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The Return + Summer School + My Wonderful Birthday + Other Things

The Return

OK, so now I'm back on and it safe to say that everything around here has changed. Even though I'd prefer the old blue and white theme (since blue is my favorite color), this theme can grow on me. From looking at all of my new features withthe blogs and what you're able to do, I'm pretty impressed I ust say.....

Summer School

Of course, i passed all of my courses (even though one damn teacher decide to give me a C. He will change that, I promise you) I managed to get a 3.175 for the semester anyway, getting two A's and a B- (only due to a teacher who didn't know what he as doing on the exam. It's like he put things the ****hasn't gone over and expected us to know it. Total ripoff, but I digress.)

Anyway, I'll be taking CIS 211, in other words, known as Computer Information Systems. I'll give you a brief description

CIS 211: Introduction To Computer Information Systems

This is an introductory course in data processing emphasizing the use of computers in business applications. Students will be introduced to hardware, software, communications, basic systems concepts, flowcharts and programming. A PC-dominant programming language that is particularly suited for small- to medium-sized business applications will be used for the development of computer-based problem-solving skills.

Rest assured that I will acheive an A with a competent professor who actually knows what he is doing. With that, my GPA can skyrocket. That way, I can apply for my dream college in Baruch, which is predominately accountancy, which is my major.

My Wonderful Birthday

Actually it wasn't so wonderful as I ws broke and did absolutely nothing. But since I'm gettin' paid today, expect me to go clubbin' 8) There I will have the time of my life and hopefully meet a special someone, even though, I have lots of phone numbers from girls already, but hey, it doesn't hurt to have more? :oops:

Other Things

First things first, Chris Brown hitting someone (Rhianna, if you didn't know...)


He seems like the person that would even hurt a fly, but to hit a girl. It a shame how this tarnished his public image and will probably have a huge decrease in sales and endorsments if it hasn't already happened already. I'm still in shock at how such an innocent and charming man who makes good to great music do such a terrible thing in his lifetime. Now the media and court is hounding off everything from this big superstar and it quite frankly sickening. Another potential question is whether Rhianna had any hand in actually prompting him to him her or maybe she could've damaged herself and put it on him? I don't know, but something's up....

So many veteran people dieing all of a sudden from past wars the last couple of days and weeks. Really makes you think back to what they actually did for this country or another country if the war was in another country.

Phelps losing? Hmm... that pipe did something to him....

I'm thinking about getting the new DS and PSP that's coiming out. With it's new features and such I might just trade in my old one and get the new one, of course having to pay a lil' extra money, but totally worth it, what do you think?

And finally, I been on this onling dating site, Mate1, and found one interesting female, but far too many camgirls and people from accross the globe wanting a relationship?! WTF?! I mean seriously, how and I suposed to show how much I love you through chatting? It's such a waste of time and talk when I can chat with someone within NEW YORK. Aside from the fact that there's too many bullsh*teers on that site, just wanting one night stands and the like. Keep this up, and I'll probably just quit the site altogether and find another dating site to join.

Movies I have to watch:

The Dark Knight. Heard it was good, even better than the first.

Heard this movie was supposed to be good as well. Ironically, the first movie was the actual last movie I've sen at the movies, which means I really need to start seing movies again..


Read the book. Loved it, albeit a really sad ending.....

Se you later....

Superbowl Predictions + Pissed Off Time At My Job + New Semester + Other Things

Superbowl 43, as you may know, comes within a little more than a week from now. The two participants within the Superbowl are:

I must admit, I don't really like the Steelers at all like that, but with that said, I will not let my biasdness cause me to give distorted information about them. For the most part, the Steelers defense have done a pretty good job in the Raven game, not so much in the San Diego game. Their offense is decent enough that they can win the Superbowl, but they will need Ward in this game. I don't see how they can win without him. Also, Bing Ben isgoing to have to step up and give a Tom Barady-esque performance I feel in order for them to be even in this game. Granted, they have some studs in their offense, but Big Ben does best when he scrambles around. I don't know if that will work on the aggressive Cardinals defense with Adrian and Co. Also, the running game must not be in question. They'll have to score at least one Rush TD to take some of the pressure off of Big Ben. I think they can do it, but hey anything can happen within football. Palamalu will have to have a big time performance if Ben is in trouble. If they sut Palamalu own, the Steelers canbe in very big trouble in a hurry.

