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Battlefield 3 Beta/ SOTD? :D

heyyy guys

soo im am one of the lucky guys who had the Battlefield 3 beta early i got it the 27th and i really like it!!

i've always been a CoD player and i always will be

but who says you can be both! ;D

so yeah its really good it has some glitches like all beta's

im going to buy it when i get the money, but maybe Chirstmas?

soo yeah thats about all i dont have time to right now a whole first imprestions blog so this it what you get :P

OHh! before i forget, remember the song of the day??... yeah imma start it up again! :DD

so yeah here is the song for today


Games I Cant Wait For

hey guys!

theres a few games i am looking forward to this year

1. RockSmith

you probably dont know this but i play guitar

but i havent played in a while but i wish i could get really good.. this game looks awesome and i think it

could help me get better and more into guitar

2. Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

well i need to be excited about this game im a big CoD fan and ive pre-ordered it already for $40 ;)

3. Battlefield 3

So i really havent been a big fan of battlefield .. i mean i never really played them..

i played Bad company 2 a little and liked it... i dont think ill buy this right away cuz i dont have the money

maybe Christmas though ;)

4. Minecraft: Xbox 360

At E3 this year they announced that minecraft will be coming to the xbox 360 and i am very exited for it

5. Crysis: Xbox 360

They also have accounced that the original Crysis will be on the xbox live marketplace

im am soo excited for this aswel.. i loved crysis 2 but ive Always wanted to play the first one and i didnt have a good PC to run it

well i think thats about it, and this it pretty much my first blog being back and i forgot all about this lol

k plz comment this blog look me a whole 25 min!!!!!!!!... not that long lol


P.S. .. i had pics for all of these games but gamespot wouldnt let me post with the pics :( sorry

GameGuy0697 is alive?!

OMG hi guys

i just got back on gamesopt and looked at ALL my old blogs and wow!

i forgot all about this!

so hi! how are you all?? im pretty sure the last time i was on i was 12 LOL

im 14 now i got my laptop! (YEAHHHHH)

and WOW i think i might start bloging again just cuz im bored!..

i started school last week :'( fml

and im a freshy.. yeah i know HA HA im a freshman!

well.. k what do you guys think of MW3?


CAN'T PLAY CoD4?!?!?

yeah i was in a lobby yesterday and i got deranked so now i am at level 1 and i can't join a game cuz it says unlock TDM/FFA ect. at level 1.... well i'm at level 1!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i pretty much got hacked and the only way i can think of to fix this is to get into a 10th lobby but i need it to be free cuz i don't have the money to be spending that :( so yeah if you or someone you know can to do 10th please let me know PEACE

Crysis 2?... Yes :)

yeah i downloaded the Crysis 2 Muliplayer Demo yesterday and i have to say i really like it :D

it is kind of like COD cuz you have a class and you can custamize your guns and level up with challenges and there are also

perks for your class

on top of it haveing amazing graphics :)

so with all this great stuff in the game and it only being the demo! i can't wait for the full game to release :D


yeah, you know...

soo this guy on XBL live 'says' that he is going to give me a free HD PVR...

buttt, i don't know about that cuz he said he has a Dazzle and he thinks thats fine so hes just gunna giveaway this PVR

i think thats a pretty stupid move but hey...

i might get a HD PVR!!!

i guess we'll find out if its real or not..

even if i do get it i still need to buy a laptop... and i don't have to money for that yet



reasently found this song and i love it ;)

song of the day :)

Writtin in the Stars - Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner

good song...

i think i'm going to do my next black ops montage to this song...

and if you haven't seen my montage yet check it out ;)


my first Montage | please read!!

yesss i got a montage up on youtube!!!!

sadly i don't have a PVR yet but i found a way to rec 30 sec clips and put'em together :D

so yeah i mad a montage you guys should deff check it out!!!

i know you've heard this many times but please give a like and sub!

thanks guys


what i'm trying to get

yeah i really really want an HD PVR and i found one for $60 which is insane for and HD PVR!

the only thing is i need a laptop for that but not just a laptop, the cheepest one i could get that works with the PVR would be $500

and i don't have a job cuz i'm 13

so i need about $350 more bucks for everything!

so i might work for/with my dad for a while and sell some stuff

yeah that's what i've been up to


Happy new year!!!!

i really can not fathem that its 2011 like already?! where did 2010 go?!...

well i stayed up till 4:30 last night and i'm about to faint right now!!!!!

haha no but i'll sleep good tonight - 21 guns Green day

good song!

Happy new year!!