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Busy working.

Hello fellow gaming friends and welcome to another blog post of mine. Let's get right into the topic of this blog shall we?

I recently got my first real job, working as a courtesy clerk at Kroger (a grocery store). As a courtesy clerk, I bag our customer's groceries, take in carts from outside, clean the restrooms, and much more. It is just a part time job, but I've been working quite a bit lately. But it's fine, since I need the money and the co-workers there are great. Some of you may know that I have a speech impediment. It's much better now than it used to be, but I still have trouble speaking fluently in certain situations. I feel very comfortable working there with that and they (co-workers) are very respectful and caring to me already. Know that I'm working, I don't have much time for video games nor logging on to this site. Feel free to still keep in touch with through Swapnote on 3DS or on PSN on the Playstation 3.

Well, that is all for now. Thanks for reading this and feel free to leave a comment below. Have good day tomorrow.

My Top 5 Favorite DC Superheroes.

I did a list of my top five favorite Marvel superheroes when I was hooked on Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but now I'm on to Injustice: Gods Among Us and it's quite addicting as well. Let's get to it shall we?


The number five spot goes to Green Lantern (Hal Jordan). Hal came across a dying alien who crashed on Earth and gave him a power ring. This ring could do really anything he thought of. The 2011 film starring Ryan Reynolds was very disappointing for me, being rather boring through out. Though Blake Lively (who I thought was attractive for a long while) certainly kept me watching.


My number four favorite superhero is Batman. I know you're saying "Batman? At #4?!". Maybe it's just me, but I find him rather overrated. A superhero needs super powers in my opinion, and money doesn't count. I'm still a fan of the Dark Knight though, being a huge fan of the Arkham game series and the older films.


Aquaman falls at number three on my list. I get tons of smack for being a fan of this superhero like "He is useless on water" and other junk like that. Yes, his powers are only useful underwater, but he his rather quick and can use his terrifying trident on land. Y U NO MAKE A AQUAMAN MOVIE? I would love to see Aquaman film but who would play him? Gerard Butler maybe?


My number two spot goes to The Flash (Barry Allen). When Barry was leaving for work, a lighting bolt shattered a full case of chemicals that spilled all over Allen. The chemicals made become super human fast, with fast reflexes as well. I always loved to run as a kid, and my friends used to call flash all the time. I've never seen 90s TV series or heard much about it, but same goes for this superhero, ME WANT A MOVIE.


My number one favorite superhero is Superman. He's always been my all time favorite superhero ever since I just six years old. I know Supes is rather over powered with many super powers including flight, but the origin of the characters balances it out in my eyes. I was blown away by Man of Steel, produced by Christopher Nolan. I had too high of expectations for the film, but I was still surprised that it turned out so well.

Well, that is that. Who are a few your favorite DC superheroes? I got a job at my local Kroger the other day. I was very shocked that they called so soon, but very glad to get out there in the workplace. Thanks for reading this blog post and feel free to comment below.

The origin of my username.

Hello fellow gaming friends and welcome to another blog post of mine. I've been too busy lately with numerous things, including training for both a Super Smash Brothers Melee and Brawl tournament at my local library. I was complete junk in Melee, but I did pretty well in Brawl, making it to the semi finals. Things are settling down around here and I'm back on this site for now. On to the topic of this blog post, the story behind my username. Here we go.

I know that many users wondered how I got my username for this gaming site and I've told some you that asked. It was over fours years ago when I joined GameSpot, and I was just a freshman in high school at that time. I knew I wanted the word "game" in the name for some reason, so I just kept on saying that word in my head and gamester popped in. Some users joked around calling me gangster23 in the past and that's exactly what I thought being just 16 years old (I'm 20 now). I'm not really sure why I added the hyphen between game and ster, but it gives it some character. I also added 23 because many of you know I'm a big fan of basketball and that was Michael Jordan's jersey number. Recently I just go by G23 in unions, which is short but sweet. Would I change my username if I was able you ask? The answer is no, I wouldn't. The name really grew on me and probably on many of my friends here too.

Well, that all is for now. I'm recently looking for a summer job so I'm not cooped up in the house all summer long and some cash would help, but it's rather tough finding work around here. Hopefully someone calls me soon with an opening. Thanks for reading this and feel free to comment below. Enjoy your 4th of July tomorrow.

Taking a break.

I'm going to take a break from this site for a few weeks. I just would like some time to do other things besides playing video games, getting a little burned out from it. I plan to draw much more and learn how to play the guitar during this time off. Still free to message me on here, but I might not reply quickly. Unions that I'm officer, please don't demote me. I'll still post here and there during this time off, though I'd appreciate it if someone took over my union duties for the time being.

Well, that is all. Thanks for reading this and understanding that we all need a break from things. Feel free to leave a comment below and I'll see you all later.

Four year anniversary already?

He's shocked as well.

I cannot believe it's been four years since I created an account on this gaming site. I've certainly enjoying meeting fellow gamers and expressed my thoughts and feelings on a variety of subjects. I'm rather glad that I joined this community exactly four years ago and hopefully I'm able to find time to stay in touch with all of you in the future. Thanks for reading this very short blog post. :P

Pokemon photography has appeared.