The Other participant in the Superbowl will be:

Now THIS is the team that I will be proudly be rooting for in the Superbowl since I have a knack of rooting for the proerbial underdog. Though I'd never envision then actually making the Superbowl at all to be honest with you. My Larry Fitzgerald jersey is supposed to be coming within a couple of days, possibily on Monday. As far as their offense goes, if Fitzgerald gets shut down, their offense is shut down. Unless Fitzgerald is merely a decoy for Boldin to get open, then this can be a very effective gameplan and strategy for Arizona. The running game can be decent, as the offense is not so eavily reliant on that at all, but can help nonetheless. After all, he was released by the COLTS of all people. Adrian is going tohave to put some sort of pressure on Ben is they want to stop the Steelers at any chance from busting the big play on them. Though they have had blowout halftimes scores, being on the positive end of those, I don't expect the Steeler defense to completely fall asleep and just allow any sort of high yard plays on them. but tagain, I thought of this when they were playing Carolina and Philly, especially Carolina. They have good energy out on the field. But this is a different story off the field. How is players angry at their team AFTER they win the NFC Championship? It mind-boggling. They are going to have to put their differences and their attitudes aside if they have any chance of defeating the Steelers from Superbowl 43. Take that energy and put it on the Steeles, not on yourselves please.

Even though I expect the Steelers to win sadly, I'm going for the undersog and say that Arizona will win: Arizona 31, Steelers 27 in a very close and tight game.


Normally, I try to be professional and ry to work with my coworkers, looking at what good hey can actually do. I try to remaim optimistic and confident that one day, the president of our company can come into our store and say nothing but positive things about the store and employees. But get this.......HOW THE FUC*IN HELL I'M SUPPOSED TO DO IT IF I HAVE JACKASSES FOR COWORKERS THAT DO NOTHING BUT TAKE TWO HOUR BREAKS, CAN'T FACE A STORE PROERLY IF THEIR LIVES DEPNDED ON IT, AND B*TCH WHENEVER AN ASSISTANT MANGER HAS TO FORCE THEM TO WORK!!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously,it's like working with ten year old that doesn't or haven't had the pleasure of doing chores and errands when they were little.On Monday night, as soon as I mopped the back aisles of my store, expecting the other coworkers to at least, at thet very least, mop the disgusting and mudlike fllors of the front aisles. Finds out as soon as I attempt to put on my clothes and get ready to go home, the damn floor was still a mess and everybody was just walking around, doing absolutely nothing! When the assisant manger came out, mind you he wanted to be out by 9:10 that night, the look ofanger of his face would've given Chainsaw Massaacre a run for its money! So due to this, me and him had to mop the entire front while the rest of the coworkers just stood there like idiots just dumbfounded. He lashed out on eveyone, except me, and told that this place ws nothing but a hangout, which is very true. Thanks to them, I had to say IN MY STORE UNIFORM as I was walking home. What kind od bullsh*t is this? Thankfully, There are going to be some changes within my store so everything's looking pretty good, so far. Oh and just in case you were wondering what company I'm working for:

You can already know my pain now.


As I begin to art my fifth college semester, my fourth semester was quite possibly my best semester ever. Not only did I meet a hot girl, my grades were very good. But I'm hoping to do muchbetter and earn all A's in this fiftn semester. My following ****s I'm taking are as of now:

Intermediate Accounting II : ACCT 312

This course is a continuation of ACCT 311 (Intermediate Accounting I). Topics of interest include equity measurement, the determination of long term liabilities, earnings per share, leases, pensions, statement of cash flows, and software applications.

Introduction To Biology : BIO 101

An introductory course intended to acquaint students with the nature and purpose of science, modern biological concepts of life, and the knowledge and importance of the interactions among themselves, other living organisms on the planet, and the environment. A laboratory experience will be an integral component. The laboratory is intended to augment the lecture by means of demonstrations and hands - on experiments. Visits to scientific museums and centers are required.

