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I was playing Zombies with some newbies...

I was playing Zombies in Black Ops with some newbies, and the game was eventually ended by the host. Before we went back to the main menu, I quickly checked the score. I had 533 kills; the person with the second highest number of kills had 90 kills! :lol: I was the only one to get over 100 kills, let alone 500. :P :D

New Record For Zombies (Co-Op This Time)

Yesterday, I played with three other people (one left early), and we got to Level 33. I had 1,302 kills; another had 1,322! :x The other player had 680-something...I think.

Later, I played Solo and got to Level 33; I wanted to beat my record of 34, but I got jumped by the undead bastards in 33. :x I lost all of the perks that protected me and I had an upgraded Thundergun AND Ray Gun! I got somewhere between 1,100-1,300 kills; I can't remember the exact number.

Getting to Level 33 on Solo is much easier than getting to Level 33 on Co-Op. Co-Op just as a **** ton of zombies.

I was getting really mad in Black Ops last night, LOL.

So, I was playing the mission S.O.G. on Black Ops last night. Near the end, I kept on cussing the crap out of my screen because some douche bag Viet Cong kept shooting me from behind. I was using the M14 and had two bullets left in the magazine, so I just shot both of them right into one dude's chest. As I was reloading, I was saying, "DO YOU LIKE THAT?! YOU LIKE THAT?! YOU LIKE THAT?!" :P Dying four to five times in a row isn't fun, and I was playing on Regular difficulty. O_O

LOL @ Irony

After writing yesterday's blog, I started playing World at War. Despite still being a perfectionist, things actually went my way for the most part. Now, I only have four single player missions left to play.

I just restarted the level if I got irritated. Most notably was the level "Ring of Steel", of which I restarted three times while cussing at my screen. :P I restarted "Eviction" once. And I think that's all I've restarted so far. It beats formatting the system for sure. :P

I've noticed that every time I say my perfectionism wears off, I get jinxed and it comes back.

Apparently, I reverse-jinxed my perfectionism my ranting about it in my blog. :P

I have 5,000 posts.

I have 5,000 posts. I'm halfway to 10,000 posts now. Hooray!


Pfft...a mod locked my thread b/c it was a "hidden 10K post thread" or whatever.:roll:

1,066 Zombies Killed In Action

I played Zombies Co-Op in Kino Der Toten with two other people.

At the end of the match (Level 24), one had 300-something kills and the other had 200-something kills...I had over 1,000 kills, 1066 to be exact. I'm PSN friends with the two others now. :)

But, yeah.....I killed over ONE-THOUSAND zombies. :D

It's not surprising, though.

My points surpassed 30,000 briefly and stayed in the high 20,000s. The two others had a hard time getting above 5,000 points. Plus, I had a pack-a-punched Thundergun and a pack-a-punched Ray Gun, so I was destined to kick ass from the beginning. :P