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The Next Generation

The next generation of game consoles is upon us.  With the announcements of PlayStation4 and Xbox One, and the already released WiiU, with some competition from Steam and Ouya. The next generation is an exciting new experience, with each console having it's own unique feature.  Being the kind of tech nerd and gamer, I hope to own most of them.  I'm not too excited about the WiiU, but I'm going to put my money toward the PS4 and Xbox One. I'll probably get the PlayStation4 first, being that I'm more of a PlayStation fan than an Xbox Fan. I do really think that it's cool that Xbox One can be the equilevent to a DVR.  But I don't have cable or dish, and plan to never have it. So that's an awesome feature that I probably won't ever use.  I get all my TV shows that I watch on Hulu Plus.

With new systems comes new exclusives.  PlayStation likes to experiment and give new things a try, whereas Xbox tends to stick with the idea that "if it works, don't change it."  If PlayStation never gave things a try, we might not have had the pleasure to play games like Heavy Rain or Journey. One of the major reasons I'd like to get the PS4 is because, PlayStation welcomes change and adventure, which I admire in a company and in a brand.  I just hope that the PS4 will not be rediculously priced like the PS3 was when it was first launched. What do you guys and gals think? Which system would you prefer from the information you know now?

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Steam Addict

Hello friends.  So I haven't been on GameSpot for awhile, because I have been playing games and using steam.  If any of you have Steam and would like to add me as a friend on Steam, my username is XtremeShooter. I hope to see you at Steam. But I still consider GameSpot one of my favorite sites.  I sometimes come to GameSpot while on break at work to watch some GameSpot shows like "Now Playing" and "Feedbackula." Just wanted to do another quick blog, to let y'all know that I am still alive. Hope you all are doing well.

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Quicky: Tomb Raider

I bought Tomb Raider from Steam and played a little bit of it on the computer with whatever time I had during my busy weekday schedule.  Graphically this game is amazing on PC.  I tried playing the game on ultimate mode, however it was really laggy on my computer.  I have it on ultra and it works just fine.  The only difference between ultra and ultimate is that ultimate has a special thing for the hair to make it look super realistic. Everything thing else about ultra and ultimate are similiar.  Storywise, this game is looking to be pretty good.  I've only completed a few mission but am really enjoying it.  This weekend I will probably put a bunch of hours into it!  I'd recommend give it a try if you guys and gals like playing games similar to Uncharted.

This is just a quick blog post, cause I should probably get back to working.  If anybody wants to chat or play video games together, you can message me here, on facebook, twitter, skype, or google+.  Have a good day!

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Rocking My V6 Engine

Ranting About Last Week

Greetings.  I was planning on writing a blog last weekend, however, I had aquired a flu and was sick for four days straight, even had to miss some school and some work.  I feel better now, then my car decided to not want to work fully.  Two of the cylinders in the engine were not igniting.  For those who don't understand cars, within an engine there are pistons which go up and down in a thing called a cylinder.  My car has a V6 Engine, meaning that there are 6 cylinders with 6 pistons.  Within the cylinders, there is a squence of operations.  The cylinder gets filled with fuel, the spark plug ignites the fuel, and the piston compresses the left over gas.  I won't go into great detail about that, but because two cylinders weren't igniting, the fuel in the cylinder would eventually go through the catalytic converter which could get clogged from the liquid fuel.  If the catalytic converter were to get clogged my $150 repair would of been around $2,000 or higher.  The reason why the two cylinders weren't igniting was because the coils on the spark plugs were cracked. I could of probably fixed it myself, but during the weekdays I am just so busy with work and school that I wouldn't have time to go to Ford Dealership to buy the parts and replace the coils.  But my car, which I named Red, is fully healed and is running well. I got to remember to check my tire pressure, and fluid levels tomorrow.  I'm probably not like most Americans, I am always actively looking to learn how things work in hopes to be a self-sufficient person.  I usually do everything myself, without calling a professional.  It's usually when I am busy that I'll have somebody else to do it.  If any of you guys have automotive (which I know a little bit about) or building utility (which I know a lot about) questions, feel free to message me about it, I'll be glad to give out some pointers and tips on what you need to do to fix something.


Haven't done a whole lot of gaming.  I just played a little bit of Far Cry 3. This weekend I hope to beat a few games. Next weekend I will probably go out and buy a few video games.  I'd like to get Dead Space 3, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and a game for the PSP so I can play while I'm out and about during the weekdays.  If anybody knows of any good shooters or role-playing games for the PSP, please tell me so I can look it up.  But I'm probably going back to play some Far Cry 3.  Hope you guys and gals are enjoying your weekends.

