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New Xbox Live Account + Gamess + splinter cell conviction delayeeddd

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Another day with another blog :) Starting things off is my new xbox live account. My old one "killersubster" , well i forgot the password to the account :P so i just made a new one, if you havent added, please do, its spatel45 I've been playing alot of games latley, some old ones and some new ones. GTA 4- Score: 10 GTA 4 was an amazing game, I had alot of fun with it. The graphics was just awsome, and the story mode was addicting, I kept playing mission after mission just too see how the story goes. What I liked about the game is how you make freinds, hand out with them and how u unlock there special ability that was really handy for me thourgh-out the game, another thing that made me really happy was, you still have your guns after you die and your out of the hosptial, Unlike the other gta games A 4 that dosent happen, Another thing is, loosing the cops it was better then the other gta games, all you gotta do in gta 4 is get out of the radius. Thing that kinda pissed me off, is that your buddy's call alot, and if you say no to them you loose alot of "Like" I dont mind hanging out with them, but they call alot, thats what kinda pissed me off. Other then that, this game was a total succses, and hopefully the next game will be even better :) Farcry 2: My freind like calling this game gypsycry 2 for some reason :P Anyways i played this game a few months ago and then gave up on it, Why? cause it go reaaaaly boring after a while. First of all, Those guard posts, there too many of them, you have to kill all the guards to make it though to where your going, trust me you try dirving by and avoding the gun fire, you wont, you'll end up fixing your car or one of the guards chasing you. Second: Once you capture a guard post, there shoudent be any more bad guys there, its like they just come back from the dead. My suggestion is you should take a bus or try taking another route to the place where your going. You know the place where you buy guns? and there a guy there waiting for you to accept a mission he has, well i tried that, and the first time i had to destroy a truck carrying nothing, it was easy, i went back there to ask for more missions and guess what? it was the same thing, destroy the truck. it kinda got me pissed, but atleast you get nice weopons :) Over score: 8.7 Other news "Splinter cell conviction is DELAYED again, its probobly been the 4rth time its been delayed, but hopefully there just making it better. I dont want the game to be bad at all. Also i might be getting Fable 2, heard its pretty good. Thats it for today, thanks for reading :) Untill next time GM

1 Year on Gamespot....

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Its been one year for me on Gamespot, and boyy oh boy its been a awsome year for me. My freinds, there just great :P there nice and everything, I want to name some of them,


And i all you others i havent named.I'd like to thank you all for being great freinds :)

In this one entire year, some bad things have happend, such as crzy_gurl getting banned from gamespot :( she was a great leader for the fatarnity union, Booticon left gamespot too :( im gonna miss him. and also the1-that got away, im gonaa miss you all :(

I've had a great time on gamespot, so thanks for everything you guys.

Ill still be on gamespot :)

Untill next time...

Ring Of Death and other things

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Well A time comes for every 360 to get its meet with death, and that's what happened to my Xbox 360. It was a terrifying moment for me, by seeing the ring of death. Because I Just got some new games I really wanted to try out. But when I came back with the games and I turned my 360 on, all I got was the Ring of Death. Anyways I did call 1800-4MYXBOX, and they said they could repair it for free, so lucky for me, I get a new free repair. But the bad news is, it's going to be a while till I get my 360 back.

Games I Finished:

Well before my Xbox 360 died on me, I did finish some games, here are they

Bio Shock:
Bio Shock was a brilliant game in my opinion, the game was pretty hard, but I managed to finish it. The graphics were beautiful. Everything about the game was awesome; it was pretty scary at some and pretty intense in some moments. Overall I would rate the game 9.0.

Gears of War 2:
Now I know I finished this game 3 months ago, but I played the story mode again, and this time I played it on hardcore. I was successful, and finished the game in 5 days. I was pretty proud of myself. All those Gears players out there, be ready for gears 3, because I know Epic Games will do an awesome job on this one. Overall rating: 9.5

I think that's it for the finished games. Also the new games I got.

NFL Blitz 2:
This game I know will be fun; I can't wait till I play it.

Lord Of The Rings Conquest:
I don't know about this game really, who every has played it, please tell me how it is.

Red Faction:

I know this game will be awesome since you can destruct anything you want.

Last but not least Protype: Looks like a cool game: D

Well thats it for my blog today, ill be posting more often since school is over :)

Profile Under Construction And Other Things

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Hello every body,

Gamespot has changed recently,and my profile has been the same for while. So im gonna be changing my profile with new things on it. Like my banner etc..

