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I am! except for the speed runs lol those are infuriating! I can get gold after a couple tries... but shiny gold? is their an unlockable once you do it all? because if there is then ill do it... mirror mode too? I haven't got 100% yet

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So this is the COD killer? This fps is perfect for gamers who suck at FPS's. Im sure it's fun for most, but as a competitive gamer its frustrating. Bots and Titans every couple minutes, its repetitive and doesn't require much skill. More a multiplayer only game that doesn't feel team oriented, ive cancelled my pre order.

Anyone else disappointed with Titanfall?

COD it is until Halo for me.

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IMO video games do suck nowadays.

The new generation is to blame. This is all my opinion. I was born in 1990, but I love music and movies all from the 80's, early 90's. I think movies and music suck now too.

Technology is a different story, but I just think most of the new generation of people developing the games just don't have that "it" factor. its hard to explain. Look at RARE. Made amazing games. Killer instinct for example. Now look at the new Killer Instinct. technology has made the graphics and such look AMAZING. BUT, its garbage compared to the original game lol.

Its hard to explain but i hope you understand what im saying

People growing up listening to justin beiber and all this shitty music/movies/games are now the people creating games/music/movies.

we'll never have awesome games like from NES, SNES , n64 quality. the new mario games can't touch the old ones. We'll never have a mario 64 game. just sayin. everythings about graphics now and technology... what happened to making games simple and fun?