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On madden it only updates the rosters right before you get into an online game. It downloads the updated rosters right before the game.


okay but after you finished your online match its savedon your hard drive and you can use it in the game not playing online. right?

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Yeah, the "Roster Updates" that you are refering to are only used online in multiplayer. They do not affect the single player game. The probably do that to ensure that all gamers have an equal chance of beating the game, and to make it more fair for those that have already beaten it. -ACEacecs1989

really? i used to have xbox live on the original system and i got roster updates and i could use them in play now, dynasty(would have to start a new one)

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Far as I know you only need a silver account for any game updates/patches.


is silver free?

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i need help :(
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I am a sports game player and love titles such as madden 08, nhl 08 and 2k's mlb but i was wondering do you have to have a gold membership to get an update for these titles? if so, ifi bought a 48 hour subscription for a buck off ebay would it get me my updates? thanks

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i was taking my cable off my 360 because i was going to a friends and i have a hdtv cable and he doesn't. (we were seeing if it made a difference) once i took it off i forgot i left a game i was taking over so i opened the 360 up and the ring was red..i quickly unplugged the power andsay my mistake. its been a week or so and its been fine. should i worry about it at all?
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im good over here
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why cant u have ur xbox 360 hooked up to a power strip?