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Why do I have to fail at so many sports?

Why do I have to fail at so many sports? In gym class, we're playing pickle ball...and I suck so bad.:x Sports like soccer, basketball, and floor hockey are just so tedious to play.:x I feel like I'm the only one in my gym class who's completely sucking at pickle ball.:( I've always been bad at most sports. I have the gross motor skills of a ten year-old kid...


I beat Call of Duty: World at War!

I beat Call of Duty: World at War!:D I went through the whole game at once.:o I have finally beaten all three of my Call of Duty games!:D:):o8) My perfectionism failed to stop me this time!:lol::P After playing and beating all three of my Call of Duty games, I think I'm going to say that World at War is my favorite.:) I love Call of Duty!:D:) I remember when first-person shooters weren't very interesting to me, but when I got Call of Duty 3, that rather changed.:):P And now I own three Call of Duty games, all of which I have beaten!:D

I've really been into Call of Duty.

I've really been into Call of Duty.:) During my winter break, I was able to screw my perfectionism over and beat Call of Duty: Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition on "regular" difficulty. I've beaten Call of Duty 3 two or three times. I still haven't beaten Call of Duty: World at War yet, and my stupid perfectionism keeps holding me back...:x Why can't it just go away?:cry: When I play a video game, I have to be as perfect as possible; it's only good when I actually achieve "perfection" in the game, which is extremely rare. If I "die" in Call of Duty (or any game), I want to pull my hair out! I also hate getting shot in Call of Duty because it's unrealistic. If you get shot in real life, even once, you're gonna go down. You can get shot in Call of Duty five times and still "live". There are exceptions in Call of Duty 3 though. If I'm riding in the jeep (in CoD 3) driving past Nazis, it's impossible to not get shot. However, any other time I get shot in the game(s), it bothers me.

The following image visually describes me when I'm at a peak of annoyance with my perfectionism:


If I could kill my perfectionism with any weapon of my choice, I would use the M1 Garand, one of my favorite Call of Duty (WW2) rifles:

M1 Garand


The hate on mainstream music is really annoying.

The hate on mainstream music is really annoying. In the Off-Topic Discussion forum, many users seem to just bash mainstream music as if it were the cause of worldwide poverty. To be honest, it's really irritating, and people need to think before they talk (or type). A lot of people don't do that a lot, myself included, but people bashing mainstream music should quickly think because there are people that like what they're criticizing. Just because one person thinks something is bad, that doesn't automatically mean it's bad. Who cares if I listen to songs by Nickelback or Lady GaGa? Who cares if I never listen to songs by Metallica? I wish people could just respect the tastes of others; it doesn't do them any harm.

Why do so many people seem to disbelieve the fact that humans are animals?

Why do so many people seem to disbelieve the fact that humans are animals? It's actually quite annoying because, in my opinion, it's common sense to know that humans are animals. We humans are living things; therefore we need to be classified into a group. We aren't plants or protists, so then we have to be animals. Do animals like cats, elephants, and tigers need water to survive? Yes. Do humans need water to survive? Yes. Do animals like dogs, monkeys, and rabbits have circulatory, respiratory, muscular, digestive, and reproductive body systems? Yes. Do humans have the aforementioned body systems? Yes.

It's common sense. I think many people tend to disbelieve the fact that humans are animals because we're so much more intelligent than other animals. I can understand that, but that doesn't mean we're just some random race of beings who fell from the sky. We humans have many of the same attributes as other animals. We are animals despite our great intelligence. There is no counter-argument. Humans are animals!:x

Facts About Me

I will list some facts about myself.:) I hope you enjoy them!:)

  • My birth date is December 6, 1992. I was born at 4:03 A.M. My due date was January 22, 1993.:o
  • I'm of French and Scandinavian descent. I also have a small amount of Native American heritage. To be more specific about my ethnic background, I'm one-quarter French and almost three-quarters Scandinavian. The remainder consists of my small Native American heritage. I believe most of my Scandinavian heritage consists of Swedish and Norwegian ancestry. Though I'm roughly three-quarters (75%) Scandinavian, I don't look Nordic at all. I have an olive skin tone, dark brown eyes, and dark brown hair, unlike most Scandinavians or people of Scandinavian descent. I think most of my physical characteristics came from my French and Native American heritage. In fact, my high cheekbones are most likely from my Native American ancestry. I know very little about my Native American ancestry. I don't know the tribe, nor do I know the percentage it makes up in my ancestral makeup. Because my American Indian heritage is so small, I just identify with my French and Scandinavian heritage most of the time. However, I'll include it sometimes because it contributed to my physical appearance (high cheekbones). I like my heritage.:) I just wish I knew more about it.:(
  • I'm a frequent complainer, yet I hate being told that I complain a lot. There will always be something to complain about in this day and age.:x
  • I used to hate getting stared at by other people.:x As of right now, I'm getting used to it.:)
  • It annoys me when people seem to disbelieve the fact that we humans are animals.:x
  • I'm a perfectionist at gaming. I really despise it.:x I sometimes feel that I get almost no fun out of gaming because of it.:(
  • I have two cats named Pinky and Mouse.:P
  • I like using proper spelling and grammar as much as possible.:)
  • I'm right-handed, but I can use my left hand fairly well with certain tasks.:)
  • I love to laugh!:lol: Who doesn't like laughing?:question:
  • I have an interest in demography.:) I love to browse the U.S. Census Bureau's website for statistics on American population centers.:D
  • I like mainstream music, unlike lots of users on this website.:|
  • I have an account on GameSpot (obviously),,, and a few other websites. I have two accounts on Wikipedia.:D:)
  • I love summer vacation!:D
  • My favorite color is red.:)

That is all of the facts I will list for now.:) I hope you enjoyed them.:)