I've been on Xbox Live for a while playing some games. I've completed alot of games such as gears of war 2 Unreal Tournament Splinter Cell Double Agent. Those were some good game. The game i really having hard time on is Fallout 3. It's propobly the hardest game I've ever played. I'm on "Really Easy" diffuculty and I still suck at the game. It's just way to hard. But I'm still not giving up on it,I will beat the game soon, mabe in a few months or so :D.

Okay thats my blog for today. Thanks for readinng I'll make sure i read your blogs too.

Untill Next Time,


Hello everybody Gm is still alive

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Heyy everyone,

Ive been busy latley and if some of you read my last blog (which i posted a year ago lol), you know why im busy.

to get some things cleared up; im really sorry if i havent been posting on people blogs yesterday let me assure you this will change, i will post on everyones blogs, just if you post on my blog. For everyone whos posted on my blogs recently. Thanks you! i can name every one, but you know who you are, so thanks.

the other thing is. Im trying to post on every single union i have, but i cant sometimes. i will have to quit some unions. For sure i will post on the SKS union cause that was the first union ive joined, everyone in it is awsome, and the leader of it DQ is awsome. thanks guy in the SKS.

and also add me to your xbox live its killersubster.

so i hope to see some comments on here thanks guys and ill try to be on gamespot more often.


Gears Of War 2 Is Mine ( Finally)

by on

After all thease day waitng for one game, it has finally come out. Preseting Gears Of War 2... Now Available At all stores.

So I got Gears Of War 2 and played it right after i got home, I first placed my Loucust head shot figure on my shelf and then started playing Gears Of War 2. It's a really intresting game. I don't want to ruin the story for all you who still have to get it.. Well anyways I started off by playin some online, and trust me these online lovers are not nice to me. Anyways I got killed atleast 12 times. But I was really happy how many people were already online playin Gears Of War 2. Anyways I'll be busy playin Gears Of War 2, but I'll still be active in my unions...

Untill Next Time.....

GM Out

What Big Lies About Games ( Read If You Like Games))

by on

First Off My Next Gears Of War Blog is going to be posted on Thursday and Friday.

Now today I'm really mad. I got the newspaper and i read it. THe first thing i saw in biggg Black Bold writing is Video game. I thought something was new but i was wrong.

Here's what it said.

Violent Video games cause people to go out and kill Surley this is is enogh reason to ban them. Right After I read it I tore the paper in half. Luckly I dident rip it all and i read on.

Current cencorship laws simply do not work. Kids under the age limit are able to get their own hands on 18 and over games like GTA. I was thinkin, its not the childs fault But its The PARENTS fault for letting there hands on M for mature games.

Freedom of expression is a privlage, not a right and it comes with the responsibility not to harm others. The people that harm are kill others are dum..

Exsisting games would eventually die out. Just because bad would be har to enforce and some would slip thorugh the net it does not mean we should just give up beacause less people would still play the games under ban..One question from me has the N64 games died out I guess not.

We should not have games which teach youngsters to kill, maime and rape. Thease are not valubls which we tolerate in our society so why should we tolerate games that are a lesson in killing. im also wondering if vilonet games are banned then what would the adult gamers play. Barney I guess not.

Nyways its the parents fault that they are letting there 4 years old play GTA and other violent games.

Right after i read the newspaper I just put it it the garbage. So what do you guys think.

Gears Of War 2 ....Continue....

by on

My obbsession of Gears Of War 2 is at full. :P WEll now there's only 6 more days left includin today. I as looking at the Futureshop website untill I saw open midnight sale I clikced on it. And I saw THe game I was lookin at the limited edition cause I'm plaining to get that. Well hers's what's incluided in the Limited Edition Pack.

The game of course

There's also another disc, It looks like the first game by seeing the picture on the CD.

Then there's a book which explains how they creted the game

A picture of DOm and his wife

The you get a free cog tag and a locust figure with his head shot off for free

Which makes it a awsome Limted Edition Pack.

All that I hope the game dosent suck once i get it..

untill next time. GM out

Games Here I Come (Out Of Blog Ideas, Help!)

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Some many games so little time..:P

I've got a long list long list of games I want this 4 months. IN two weeks gears of wars 2 comes out and I am so gettin that. Got Fable 2 already and I'm, still not done. Cause all tease games that are coming out, I really want. Such as PoP 4,James Bond Quantam Solace. And many more.

Anyways I'm gonna talk about gears of wars 2. First off if you liked gears of war, then you should really get gears of war 2. The game is comin out in 2 weeks and I'm gonna get. Heres some pics of the game. And I'm kinda out of blog ideas so can anybody give me ideas

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