Introduction To Business Law : LAW 208

An introduction to the principles and practices of financial analysis for the management of the modern business firm. Particular emphasis is placed on the conceptual foundations of financial decision making, time value of money, analysis of financial statements, analysis of the financial needs of the firm, acquisition and management of funds, especially short term funds, and the elements of long term capital management.

Introduction To Business Finance : FIN 250

An introduction to the principles and practices of financial analysis for the management of the modern business firm. Particular emphasis is placed on the conceptual foundations of financial decision making, time value of money, analysis of financial statements, analysis of the financial needs of the firm, acquisition and management of funds, especially short term funds, and the elements of long term capital management.

I can definitely perform well in all of these ****s, it only takes a metter of studying and concentrating.

I have recently been checking out a website on how to pick up a female and understanding women psychology in order to better understand women ever since I met this hot chick during my fourth semester. The Site is How To Get A Girlfriend as well as other sites. Can you tell me if they're any good. Or perhaps, you can give me advice of your own.

I'm now on level 18 (finally) at 22%, currently. hopeflly that increases rapidly.

I pray Obama lives up to all the hype. i didn't have the time to watch due to work.But hopefully he doesn't become a false hero.

I do care what you guys call me, but Billy and Chuck were pretty damn near entertaining and technically sound main event wrestlers in the Attitude Era. Here are their titantron and one of their matches:

Billy and Chuck Titantron

Shannon Moore and The Hurricane vs. Billy and Chuck

Have a nice day (or night)

NFL Playoffs + New PSP Game + Other Things

If the past weeks doesn't tell you, I will: Any given Sunday, (Or Saturday for this partcular matter),any teams can beat any team, anytime. That why you play the game. I had to learn this lesson on humility when my Jets went down the tube and lost 4 out of their last five games against winnable teams, but today is not about the Jets today, it about the playoffs: NFL Playoffs

AFC Divinional Game 1:

Ravens 13, Titans 10

Flacco, from what I've seen within that game can play for my team anytime of the week. The kid;s got a arm, a strong arm. The game itself was a good defensive struggle, nothing beats those. Ray Lewis got a hard hit on one of the Titans so badly that I was surprised that he actually got up from that. Damn. Like I've said in my monologue, Any given teams can beat any given sunday, but for a one seed to get knocked out by a 6th seed (Although a very good sixth seed), tells me that positing doesn't hold much stock anymore. This is what you call playoff football. Watching every play, actipicating someone to step up and make a big play, and the overall momentum swelling up the team to the point that interceptions and turnovers are commplace, even though it was't that many in this game. Collins, with his time was an efficent quarterback, not now. Though he only threw one pick and such, he wasn't that good, at all. He carried the team on his back. But one Thompson that hurt, it was only a matter of time. Whie can't do it all by himself. He nneded someone to complement him and they had no answer from that. Though I'd rather watch this game that the next game that I'm about to mention.

NFC Divisional Game 1:

Cardinals 33, Panthers 13

I have to say one thing: WHAT A F*CKIN DISGRACE BY CAROLINA! Now, let get one thing clear, I'm by far, not a Carolina fan, But I expect a playoff game to be competitive and both teams to show some grit when it's crunch time. Just tuning off my flat screen on ESPN, they're bulls*itting themseles, stating that Delhomme is such a good guy and is taking all the blame from the teammates, HE'S THE MAIN REASON WHY THEY LOST THE DAMN GAME IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yet thet refuse to acknowledge Arizona or gie them any sort of credit at all, just constantly repeating that Delhomme continues to take the blame for his teammates. Arizona played one hell of a game with Warner leading the way, followed by Fitzgerald, yet their barely mention that. What Utter Bull. Steve Smith was nonexistent within this game until VERY LATE in the fourth quarter. Delhomme at the press box just looked pitiful. I sure hope the Giants pulled this choke job as well so I an laugh at all the Giant fans that been getting on my last nerve ever since my Jets got officialy eliminated. Again, just a terrible game.

