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call of duty and resident evil

what ever happen to the old fashion resident evils with over view.the new resident evils are so hard except resident evil 5 gold edition.also what happen to classic call of duty 1 and 2 now they have call of duty red baron and call of duty finest hour. also call of duty world at war front lines should be for the psp also.and if you want to get a war game that you will never get bored with call of duty modern warfare 1 and call of duty modern warfare 2 the game will get you started bored but then it will make you play for ever.i give modern warfare 1 and modern warfare 2 a 10 out of 12 but it is still a good game the game that is 12 out of 12 is resident evil 5 gold edition it is so fun when you get started you never stop playing even when you beat it.

prise of games

the price of games today.dang39 bucks for a new game when you can get the same one used for 19 bucks. all we want to do is play the stupid game we do not want to get behind the scenes or bonus maps all we want is to play the stupid game.i got 3 games for 14 bucks used instead of two of those games for 20 bucks. also 60 bucks for a new infamous when i got it for 49 bucks that is a stupid thing. see ya