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Video Walk-Through

Just a quick thought, Im thinking of posting some video walk through for just different Computer games. So what im wondering is how many of you would actually watch them? Also Give me some suggestions on different computer games that you would like to see.

E3 Comes on again!

As many of you know E3 starts this week. I am so very excited to see all the new games and innovation and the sheer creativity of all the game designers. ALL NERDS UNTIE FOR E3!

P.S. If any of you that read this have a youtube account, origin account, google+ acount or a steam account please add me. message me and ill give you my info.

Battlefield 3!!

Who is excited for battlefield 3? it comes out in December some time. A little late for me but it bet it is worth the wait. The good news is there will be JETS in this game!!!:D

Battlefield Bad Company 2

hey if any of you have battle field bad company 2 for pc i need some friends my name is golden_shot 2100. so please send me a friend invite. Or you could give me your name and ill send you a friend invite. Thanks!! :)

E3 over so soon!?!?

To bad e3 is over so soon:cry: its was really great. i cant wait for all those cool games to come out either this year or next year.:D however i really thought e3 would be longer like at least 5 days but 3 days??:o that's to bad oh well it was still cool:)


Well the basket ball season is finally over and my school did great. Varsity guys and varsity girls came in first. the jv (junior varsity:D) girls came in first too. But the jv boys,my team came in second oh we were so close to being first:cry: But all of our teams get a trophy for beings first and second so we all got a trophy.:D

long time

wow it has been a while since i was on here last:oops: at one point i thought about just quiting this:( but i then desided not to,good choice if i do say so myself:D but i want to know about how much you get on every day,week or (hopefully not) month:question::D


ok i need some help,:oops: Facebook i don't know if i should get one i mean it seems good but i just don't know if i should what do you think i should do?:?

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