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Well, I'm back

Well, I'm back again. Now that things are starting to become a little less hectic for me, I finally have more spare time on my hands.

Things have been a little rough for me lately, mostly girl problems. The thing is, I really like this one girl at school and I would give anything to get into a relationship with her. We are really good friends and we always watch out for each other bu I want to be more than friends.

I don't know if she feels the same way about me, and I don't want act like an ass trying desperately to do anything I can to make it work.

But anyways, it's good to be back, and hopefully this time I'll stay for good.

Profile Changes

Well, I want to make some changes to my profile, as you can see, I've actually made a blog now, but I still need a banner. Does anyone know how to make one or know someone who does? If so, could you please tell me. Thank :)

5 things you may not have known about me.

Well, I guess it's my turn. JesusFreak1990 tagged me, so here goes.

1. I'm very short for my age, I'm only about 5'4 or 5'6, I can't remember

2. I have every next-gen console except for the PS3

3. I once got blonde highlights in my hair

4. My skin is very pale for some reason (probably cuz I'm always playing video games)

5. My favorite food is peperonni pizza

I'm going to tag Nymets819, Snakes3425, Saint Rasmus, Zerohour38, and Skye 144

I'm Leaving

This will be my last blog on GS. I'm leaving for good. I just have too much stuff going on and I can't keep spending all my free time here. I need to concentrate on my work and relationships now (with a nice helping of video games on the side). GS is just getting boring now, I only come on to look at video game news and review now, so what's the point. I'll be leaving by tomorrow afternoon, bye everyone.


I just got Rock Band and Devil May Cry 4 last Sunday and I love them!

Rock Band is so addictive and lots of fun to play with friends. I suck at singing but I'm good at guitar and okay at drums. The song list is awesome and has a lot of old and new songs that apeal to almost everyone. Even if you're playing solo it's still a lot of fun to just play around and be stupid.

Devil May Cry 4 is also very addictive and fun to play. If you like God of War then you'll probably like this game. The graphics are gret and the voice acting is very well done. The protaganist, Nero, is just as badass as Dante and makes lots of funny comments. Some of the combos that you can pull off are really cool. The environments are great and look really realistic.

All in all, both games are great and I think I'll have a lot of fun playing through both of them.

The Machinima Union

I've just been selected as an author for the Machinima Union. The union is all about fan-fics. You can go in and right a fan-fic about any game. Our leader is macrules_640 and our officers are emerald101, jesselzrefan, Marksman2200, and me. We need recruits so please, if you're interested, please take a look, thanks, bye.:)

I'm back

Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that I'm back on gamespot. I've been really busy these past couple of months but things are starting to settle down. I hope all of you have been well and continue to be so. That's all for now, see ya.:)

Heroes Union

The Heroes Union is up and running! I'm an officer in the Heroes Union and our union is dedicated to all the video game heroes such as Link, Mario, Dante, Masterchief, etc. Our leader is JesusFreak1990.Every week we hold a little competition where we vote for one of two heroes of my choice, We have three seperate tournaments, one for Sony, one for Nintendo, and one for Microsoft. We hope to get a lot of members and have a great time. The other officers are skye144 and nymets819. If you want to join please click here.
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