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top 10 tactical shooters

for this top 10 its hard for me consider i have not playd that many tactical shooters so i picked them i find best of course

10: operation flashpoint : dragon rising xbox 360

9: sniper ghost warrior xbox 360

8: kane and lynch dead man xbox 360

7: ghost recon island thunder xbox

6: americas army pc

5: counter strike source pc

4: rainbow six vegas ps3

3: rainbow six 3 xbox

2: ghost recon advanced warfighter xbox 360

1: freedom fighters xbox


my top 10 fps games (2007-2010)

for the past couple of years there has been many great fps games and here are my top 10 from 2007 to 2010

10: call of duty modern warfare mobilized ds

9: battlefield bad company ps3

8: resistance fall of men ps3

7: call of duty 4 modern warfare xbox 360

6: crysis pc

5: call of duty modern warfare 2 xbox 360

4: quantum of solace xbox 360

3: halo reach

2: battlefield bad company 2 x360

1: call of duty black ops x360


my top 20 video games (2009)

the top 10 just didnt do it so i take the top 20

this time no one game per franchise rule. why ? because it is my list not yours

number 20: midtown madness 2. pc

number 19: mirror.s edge: x360

number 18: super mario 64. n64

number 17: super mario galaxy. wii

number 16: bully: multi platforms

number 15: grand theft auto 3. ps2

number 14: quantum of solace. x360

number 13: freedom fighters: xbox

number 12: grand theft auto china town wars. multi platforms

number 11: god of war 3. ps3

number 10: doom 3. xbox

number 9: call of duty 3

number 8: new super mario bros. multi platforms

number 7: grand theft auto episodes from liberty city. x360

number 6: halo combat evolved. xbox

number 5: ninja gaiden. xbox

number 4: grand theft auto san andreas. multi platforms

number 3: red dead redemption. x360

number 2: half life 2. multi platforms

number 1: call of duty 4 modern warfare. x360

why i choose cod 4 because it have the best story and thebest multiplayer í have ever played only problem it is short

and i like mw2 is greatbut cod 4 is better


my top 10 video game companys

this list is of game companies that make games. those who make consols doesnt count. only video game companys

number 10. namco

number 9. lionhead studios

number 8. activision

number 7. ea games

number 6. 2k games

number 5. ubisoft

number software

number 3.infinity ward

number 2. valve

number 1. rockstar games


top 5 ds games

you know the rules

number 5. endwar

number 4 resident evil deadly silence

number 3 grand theft auto china town wars

number 2 new super mario bros

number 1 legend of zelda phantom hourglass


top 5 video game charakters

There are a lot of great video game charakters this is my top 5. i dont really got that many great charakters in my choice so thats why its only top 5

number 5: ryu hayabusa. ninja gaiden series

number 4: sam fisher. splinter cell series

number 3: nick mason. urban chaos riot response

number 2: gordon freeman. half life series

number 1: master chief. halo series


top 5 abysmal games

this list is a list of abysmal games from gamespot and i counting down the worst of them all

5: land of the dead on xbox

4: south park on ps1

3: gods and generals on pc

2: superman 64 on n64

1: big rigs on pc ps. that sucket hard


top 5 zombie games

i only got 9 zombie games so i cant make top 10

so what i did i take 5 of my favorites and only 1 game per franchsise and it doesnt matter up it is a port and also there must be zombies in the game it doesnt matter if there are monsters just a game where you kill zombies or something

5: dead rising chop till your drop for wii

4: doom 3 for xbox

3: half life 2 for xbox

2: silent hill for ps1

1: resident evil 4 for gamecube


my top 10 fps games (2000 to 2006)

well my favorite franchise is first person- shooting and i just love them well i got many of the samebut i only take one game per franchise so lets begin

10 :prey on pc

9: urban chaos on ps2

8: far cry instincks on xbox

7: ghost recon on xbox

6: rainbow six 3 on xbox

5: metroid prime 1 on gamecube

4: counter strike on pc

3: doom 3 on xbox

2: halo on xbox

1: half life 2 on xbox

top 10 playstation 2 games

playstation was a great consol and ps2 is also great the ps3 i dont got that one but i say my top 10 ps2 games

remember only 1 game per franchise

10:shrek super slam

9:sonic heroes

8: max payne

7:splinter cell

6: tomb raider legend

5: hitman blood money

4: urban chaos

3: midnight club 3

2: grand theft auto san andreas

1: bully

thats my top 10 list


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