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Weekend Gamer

Back to college with no life during the weekdays. It is my last semester of college and I am finishing it with my last free general elective courses. This semester I am taking Theatre Appreciation, Principles of Geoscience, and Minnesota History. All of the classes are pretty interesting. Being that I am going to college and still work full-time, I virtually have no life whatsoever during the weekdays. I'm out of the house by eight o'clock in the morning and return at eleven-thirty o'clock at night. Throughout the day I do check on GameSpot to see whats on the news and look up games to play for the weekend. As of last week, I am becoming a weekend gamer. I will play games sometimes during the weekday, if I am all caught up with homework and studies. Here's some games that I have been playing or have beaten:

Bulletstorm (PC) 8.5/10

I bought and finished the game of Bulletstorm for PC. It's actually a multiplatform game, I believe it's on X360, PS3 and PC of course. It's a really fun and brutal game. I like the point system they have for various ways to kill your enemy; such as shooting them in the genital area and kicking their head off, or kicking them in the air and then last second for a headshot. It reminded me a lot of Gears of War, probably because it was developed by the same developers and directed by CliffyB. I am still debating on if I should write a review or just give it a rating.

Dead Space 2 (PC)

GameFly was having a really good discount on Dead Space 2 for PC. I couldn't refuse that deal, being that I remember playing a rental version of Dead Space 2 for Xbox360. The PC I think is by far graphically superior than Xbox. It's really fun. I'm going to be playing a lot of Dead Space 2 to get caught up on the story so I can get Dead Space 3 when it comes out. Great games!

Far Cry 3 (PC)

I'm becoming more and more of a PC gamer ever since I built my own computer. Far Cry 3 is the best game. I haven't beat it yet, I'm just going around killing animals to be able to upgrade my holsters, wallets, and syring bags. It's really fun.

Max Payne 3 (XBOX360)

Max Payne 3 is pretty fun. I really enjoy the slow motion feature to the game. Slow motion jumping and gunning is all I do in the game. I'm hoping to beat the game next weekend, cause I am really enjoy that game to. However I'll probably be playing on the PC mostly with Far Cry 3 and Dead Space 2.

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Top 5 Games of 2012

2012 had many great games, many users have made a list of top 10 maybe even 20 Games of 2012. I'm going to do five, because there was so many great games that the list could go on for ages. This my Top 5 Games of 2012, these are games that I have played and loved. I hope you enjoy:

5. Assassins Creed III


4. Far Cry 3


3. Journey


2. Spec Ops: The Line


1. The Walking Dead


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Thoughts for 2013

The gaming world is an ever changing industry. New innovative games are released on a yearly basis, some are exclusive to a specific system and others are multiplatformers. Gaming consumes almost all forms of life from a stationary standpoint in the living room to a mobile view on the go. Ever year it seems like the gaming world gets better and better: with better games to better system choices. The year of 2013 might be a vary active and changing year for gaming. With the the release of the Nintendo WiiU, to the recent announcements of Nvidia Shield and the Steam Box, there some serious competition for the the next two "next-gen" gaming consoles.

This year might very well be the year that Microsoft announces the next Xbox and Sony announces the PlayStation4. At the moment, only rumored speculations can be discussed for the next two systems. Sony will most likely promote the high resolution of 4K with it's PlayStation4 console. 4K resolution has been popping up from time to time since the last months of 2012, and this year we might hear more and see more product that has or supports 4K resolution. The next Xbox might actually use Blu-ray instead of, remember it, HDDVDs. Whatever Microsoft and Sony decide to do, they should consider what the Shield and Steam Box bring forth and try to compete at or above the level as those products provide.

Every year it seems like mobile gaming is trying to come out from hiding and be the norm. You don't really see a lot of people out and about with PSP, PSVita, Nintendo DS, or tablets playing games. Personally, I hope that there will be more high-end games that will be available for mobile gaming. I still use my PlayStation Portable, and saving up money for the PS Vita. I really want a PS Vita, but from my research, it seems Sony is not focusing a whole lot of attention to that amazing machine. With the announcement of the PS4 and the power of the current PS3, I'm sure Sony could do some really amazing things between the PS Vita, PS3 and PS4. Remember when you could play some PS3 games on the PSP through a wired connection. Does the PS Vita do that? I'm not totally sure.

Whatever happens this year, I'm sure will be a game changer for every single gamer: be it casual or hardcore. Something amazing will happen this year. I'm excited to see what happens, and whatever happens, I'll be saving up money for the next best thing in gaming. I hope we all enjoy the ride of the 2013 roller coaster!

