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Are games supposed to be realistic?!

Hi guys

Last days just one question is in my head. Its what is better BC2 or CoD. Every game is great for their things,but who is actually better for players and the main question is: Are games supposed to be realistic (like BC2) or just plain fast-paced arcade shooter (like CoD).

In BCfeeling is great like in rl,sounds,weapons everything. Even the recoil of guns is truly amazing. But CoD is the biggest difference ever. No recoil at all but still great feeling while pwning out there.

I dont know,I tring to admit myself that both are amazing but I dont know something stops me.

I am really looking forward your thoughts guys.

Realism or not?

Something that is not good.

Well hello guys,I am not in some mood now because something happen. Things happen but this thing is bad. Yesterday I was playing MW2,multiplayer,and I suddenly kick my Xbox 360 with my leg,only because I had to stand up. Noise was horrible so I eject MW2 as fast as i could,but It was too late :( . Mw2 was dead :cry: Stupid me...:evil: .Luckily only my MW2 is #/&%#& up, so my Xbox 360 is OK. Bad things happen :( , but I will end this blog like happy end :) . My new MW2 is coming today. :D .There,something nice finally. I know that Black Ops is coming really soon,but MW2 is so great that I must have him in my collection.

Seeya soon,stay healthy


What does your nicname means?

Hey guys,lots of games this month right?

So, question is simple "What does your nickname on Gamespot means"



Very simple nick,gamer-video games player but crazy one, 96-my year of birth.

That is mine.

What is yours?



Top 5 gamer dreams-first place

This is going to be fast so I will just show you what is mine first dream and maybe 60% of gamers want this. Someone dont. Its not a console,its something for PC or its PC. You can play lot of games on the highest resolution without problems. Like Crysis or Fallout 3.So you know that its PC. Now what kind of PC. The price of this "machine" only make your eyes hurt. Black,Gray or White color,with extreme design make this thing look like its from another planet. Now you know it. Its:



Did you get it. Hmm...maybe. Alienware makes best computerson world. This picture is "not so old" Alienware Aurora. But still it makes great performance in game,or internet,and in programs. Who have this model? I bet somebody have. This picture now that I will show is the new Alienware Aurora 2009:

Aurora 2009

So this is the new model. Pretty nice if you ask me. If I could say then the old was the best. But now the best is becoming better. Not only that Alienware makes Desktop PCs. They have some laptops and monitors. Like this new M17x:


This is the laptop. Not to much to say just its the best gaming laptop now. I think but some other companies makes good laptops. OK you saw what is on my first place. Who knows maybe sometimes I will buy it. Sometimes... So hope you enjoy it and I hope that there is someone here who have Alienware product.

`til the next blog. SEE YA!!!


5 things that every Gamer dreams about them :)

Hello my friends,yesterday I had blog about Black Ops (see it if you miss,i wont tell you whats it about,lol kidding). Today I am gonna write about 5 things that every gamer is dreaming to have and he says name of that thing with some respect. I will start with 4 things today and the first place will I write tommorow. So lets start...


This thing I never had,but I had ussual wheel for PS2. So its:



Pretty amazing wheel,so if you own it you are a lucky man. I have money to buy it but its no necessary to buy it. And I think that G25 is same so G25 or G27 is same dream. :)


I always wanted this so here it is:


Yeah!!! Mamba is coming!! This little animal is expensive,black and its killing you with his look.Great its so great.


Ooo...I think that you will agree with me in this.LOL Look:


Yes!!! Rofl!! Renegade gaming chair! I want it so much,look,its like bed,but for playing video games. You just sit back in front of your TV and enjoy. Its like your in game. Who have this "baby" or some chair like this. Who is that lucky guy here?


We are on second place. We can count on hand people who have this,look:


Hehhe..or X360 or WII,the main thing is that its made by gold. Holiday for my eyes guys :D

So...enough for today...see ya tommorow when you will see what thing is on first place. I am holding you in uncertainty,until tommorow. Goodbye and enjoy in everything that you play right now.


