my eighteenth birthday is eight days away! :D

I have just over a week left of being a minor. :)

Age of Majority FTW!:P

Really, Diversity Team?


Okay, there is a group of people at my high school called the Diversity Team. Today, groups of students went to see skits on bullying and how it's wrong and so on. Examples of bullying were given, as well as a lecture on how wrong and hurtful bullying is. Well, in one of the Diversity Team's examples, four to five guys were calling a Somali girl a terrorist. Almost all of these guys were white; one was Hispanic. In another example of bullying, the Hispanic student I mentioned was walking away near the end of the skit, and a white student (who has been my friend since junior high) told him to not get deported (back to Mexico).

My question is, how come almost all the students in those skits perpetrating racism were white males? Of course, it's the ******* DIVERSITY TEAM. I don't know if I was the only one bothered in the audience by that, but why the hell would the Diversity Team use only their white members to perpetrate racism in their skits? So much for being respectful and tolerant.

People of different races and both genders should have been used in the skits to perpetrate racism, to show that it's unacceptable, not just (mostly) non-Hispanic white male students.

Hell, seeing that made me feel bullied by the Diversity Team.:roll:

I swear, all of this crap that I see and hear makes me want to hurt myself. The amount of BS is overwhelming.

Random Rant

I have a class called Transition. It's a class that helps students prepare for jobs, how to get jobs, interviewing, blah, blah, blah.

Okay, so sometime in the future (a week or two?) our teacher is going to have some random people come in and interview us to practice interviewing.

I get nervous around people I don't know, so...

[spoiler] fffuuu [/spoiler]

Oh, and I think World at War's multiplayer is ten times better than MW2's multiplayer b/c there are no noobtubes (grenade launchers), heartbeat sensors, and not nearly as many campers. In MW2, you're either really good at the game or you're really bad at the game. I'm the latter. I'm getting better at WaW multiplayer, but not so much in MW2. WaW's multiplayer is addicting. I stayed up till midnight playing last night.

Yay! Multiplayer!

I created a PSN account and I'm playing MW2 multiplayer now! :D

I had to fake my age to make a stupid PSN account. C'mon really? You have to be 18 to make an account? My eighteenth birthday is in some twenty days, but I didn't want to wait. :P

I also created my PSN account on a separate PlayStation 3 account so I don't have to worry about my perfectionism. That's the account where I don't have to be a perfectionist at gaming.:):P

When I turn 18, I'll make a PSN account on my other PS account.:)

I kinda suck at multiplayer, but I'll hopefully get better. :) :P

Oh, and if you're wondering, I put my fake birth year as 1990. My real one is 1992. Stupid age requirements.