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GOTY for 2013

Okay I know we’re all some pretty big gamers here. I know my list of personal favorite games of this gen caused a massive shitstorm so in regards to that, know that this is completely subjective and rooted within my opinion. What I say doesn’t reflect all games last year, it’s just the game I enjoyed playing and one that sticks with me and compels me to play more after I’ve completed it. Without further ado, here’s my favorite games of 2013!

5 — Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag

I’ve been a massive fan of the franchise since the beginning, AC2 being one of my favorite games of all time! But if you played Assassin’s Creed III in 2012, chances are you were letdown big time by such a great premise. Thankfully like Assassin’s Creed II, this takes all the ideas from the previous game and refines them into something amazing! The graphics are stellar (especially on next gen), the gameplay is fluid and fun and actually show refinements, and the open world aspect is outstanding! Sailing the open seas of the Caribbean definitely helps with that too. Red Dead Redemption is the definitive Western game, and Black Flag seems to be the definitive pirate game.

4: Splinter Cell: Blacklist

What is probably the most overlooked AAA title of last year was definitely what the Splinter Cell franchise needed. Though we all miss Michael Ironside’s voice and the graphics are noticeably not up to par, the gameplay truly shines above it all, and that’s what matters most. The voice acting, dialogue and story are great and the game is twice as long as Conviction was (making it in the 12-14 hour range). With well rounded gameplay that truly lets you play how you wish, be it a fast deadly shadow or the non-lethal ghost that Splinter Cells are known to be, this game has it for you. Great co-op and Spies Vs. Mercs just happen to be icing on the cake.

3: Bioshock Infinite

One of the most eye opening, sublime, horrifying, beautiful games I’ve played with a story that only a videogame can fully convey, this game shows some of the ugly truths of American Exceptionalism and old US policies in an overexaggerated version of itself floating in the sky. While the graphics (techinically and artistically) are beautiful and the story and characters are well defined, complex, and incredibly detailed, the gameplay is the Achilles heel of the game halfway through it. The Vigors don’t feel as impactful as Plasmids and you can only carry two guns at a time, leading into some fights that are tougher than the have right to be, and the combat and most of the gameplay seems like a chore and nowhere near as fun as it should’ve been. However, the game is long and has an ending that will leave you thinking well after it’s finished.

2: Grand Theft Auto V

It just goes to show, you don’t need to release games annually to make a blockbuster homerun when you sit and take your time for 5 years and accomplish your goal anyway. Those fives years were well worth it in what is the most refined Grand Theft Auto game there is (I personally was never a fan of the series for many issues, so I may be biased, so please forgive me). The story isn’t as engaging or complex as RDR was, but it told it straightfoward enough with enough great characters in them to keep it worthwhile finishing. Rarely do games have this much ambition and pull them off with near aces as this. The game is only getting better over time and at less of a cost.

1: The Last of Us

Attention if you made this far and my list hasn’t pissed you off yet: if you hear anyone say this game was more of a movie and not a game, promptly punch them straight in their dirty mouths. The game’s story, writing, characters and how they develop is on par with a film, but that doesn’t mean there is no interaction within the game, like Heavy Rain or Beyond: Two Souls. This game is so focused on its gameplay that I was actually begging to reach cutscenes in order to see or hear the characters have much more time to shine and speak! What the story lacks in originality makes up for in justhow the game tells its story. These people aren’t complex, they are human and they react to situations they’re put in like a normal human being would. Resident Evil 4’srefined gameplay and tension, mixed with Telltale Games The Walking Deadimmersive storytelling, with Naughty Dog’s incredible detail to graphics, you probably have one of the best games there are, and certainly the best game of 2013.

You guys like my list? What was your favorite game of 2013? Post down below.

My Top 10 Games of the 7th Generation of Consoles (PS3/360)

Welp, with new consoles out I’m sure that it’s a good time to reflect on the games the past 8 have given us with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 generation had given us. Here’s my top 10.

