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Finally got a 360

So I took the plunge and got a 360. I now own all 3 systems. I got the game lost odyssey. It has been slow so far. I got 3 achievements in the game so far and am not impressed with what is so revolutionary about getting points for doing something you should or have to do in a game anyway. Anyway I am open to exclusive game suggestions other than racing simulators.

trying to get a 360

So I have finally decided to bite the bullet and get a 360 for Ninja Gaiden 2 and some JRPG's. I wanted to try to skate by getting the 360 arcade but with my recent research it seems that a lot of future games will require the hard drive. That sucks because that is cheating out the customer and I need to save most of my money for college. I just wanted to play Ninja Gaiden 2 and a cool JRPG before college started. Then on top of that I have to buy the warranty because it might fail. so there another 50 to 100 dollars right there. I wanted to avoid getting a 360, not because of fanboyism, but because of all the extra costs of MS. The only thing is White Knight Chronicles, and some RPG's aren't out on PS3 yet. I like the PS3, but I it seems I will have to get a 360 at some point. I most likely will sell my Wii because I don't play multiplayer a lot and I don't have wireless internet access. I will not buy extra hardware to get the Wii online. So Smash Bros and Mario Kart have no use to me at all. I have Cerebral Palsy, So I can't use the balance board for anything. I believe Nintendo is a good company, but they just don't seem to have actual games these days outside of the casual market. Even in the hate Gamecube days I still stuck for them and liked some of their games despite all the negativity around it. It does not seem like Nintendo is going to put out F-zero, Star Fox, Pikmin, Wave Race, or Pilotwings, I feel bad about wanting to sell it because my uncle bought it for me because at the time I wanted it and I was surprised at his offer.

Whatever happen to just buying the system and everything needed came with it. Yeah sure there were peripherals here and there, but you didn't need it really. Now you have to buy all this different crap just to experience the basic things and then a lot of the software is rather average, or doesn't use it properly. Say what you want about sony but they atleast have everything in the box to get you playing games and you don't really NEED to buy other things that are required. Sure to get hi def you need to buy the cable and a head set for talking to people. Sure there is the occasional game that requires the camera, but 99% of games on their systems you can play right out of the box. You don't need no membership or boards, steering wheels and whatever else. Sometimes I just want to sell everything I have related to video games and forget I ever played them because it is more of a hassle and way too expensive for the quality you get these days.

If anyone actually reads this and has advice please comment.

Valkyria Chronicles impressions from watching

based on the footage I have seen off of players from youtube and 1up this games seems pretty good. They kept the top down map for choosing characters very traditional, while introducing real time combat which is pretty cool. You can even climb ladders and so forth while in action. Depending on where you shoot your enemy is a factor on how much damage you will cause. Some characters move at different speeds which leads to the strategic placement of people. The graphics are quite good. It looks like a storybook and the colors are well done. Since you read about history in books the storytelling approach is a perfect match for this game. The intersting thing about the way you take turns is that instead of one turn per charcter during a phase, you have set number of turns total. You can spend them howevery you wish. So if a certain character is the best choice for taking out a particular enemy, but is a bit too far away, you can use 2 turns for that character instead of waiting for the next phase to come. Enemies shoot when they see you, so you must use cover wisely. There are landmines on the battlefield so watch your step or your unit could end up dead.