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While Microsoft and Nintendo continue to innovate and contribute to the future of gaming, Sony is putting the kibosh on this gen with the updated PS3. Sony didn't enter "next gen", they just added on from last gen.

Sony is the worst company for ripping off others... The Ps move failed, the touch pad and light bar a worse gimmick, they even integrated a garbage voice recognition system.

Lets face it, Sony can't compete with Nintendo and Microsoft when it comes to motion controls... and weather you like it or not, ITS THE FUTURE.

Most gamers are afraid of change, I to prefer a controller for the precision and complete control in a game.(X1 controller > Sony controller btw). Put that, with a cheap price, prettiest graphics, free services, non-strict policies, etc.. and it no doubt the PS4 will outsell... which makes the competition look inferior, even though they have different goals and visions for the future.

I can see it now, the PS5... just prettier graphics with the same controller... nothing new.

The next Xbox and Kinect will be unbelievably more amazing. Someday, we'll be using our eyes and mind to play games (maybe 50-100-500 years from now lol).. as of now, sony isn't contributing at all to the future of gaming, they're just holding it back...

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Very important. The OST in DK tropical freeze is amazing... its not wonder gamespot reviewed that game 6/10, they didn't even touch on the audio, biased mofos.

Anyway, just re-listening to a few songs in that game brings me back to my childhood of playing donkey kong country 2 on SNES.

Music psychologically triggers thoughts and emotions that enhance the atmosphere in a game. For example, being spotted in a Metal Gear Solid game and that awesome alert track starts playing. Snake Eater had some awesome tracks, the caution one in the jungle just made me wanna stalk my enemies and crawl through the grass all cool and stuff lol.

Oh, while I was playing pokemon X.. my friend told me to turn down the audio... we got into an argument lol... point is, music matters more than what most people think... I say music>graphics.

The new killer instinct track title screen gets you right amped up for a fight.

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None... except for uncharted, but I have 1-3 on my PS3... I might replay those since my PS3 still has a lot of life in it, don't wanna kill it by buying a PS4 so soon.... Ill wait 2-3-4 years before I purchase a PS4 when some decent exclusives start rolling in. Until the, Wii U software is where its at, and X1.

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E3 is on the horizon my friend, patience... If a bunch of games were announced now their would be no surprise, this year's E3 will be all about software.

Right now playing Donkey Kong... soon to play Metal gear, and can't wait for Trials Fusion! then Mario kart!... I try to pick a game to get me through each month lol.

Indeed, I'm beginning to wonder the same thing.. It feels like my PS4 is going to be a dust magnet for a long long while.

Should of bought an X1 lol, my PS3 still has life in it

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i stopped reading after the first sentence, because it couldn't be more wrong!

this thread should be renamed "here is why people who don't own an X1 are ignorant".

Kinect is actually very amazing futuristic hardware, it really feels next gen.

The real reason why PS4 is outselling X1 is because its $100 cheaper and the majority of gamers are cheap and ignorant.

Believe me, I hate motion controls... Id rather use a controller TO PLAY GAMES. using voice recognition for Skype and other apps, walking into a room and automatically signing you in... its amazing technology you have to admit, its definitely a huge step into the future of gaming technology. When I first got my X1 and used hand movements I was a little amazed (even though it was a bit buggy) Just think, someday we'll be using our eyes to play games. you can just sit there and look around. what is sony doing for the future? nothing.. they rip off other companies... look at ps move it failed, the touch pad and light bar don't contribute nothing at all the future. you can't succeed without failing first, and I applaud Microsoft for having the balls to try something new. Microsoft and Nintendo made truly next gen consoles. They're both powerful consoles, but the immature ignorant ps4 fanboys judge them as inferior based on sales and multiplatform games lol its ridiculous to say the least.

PS4 is nothing new at all, people are just afraid of change, cheap, and ignorant to the power of Kinect... Isntead of entering into next gen, they just added on to last gen with a bang by purchasing an updated PS3.

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@ronvalencia: on a scale of 1 to 10, how bad does it bother you knowing the PS4 is more powerful than the XOne?

0. I can't care less... its just frustrating and annoying when people say PS4 is superior in every way because its not in so many ways. Just because it runs multiplatform games slightly better now. and I mean SLIGHLTY.

graphics don't bother me at all this gen, pretty much every game looks great.

by cow logic, the Wii U is more powerful than the X1.

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Also, the game isn't even out yet sooo... this thread fails.

I like how quick cows are to right off the Xbox One. The PS3 was a trainwreck for the early years of it's life only turning it around half way through it's lifespan, and it became a big success with many great games, the Xbox One is still nowhere near that level and it's going to be fine.

true that. PS3's cell processor took a while to get used to, just like X1's ESRAM and DX 12. patience, cows are annoying and frustrating... just can't wait till they stfu about their updated PS3

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@gamemediator said:

Guess who doesn't care?? The millions of gamers enjoying new experiences that truly feel like next gen gaming.

Why would X1 and Wii U owners care about how many updated PS3's are selling?

Don't include sheep here. This thread is strictly for the lems that think Titanfall will secure Xbone's victory.

I cancelled my preorder after I played the beta... I think Titanfall is overhyped and will be overrated, I don't see it as a console seller lol. mainly because its coming out on the 360 and pc.