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Classes Begin

I started my online classes for community college today. It's my first time doing online classes, so it's a little overwhelming, but I'm hoping to get through it. :)

I Have A Driver's Permit

I passed my driving test the first time and obtained my driver's permit. The required percentage to pass was 80%; I passed with a close 82%. My mom and I waited in line for two hours, so I had to pass that test! My mom told me afterward that if I failed, I would not only have to wait in that line again, I would have to do it alone. :o

Thank you, God, for allowing me to pass the driver's test after one shot. :)


I graduated from Burnsville Senior High School yesterday, June 10, 2011. :)

I'm finally free from the K-12 system.

I received a laptop as a graduation gift. I created this blog on that laptop. :)

PSN Came Back!

PSN came back on Sunday. Yay! :)

I was getting really ticked off playing WaW though. I keep getting killed and killed while getting few kills. Same thing happens in Black Ops.

I guess I haven't changed even after three weeks w/o multiplayer.


I've failed two tests this past week. There are less than thirty days before graduation. I gotta get my C+ and my Bs to As!

My current grades:

Psychology: B-

Math: A-

Social and Family Living: A

American Literature: C+ :x

Economics: B



Last night, I played one more round of Free-For-All on Black Ops before going to bed.

I used the perk Hardline, which allows you to get killstreak rewards with one less killstreak.

Normally, the Chopper Gunner is obtained with a 11-killstreak (getting 11 kills in a row w/o dying), but with Hardline, it's a 9-killstreak. I used my AK-74u to stack up a 5-killstreak. Afterward, I only had five bullets for the 74u, so I whipped out the good ol' CZ75 FULL AUTO. :D I miraculously managed to kill four guys in a row with it, and I used up ALL the ammo in the pistol...How often does that happen for Black Ops players? :o Probably not often! I then had my 9-killstreak...which gave me the chopper gunner. I got killed by a guy while I was using the radio for the chopper, but I didn't care since I was getting ready to kick some ass! :D I then got about 10-20 kills with the gunner. :)

Other Cool Things That Happened in the Match:

  • I was running in a narrow area, and I got damaged (but not killed thanks to Flak Jacket) by a claymore explosion. I turned and there was a guy RIGHT THERE. I quickly gunned him down, putting him into Last Stand, put a couple more bullets into him and got a KILL. :D If I was him, I probably would have rage quit. :P
  • I won the match (thanks to Mr. Chopper Gunner). :) However, I got the game-winning kill with my 74u; the gunner just helped me stack up kills.