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Ye Old Emulator

Well, I am breaking out my old Gamboy emulator, playing a few of the old games, right now I have Legend of zelda on my Itouch and have been playing non stop. It really is a such a great little game. So glad people made emúlators, I dont know what I would do without all my old games :P

Duke Nukem forever

Damn, all that suspense, and for what? A super hyped up game that only sells becuase the title includes Duke Nukem, I cant say that I am not dissapointed... But I will still play it till the end. Nevertheless, if 2k games ever comes out with a new Duke Nukem, I will definetly read the reveiw first before buying.

Hey! Dudes and Dudettes!

Hey Guys! Been quite a while since I last posted! Great to be back, accept Im only going to be using my profile for Game related purposes. This year has been great at my new school, but the fact I havent been able to play any games has really pissed me off. Its great to be back though, I am planning on buying a new Laptop soon, so thats gonna up my gaming, and also I think im finally gonna get an Xbox, cant wait for that. But it all depends on how this summer go´s. Great to Be back though.