  • 10 — Battlefield 3

Though the campaign is a complete cliche afterthought, it’s no doubt one of the greatest shooters ever created for the online battlefield. Near limitless possibilites to engage your enemies on land, air and sea, it provided the best balances of fast paced action and skillful tactics if you so choose; and even despite the freedom of choice, the feeling and need to have a team is something that is always there. A 64 player game is not won alone, and this is the series that does that sized action better than anyone else.

  • 9 — Red Dead Redemption

I admittedly was not a massive fan of the Grand Theft Auto series for the longest time for a huge list of reasons, but the concept of an open world Western immediately intrigued me and I couldn’t be happier I gave this game a chance. Possibly the greatest storyline of any open world game EVER it’s one of the few where the storyline isn’t going to be ignored for the endless gameplay opportunities. John Marston is in part thanks for that due to being an amazing and so are the people around him. With perfect gameplay with none of GTA’s annoyances, it’s something I still find something new in 3 years on. (Call of Juarez is also a great Western game if you haven’t played it.)

  • 8 — Batman Arkham City

When Infamous stepped on the scene, it was the greatest superhero game created, and I wasn’t blown away by Batman Arkham Asylum so Infamous 2 gave me more reason to believe that. But that all changed with Arkham City, because it was a wrap with who was the greatest superhero out there. Artistically beautiful, near perfect gameplay sprinkled with some amazing voice acting from legends like Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill, it all comes together so well because it puts you in the shoes of The Dark Knight like no other.

  • 7 — Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V is over 20 years of experience and people that mastered their crafts coming together to make their crowning achievement. This is the game that made me finally come around to the franchise, and I couldn’t be happier. A huge world with amazing graphics, great story, solid acting, incredible gameplay, you can truly see the effort of how 5 years making a game can have it become the fastest selling entertainment product in history.

  • 6 — God of War III

No one’s a more hardcore atheist than Kratos from God of War is, and the end of his journey makes it one of the greatest stories ever told in a videogame. Bloody,and beautifully detailed in every possible way with gameplay synonymous with the series that no other hack and slash could do without it growing tiresome, it lets you control the most badass video game character ever created and gives closure to an excellent saga.

  • 5 — The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The RPG purists love to hate and a cultural phenomenon, Skyrim took its sweet time to make a living breathing world people are STILL making their own stories out of. Though some parts look dated even by 2011’s standards, the game you got to play was so engrossing that trying to not think of it only makes you just another victim. No amount of unnecessary skills doesn’t make this game any less of an RPG, and it’s freedom of choice to how you develop your character in your dragon slaying world makes it one of the best.

  • 4 — The Last of Us

It’s become something all of a sudden cool to hate for a reason: it’s good and knows that it’s good. Possibly one of the most beautiful looking games on consoles with solid gameplay, a fantastic storyline and detailed characters that rise above all other post apocalyptic archetypes, The Last of Us is something no film dares try to do and rarely other games want to return to; Subtle and suspenseful with rarely (if any) massive explosives walking away in slow motion, Naughty Dog gave us the perfect send off for this consoles era that will be discussed for years to come.

  • 3 — Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Though I do like Battlefield 3’s online much more, the things that make this game stand out above it is in how fun and influential the game has been to nearly every first person shooter that followed it. What was once a game franchise became a brand in itself, something that people who have never played a videogame in their life knows how to play to a degree. The story was short and wonderfully paced, well written and engaging, challenging without being cheap, and a multiplayer class system that just about every FPS after modeled itself from, this became the template for the modern shooter. Although in later years the game would be a parody of itself and is starting to become more and more disdained, the legacy of this game will go untarnished.

  • 2 — Assassin’s Creed II

I don’t want to tastelessly make references to Italy with this game, but the original game is like The Godfather and Assassin’s Creed II is The Godfather Part II. Though my number one is a sequel, this game is the best way to make a sequel in videogames, because they truly improved on everything from the first in every way possible. From the graphics, to the movements, combat, storytelling, voice acting, Ezio has become a legend in the gaming world for a reason. How his three games take you from a funny, charming, young Italian socialite to leading an ancient order and becoming a man in his own right is something no game will ever be able to do.

