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sonic_rusher's idea on a pokemon MMORPG

Everything below is the exact words from sonic_rusher.

What if gamefreak and Nintendo both made an MMORPG for pokemon. It would be awesome. Instead of turned-based battle, you have a set of moves for every pokemon that can be selected at the bottom screen. When you have a flying pokemon with you, you can actually fly your trainer to places. Each pokemon could have 8 moves each that you can quickly choose from your attack menu at the bottom of the screen.

You should be able to design your own character. When you have a pokemon out, you can move around with it, dodge with it, and jump with it. You will see pokemon free roaming that you can catch. Pokemon are placed in certain areas depending on their type. Of course, you will go around to get all eight badges. You can also make your own gym and design your badges once you become a GM.

It could be called POKEMON REBORN. Gamefreak and nintendo, this idea is 100% free to use, you have my full permission.

If you like the idea, spread the word by posting it as your latest blog.*

Once it gets big enough, they might actually make the game for Wii*

Again, this is not my idea it is sonic_rusher's. I got all this here.

Wii and games

I got the Wii on launch day after looking for it at 4 different stores. One of the places I looked at was Best Buy. I waited 2 hours to find out there were 80 Wiis and I was #81 in line.:evil: I almost gave u but I wanted to check 1 more store. I went to Brandsmart USA and they had plenty of Wiis. I got 1 there. I also got Zelda TP and now beat it!! I definitely recommend this game. I have DBZ BT 2 and it rocks!!

And The Wiinner is....

For those who are slow and do not know what i am getting hint:*WIINNER* I am getting the Wii!!!!!! I am soooooo excited!!!!!!!


Wii or PS3?

        I am struggling right now. I am in a conflict in whether I should have Wii or PS3.                                                             

        Wii has the controller, and that caught my eye. It also has the newest and (most likely) the best zelda game yet. Wii has other good games like Super Mario Galaxy, Red Steel, Rayman, Elebits and more.

         PS3 on the other hand has really good grahics. Sony has Metal Gear Solid series, Final Fantasy series. PS3 will have Resistance and Motorstorm.

         I am deciding between Wii and PS3. Stay tuned because soon enough I will have the answer!