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what is your most anticipated game these coming months or years? i want to see something interesting. and mmos too!

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get a gtx 600 series or amd r9 270x or 280x on ebay get the "new".

Don't listen to this TC

then what should he get for a gpu, the ones I mentioned are high end and affordable on online stores

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get a gtx 600 series or amd r9 270x or 280x on ebay get the "new".

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has anyone seen ArcheAge mmo? best ive seen. whos going to play it? I know I will for sure! I love being a bandit, this time ill be a sea bandit as a pirate ROFL. get ready to get your stuff looted.

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I got a diamond r9 270x, its 500 points away from the r9 280x in G3D benchmark :) I think

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battlefield 4 50% off right now check you email from origin. I got a amd fx8350 and will try this deal.

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Ok so I have quite a bit of games that either require or recommend a controller on steam so I was gonna get a Xbox 360 controller but there are so expensive I just want a 10-20$ controller so if anybody has one they could recommend that would be great (p.s. must be just like a Xbox 360 controller)

Thanks - Fexal

go to etekcity sells double pack for $15. has rumble feature, and are very high rated. I think it also comes with software cd, not sure, it looks like a ps3 controller, or this

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If you mean multiplayer PC games with bots, not many beyond those already mentioned. Quite frankly, if I had no internet available, I'd stick with playing singleplayer games like FC3.

yes multiplayer

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its getting better now. line of defence is coming its like planetside 2. and many other great shooters. h1z1?