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Battlefield 2142 and Northern Strike stats and gameplay update

2nd blog post! 

As I stated on my last blog post, I, username: gamefrey, am still playing BF2142:NS.

 Right now I'm currently at Captain Silver rank and moving up ranks faster than ever due to my terriffic upgrades.:D

I currently play with Recon kits with my best combo of Lambert Carbine, Anti-Personal Mines, and RDX DemoPak.This kit is the best stuff that I can now use and I now average 25-35 kills per Titan round with it.
(stupid people, spawing on top of the titan roof :roll: ) 

I feel that I'm awsome with the placement of my APM mines now because I try to think exactly where soldiers walk at and place them in places that may look awkward to put them there (example: backwards or in very tight corners). As for RDX, all I got to say is make sure you don't have the vechile that I'm trying to blow up is at max capacity.

See you all on the battlefield (I usually am on Cain's Lair Titan Server or the Doorman is God Servers) and feel free to add me to your buddy list.

View my BF2142 stats: here