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Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year! It's rather baffling on how time seems to fly by as one gets older. It seems almost like it's still the year 2010, but in fact it just became 2013. We all survived the end of the world! If you haven't heard about the whole "end of the world" on "December 21st 2012," then where have you been; stuck in a hobbit hole or something. Speaking of hobbit holes: Who's seen The Hobbit in theaters? I thought it was a pretty good movie, I'm sure there is going to be a Part 2 coming soon to a theater near you sometime in the near future.

The ending of a year is a beginning of anew. 2012 was a fantastic year in gaming. Many spot-on titles were released such as Mass Effect 3, Far Cry 3, Journey, The Walking Dead, and the list can go on and on. The year especially good for downloadable indie games such as Journey. The Walking Dead was a superb episodic series. 2012 for me, was the year in which I built my own computer, and now I am gearing more toward PC gaming than console gaming. But I'm looking forward to the new year. Excited to see what will happen for the gaming world. Saving up money for the next-gen console line-up. I might be a PC gamer now, but it won't stop me from getting awesome console exclusive games.

Games that I am looking forward to playing include: The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, Tomb Raider, Star Citizen, SimCity, and many many more. Hopefully we can have some real news of next-gen consoles at E3 2013, instead of unreliable rumors. Once again, Happy New Years guys and girls!

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Steam Turbine

It has been many months since my last post, I just want to inform you all that I am still alive and roaming around GameSpot. I have been rather busy the past couple months with transitioning jobs and finishing up a semester of college. The year of 2012 has been a very rapidly changing year for me. For many years I worked as a dishwasher and prep cook at a private golf course. At the beginning of 2012, continued to work at the Country Club, but then I also had a second job as a part-time maintenance profession at some apartments. The maintenance job didn't workout as well as I hoped: the property manager was a b!tch. So I left the apartments and still continued to work at the Country Club. Eventually getting a second part-time job as a sandwich artist at Subway Restaurants. I worked at both Country Club and Subway for a few months and then left both to work as a full-time paint line helper at Crenlo L.L.C. Two months later I was terminated, and jobless for two months. A couple months ago I got hired as an Assistant Maintenance Engineer at an Elementary School. So throughout this year I have gone through five job locations, which will be a lot of paperwork during tax return time.

My ability to buy video games have been fluctuating with my job transitioning. With each job I made different hourly wages with different responsibilities to pay for. So therefore my gaming has been going on and off with all this going on around me. What have I been playing since my last blog post? Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Mark of the Ninja, The Walking Dead, and I Am Alive. During Christmas I got and played a bit of Far Cry 3 and Max Payne 3. I am hoping to make better money soon so then I can be more active in gaming.

College has been going good too. The semester ended last week, and I took classes like Introduction to Economics and Reading & Writing Critically. I registered for next semester cl@ss which are: Theatre Appreciation, History in Minnesota, and Principles of Geoscience. Once I am done with the coming up semester, I will have graduated college and on my way to a higher paying career.

I've been wondering if there are any GameSpot buddies who have Steam accounts. I'm looking for more friends to add so then I got people to talk to and play games with, and compare game stats and such. Add me if you'd like, my steam name is XtremeShooter_RT500.

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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

You are apart of a four-man team on various missions to save the world from terrorist activities. You are known as Ghosts, sneaking and infiltrating behind enemy lines, gathering intel, sabotaging communication towers, and many other thrilling missions. In Tom Clancy's fifth addition to the Ghost Recon series, you get to use futuristic tactics, to have advantage over your enemies. You'll encounter various environments from desert, towns and even snowy wastelands.


Graphically, the game looks amazing. Playing it on the PC, the environments are very detailed. You look at walls and can tell if they are dry wall or brick wall. Overall a superb job on Ubisoft's part. Character detail is very defined as well. Lighting and shadow are really brilliant.

Beware of your enemy however. The AIs on Future Soldier are relatively intelligence. When you shoot for their heads, they will duck for cover and grab their head to inspect to make sure they weren't hit. Sometimes they will even try to sneak around to get at you. Which makes the game fun, not able to really predict your enemy. Sometimes they get pretty stupid, and walk out of cover and stand around.


The game is all about strategy and tactics. You'll want to try to silently kill your enemy, like a ghost. Failure to do so may cost you the mission, so always check and double check your surrounds before firing at enemies or moving positions. Remember, you got three other guys with you, be sure to use them for your advantage. You can even get a three friends to play with you on co-op mode.

Overall "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier" is an awesome game. A must play for those third-person shooter fans. If your a Tom Clancy fan, why aren't playing this game yet. It's for Xbox360, PlayStation3, and PC. Current rating: 9.5/10. Sometimes the game does get a little frustrating because of all the tactics and strategy, make a mistake and you got a lot of enemies to kill. But you will for sure enjoy it.

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