To prep up, Here's The Eagle's Fight song

Fly Eagles Fly

The new Game from PSP is called Final Fantasy 2. Amazingly, I've lost this game twice for some reason and each time I've goten faf in both games. Wel, here's the main character of the game:


Firion is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy II, and as such, the leader of the player's party. He is the adopted brother of Maria and Leon.

I wpould've uploaded some pictures of other charactewrs, but I can find them. i can't waint until I start playing it.

Let me ask my guys this question, have you ever tried to be as nice and courteous to customers obly to receive a nasty attitude in return? I mean honestly, someone is actually trying to go out of their way to make you feel better, yet you still have your attitude. This is why I want to work away from my neighbhorhood and work where my professionalism can be fully utilized and where It feels in not shunned.

I've noticed that I'm at 100% at Level 17. Hopefully I'll be at Level 18 sometime tomorrow.

Before I go, Listen to music I've been listening to all day.

T.I. - 24's

T.I. - What You Know

T.I. - Whatever You Like

Digga - Broken

New kids On The Block - Single

Hot Dollar - Upside Down

See You later.

I'm Think I'm In Love + CPE Scores + Other Things

As faorementioned within the title, I'm think I'm starting to fall in love. This girl I've met in my MTH 136 class, named Ana Tejada, has the body of a goddess of you know what I mean. 8) Besides that, she really swet and always wants me to go places with her when we're not in class together. I admit, sometines it can get very tedious and boring, but they say that girls want to spend the most time with a boy that they particularly like so hey. With a body like hers, I'd do almost anything. It's getting to the point where she now wants to work besides at my job. :D It doesn't get any better than that and hopefully, we can build on this relationship. Ah, Love

Recently, I received my CPE scores from college and received a 58 of a possible 64 points as my score on the CPE. :) My family couldn't stop telling me how proud they were of me, it even got the point where I had to leave the house because I was getting annoying. But you know that's family for you. The good thing about this is is that I don't have to take the exam again in my college career, which is a blessing from god.

I know this seems strage, but I'm actually taking two accounting ****s this semester. The reason? I want that C+ removed and replaced with an A+ for Principles of Accounting, and I'm taking Intermediate Accounting II, both once per week. Since I'm an accounting major. I have to take alll of these business ****s like finance, business law, and Computer Information Systems. Talk about difficult. I think I might drop one of my ****s, I don't know.

By the way, does anybody here lives on their own? How does it feel?

See you later.

New Years Resolutions + TOS Warnings and other things

I'd just like to say hapy new year to everyone. My New Year Resolution is to be more intelligent and get in shape (or better in shape since I'm in very good shape already). I want better grades and prove to myself that I can become a very good accountant one of these days. In regards to my posts, I'll dumb it down for the people who have less of a change to actually comprehend them.

I just returned and received another TOS Warning for my sig. Honestly, I've seen a lot more sigs up here that were bigger than mine, yet they never get reported. Very strage. This is oneof the reasons I've taken a break in the first place.

Living on your own is pretty nice. Having your own cable, phone, and internet to yourself in very relaxing a soothing. No worries about the grandmother or and other sibling nagging you to get off while you're doing your homework and such. Now I can invite some girls over when I'm not too busy. 8)

Have a productive New year to all!

The Art Of Bench Pressing and Squatting

this week, I was able to bench press over two houndred pounds in Week 8 of my fitness training, following my magazize and I was alkso able to squat over 260 pounds just yesterday. I will increase as time flies.

Just for you to grab a sense of what I'm talking about:

This is what I'll be bench pressing in a couple of months from now with my current workoput regimen.

Of course, I can squat much more than this, but in a few weeks, I'll be squatting with three plates on my back for a good 3 to 4 reps with perfect form.

Check here for my latest updates.

TOS violation Warnings and other things

Honestly, There's no way in the bowels of hell that my sig can cause any sort of problem. I mean serious, people, whoever reporting me for a few quick points on this glitchly site, get a f*ckin life already. What business does my sig have to do with anything when it's claring not disrupting any pages? Pathetic people, just really pathetic.

Anyway, I'm about to apply for two majors right and I wondering whether if I should stick with Accounting or go with both Accounting And Computer Information Systems. Thoughts?