  • 1 — Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Not just my favorite game of this generation, my favorite of all time, period. Though I said Assassin’s Creed II is the perfect video game sequel this is a game that is perfect all on its own. While it did obviously improve on all other aspects of Drake’s Fortune, the template and greatness were in the game the entire time, but now Naughty Dog was showing the world what the series was really made of. The game was made in 2009, and still looks better than 90% of games released after it. Gears of War also perfected cover based shooting, but Uncharted 2 evolved it in its own way that Nathan Drake became a mascot for the Playstation name and gaming icon is a gaming icon in himself. Uncharted expanded into a 12 hour game and put in a solid and unique multiplayer package within. One scoffed as a male Lara Croft is now the template for most action heroes in games after, and trumped the entire Tomb Raider franchise in one swoop withone game. A game that is perfect in every single regard, only the most contrarion and cynical can find something to complain about.

And that’s that! You guys like the list? What are your guys' favorites this gen?

Bulletstorm, Crysis 2 and more blogs

Recently, I just tried out the both the demos for Crysis 2 and Bulletstorm respectively. Both are FPS's but that's nearly the only thing I actually have in common with one another. While Crysis is a graphical benckmark PC gamers get striking hard-on for spending $400 on a graphics card, Bulletstorm abandons any kind of pretense of flash most games have in todays market. Sure it's emphasis is about placing shots in your enemies netherreigons, but it has a bit of tongue in cheek humor that most games today like Call of Duty, Halo, Killzone, or Crysis lack. Bulletstorm basically says "use whatever creative way you can find to ruin someone else's likelihood of fathering mutant children", and that was all I really needed to have to get going. It's story and characters aren't going to win any awards though. They were all the same "kill these things and we enjoy it" kind of people in most shooters. But I think this may have been intended to be funny. And if you though Killzone 2 had schizo controls, play Bulletstorm. What first person game out there can you think of that has no jump function whatsoever? The controls are bare minimum and take getting used to.

This doesn't go without saying that Crysis 2 played adequately, but didn't stay in my mind as well or as long as Bulletstorm's did. Not saying it bad (I enjoyed cloaking behind my enemy and putting a knife to his midriff) and I know Crysis has an arguably heavier emphasis on story, but it just didn't leave as big a mark as I wanted it to. The demo I played was nothing more than a tech demo for me. It had all the barebones things to expect from a shooter post COD4 - customizable class based on special abilities or "perks" and outfitting and tailoring your character and ranking up with experience you get from blasting a prepubescent 10 year old punk from Montana. Nothing to really go googly eyed for.

But still, both are demos, and I liked what I saw in both of them. 2011 is going to rob my wallet and either of these my make it onto my shelf. :)

Also, going to post blogs here every week now, probably every Wednesday or Friday where pretty much everything game related comes out Tuesdays, giving me a chance to wet my appetite for things to come ahead. I want to be a featured blogger on Gamespot. Spread the word about me. :)

Two Reviews and a Retrospective

I will post a review of Quantum Theory later today, and when I get the chance, Medal of Honor as well. Also, an opinion of what I think modern war games have become recently will follow soon. :)

New RDR Review

I always like to play my games through to review them. If they're bad, I stop where I am. I finally finished th story of Red Dead Redemption. Amazing game. Read my review to find out more.

16 Years In

Today is my birthday! I turned 16 today. My best birthday present has to be Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. That game is so good. Well, I see ya when I see ya.

Life stinks and so does Megan Fox at acting

I hate high school. All the dudes are idiots, most women aren't the most classy or brightest bunch and the ones that are date the stupid guys. Also, I hate JROTC. I look like a monkey in that suit and nearly everyone takes it too seriously. My best friend is especiallysychophantic towards EVERY adult, even it if means going against his friends. Luckily, my grades are OK.

Not only school, but my father gets more irritible ever since he got home from all the training he got. And since my sister started going to school and work, I got to do her chores AND mine. Yay!

Last week, I went to see Jennifer's Body starring the super-hot, ultra alluring Megan Fox (crazy hot BTW). Didn't really like that much. When that movie came out, it was scientifically proven that you be hot and still not act. If you've seen Transformers 2, you probably know what I mean.

In other news, Uncharted 2 is awesome.