Black Ops-weapons

Hey guys this is me again and what I want to talk with you is about new trailer from Treyarch new game "Call of Duty:Black Ops.


Debut trailer looks awesome so I think that most for us do like I do. I put pause on every second to see amazing things things from trailer and I was so shocked about trailer. They really know how to make gamers cry. :cry:

These things were seen.

Assault rifles
AR-15 variant (Definite)
AUG (Definite)
G3 (Possible)
Submachine guns
MP5 (Possible)
Light Machine Guns
RPK (Definite)
SPAS-12 (Definite)
Swarovski Scope (Definite)
Suppressor (Definite)
M67 (Defini

And that captain(I think that he is cpt. He looks really cool)

You opinions friends :


Some great news!1

Hey my favourite gamer friends. Wassup? :D

I think that only 2 months and holiday will be here. Yes holiday,the heaven of gaming. Cant wait truly. But these last days Gamespot have some great news. And these are the news that really make me smile :)

As first that Alan Wake is coming really soon.

Alan Wake

O yeah!!! Great game really looking forward it for my X360. Its been in production for 5 years ,and I think that Max Payne developers have really great thing to serve to us.

Second news was about thrilling FPS Crysis 2.

Crysis 2

Yess :Dfinally the sequel of great FPS is coming,and goodbye island and welcome Big Apple...wait WHAAA!!?? Thats right no more sea,forest only city that never sleeps. Uhh...maybe I am little dissapointed beacuse i love forest and that kinda things but this is Crysis and all that fun with Nanosuit will make New York unforgiven. And yea its coming to console. Be ready Gamespot :)

The big information,the biggest information,that every gamer is waiting for it...It is finally here...GEARS OF WAR 3!!! Its coming!! After we all GoW fans begged Microsoft for this information that really happened.

GoW 3

:shock:We are going to burn,crash,brutally kill Locusts again in this third sequel of great TPS action. Maybe even there will be GoW 4 who knows.

All these games are great and im really looking forward it now specially Alan Wake i cant wait to see what is result of 5-year production. Be cool,stay cool...

Until N3xt time s33 ya!!1 gamer_96;)

I hate this!!!! :(

Sup guys.

Lets say that we are one big gamer family here on Gamespot. As weare ofc. And here we understandone each otherand we can talk about games,and that stuff truly like sombody that knows that things. And then why dont we make friends. Last day, i decide to track one guy. And tommorow he send me a message why are you tacking me? WTH, !"$!#%!". I love when somebody sends me a message Wannabe friends? All my friends here are truly amazing and guys you are my virtual friends but I know that you guys exist LOL. So,why somebody dont wanna be friend to somebody. We alla re talking about games. Friendship,isnt it.....

To get,or not to get ?!!!

Metro 2033...

I thought that this will be great game but now i am looking at Metro as a total letdown...

Am I crazy or its just bad copy of Fallout 3.


I dont know...Is it worth to get it? Who of you guys get it and is it bad,good or great.

BTW...I just get that new movie The Hurt Locker,cant wait to see it.

Bye now

gamer_96 (Benjamin)-Benjo

OMG...Slim version?!...WT_

In the meantime i wasnt so active on Gamespot but i am back cuz i had some work to do...

There were some news about that XBOX 360 slim and thats what i want to talk with you. What do you think is it smart to release now Slim version,and will it be good for Microsoft. I think that they are talking about Slim just because PS3 Slim now is selling better. This is the best time for XBOX 360,with some new games. Like example Alan Wake. That game is in production over 5 years everbody is expecting Gamespots score,and people will buy Xbox 360 for Alan Wake because you cant miss that game,and Conviction. Conviction is going to sell more on XBOX 360,because that no one care about PC (I CARE) .So I think that these games will be reason for more Xbox buyers. And what is the situation with PS3 exclusives,is there some of them that will beat Xbox again or the situation will turn-over.That is for now, and what is your opinion?

Mine is that Microsoft donT need Slim version of Xbox 360.

Bye... ;) from gamer_96

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