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This game looks hela sick, a Must Buy if i do say so myself

Me thinks Cole has Bi-Polar Disease :P

Cant wait till the 26th :D

What are you doing here?

Oh yes, ive been hanging around here for a while, just my usual Procastinating self, in fact its taken me about 30 minutes just to type to here!


Got R2 - Check!

Got R&C Q4B - Check!

Got Guitar Hero WT - CHECK! :D

Right now, im just trying to finish some Photography work and trying to find a job, Maybe at hoyts or Eb games :P

WipEout HD *whhhoossshhhh*

Just bought Wipeout HD from the playstaion store, cant wait to get into the online mode :)

I also bought Call of Duty 4 and Resistance:FOM, then felt a bit stupid afterwards, their sequals whould be comeing out in a month :(. Oh well, the classics are still good

New Banner =)

In celebration of my new PS3, I Just made this New banner, the old one sucked :p and with my ever growing knowledge in graphic design, ittl get better :D

Now i need to get some games :P , ill grab some on the weekend :D

HAHA! Finally!

Yes, my 80GB PS3 will be arriving tomorrow(if not hen thrusday :p) *dances* Games i will be getting --Ratchet and clank : Tools of destruction --Resistance 2 --R&C : Quest for booty --Guitar hero: on tour --MGS4 or COD4,Dunno which one :( Add my PS3 ID if you want, Its ElSuperNova

Ill do it later..............

Guh, lets do this thing.. update....BLOG

Okay enought of that :) , i havent done much around GS for a while as you can see if you look to the slowly progressing meter to your left

Ive gotten a heap of PSP games, to me its much more of a console ever since i got it *cough* modified *cough*

Ive "recived" Ace combat X, Crisis Core FF VII, Sims 2 Castaways, R-type command, patapon, Syphon filter combat ops

In Other News

Ratchet and clank: Quest for Booty has been released for the PSN, bad thing is thats non pal, we PAL's have to wait next month for the blu ray release

A Smashing Good Time!

Well This E3 Has been quite Epic In my opinion, but this year , Sony Intrigued me the most with 3 Highly Anticipated games and 1 that seemed to come out of nowere :lol:

First of all.....

Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty

My 3 main reason's for wanting this so bad is 1. To find out what happened to clank 2.To play with the new Gameplay elements(Wrench) and 3.Because its a Ratchet and clank game! :p...The Gameplay Demo at E3 was awesome, i could see it was still a WIP, i saw neumerous glitches XD. The new Wrench gameplay excites me, in past R&C games you whould only use it for bolt cranks, skill points and special arena chalanges(tell me if i missed anything)Ratchet and Clank: Quest for Booty come's out December 31st on the PSN Store for $14.95

God of War III

If you havent seen the 1-Minute trailer, go now!..the HD, CGI kratos looks brilant and everything looks so real!...But thats it...only a trailer :( whouldve been nice to see some gameplay:p but This does the job, now we must wait until the time WERE THERE WILL BE ONLY CHAOS AKA late 2009;)

Patapon 2

Hell yes!, Who whouldent want with AD-HOC!, also the addition of heros!....this should be epic in all ways...and the press release says MORE bosses!!... theres lots of info..too much to write here so ill give you all a link CLICK ME!

Resistance: Retribution

Well, I DID NOT see this coming, the Resistance series is fast becoming Sony's Signiture Series(lol Triple S) 4 Main Differences here in this game. 1.This is going to be developed by an on-site group of devs at sony called sony bend 2.This is a 3rd person game, not 1st 3.You are no longer controlling Nathan Hale and 4. This game is for the PSP!!!! That last one makes me proud to be a PSP owner ;)

So thats that done, Time for some funnies, click the links these two are Awesome :lol:

Grand Theft Awesome

Electro Gypsy

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