Many of you know that enjoy drawing, but you didn't know that I also enjoy taking photographs. I took a few classes about the medium in high school and have been shooting pictures ever since. Where I live, it's been raining for a few days now, with hardly any sunlight throughout the day. There was finally a nice day in Michigan yesterday (though it's rainy as of now again..), so I took some photos of my video game related figurines in my back yard. I took tons pictures of figures, such as Pokemon and related Super Mario figures. I'll be posting the photographs of Mario related figures another day, so look forward to that. I used an average camera, some of the images are a little blurry. Hope you enjoy these.



















As you can see, I edited them a little to show character in each Pokemon (Gengar in particular). I did this before with much bigger action figures, but it didn't come out as well because of size. When taking those photos, it certainly reminded me of Pokemon Snap for the Nintendo 64. Oh how I enjoyed that title so much as a kid. Thank you for checking out this blog and feel free to post a comment below.

Beaten and reviewed Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon.

I finished the main quest on Saturday night and took some time to review it. Let's get right to it, shall we?

Luigi is finally back to his ghost catching schemes. The second fiddle of a twin brother hasn't visited a mansion in over a decade when the original Luigi's Mansion was released on the Nintendo GameCube in November of 2001. I certainly enjoyed the spooky thrill back then, but was it worth the long wait for the sequel?

King Boo has shattered the Dark Moon that hung above Evershade Valley, home to several haunted mansions. Professor Elvin Gadd has been studying the peaceful paranormal specimens until the destruction of the moon caused the ghosts of the valley to lose control and become evil. Gadd knew only one fellow who could find all of the Dark Moon pieces that were scattered across the valley and restore it. His name is Luigi.

Luigi is forced to use the Poltergust 5000 again, though he had to fetch it from a spooky mansion this time. The vacuum is now equipped with several new attachments. Attachments include the strobe bulb, which is needed to stun the new types of ghosts and the light-dark device, which reveals invisible objects throughout each mansion. Attachments can be upgraded by collecting treasure along the way.

The Professor gives you a DS Phat, nicknaming it Dual Scream, to map out each mansion and to call you. Gadd calls you a little too often at first, making you want to let a polterpup gobble it up and run far, far way. Thankfully, his calls become predictable and less frequent.

Many small details in this games gives Luigi character and realism, such as his trot like run and humming to the background music. Using the gyro sensor and turning first person view when looking into small cracks also makes it feel very realistic.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Image
Must I do this again...

There are five mansions to explore this time around. Each mansion is divided into several missions. This makes exploring a little easier and more focused on one task at a time, rather than being sometimes lost and overwhelmed in the original.

Each mansion you explore is very detailed and full of secrets to discover. All five mansions stand alone from each other, giving you some variety. Every puzzle you encounter is well thought out and uses the environment cleverly. Most of them are only used once, keeping the experience fresh every time.

There are many types of ghosts that live in Evershade Valley. "Greenie" ghosts are the most basic, though they eventually grab sun glasses or a shovel to protect them from getting captured. All of the ghosts have a different way of defending themselves, needing to plan a strategy to catch them.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Image
These ghosts are more hilarious than spooky.

Graphics of this sequel are very crisp, especially in the cut scenes for a handheld game. The 3D effect does bring some depth in both gameplay and cut scenes, but not as much as I would like.

The controls of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon are quite straightforward. Moving Luigi with the control pad feels smooth and effortless. The vacuum is used with the L and R buttons, L for blowing out air as R is for sucking. The A buttons is to use the strobeblub to stun a ghost, then catching it by holding R and pulling back with the control pad. X and B buttons allow you to point the strobe light upwards and downwards. The B button is also used to run, which is necessary when you're being chased by ghouls.

The music and sounds effects of each phantom really bring the spooky tone to life. Some of the background music sounds similar to the original, giving the experience a little nostalgia.

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon includes a multiplayer mode called ScareScraper, which lets four players locally or from around the world, battle your way up many haunted floors. With three different modes, Hunter, Rush, and Polterpup, makes you want to hunt some more ghouls all the more. Even though ScareScraper mode is co-op, it feels rather competitive at times. When trying to capture a ghost, then another player steal it from you, or on when dashing for a red coin and someone takes it before you. This mode, and the Boos and gems scattered around each mansion, give Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon high replay value.

Pros and Cons of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon
+ Thrilling gameplay
+ Tons of charm
+ Very high replay value
- Average 3D effect

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon was certainly worth the wait, with the oodles of charm and engaging gameplay. The best 3DS title to date in my opinion, without a doubt.

I gave this title a solid 9.

Well, that all for now. I adored every minute playing this title, though I plan to still spend more time with it in multiplayer mode. Please feel free to give my review a thumbs up (or down :P) here and leave comment below. Thanks for reading everyone.

Backlog time.

I recently realized that I own quite a few games that I hardly touched. After I finish playing (and reviewing) Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, I plan on playing the games I'm about mention, before I purchase any new titles. Most of these games my brother bought, and now I'm able to play them.

Playstation 3
Deus Ex Human Revolution
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Mirror's Edge
Gran Turismo 5
Sly 2 HD
Sly 3 HD
I Am Alive (PSN Game)

Nintendo Wii
Lost In Shadow

Nintendo 3DS
Kingdom Hearts 3D
Ghost Recon Shadow Wars

Nintendo DS
Elite Beat Agents
Warioware DIY

Well, that's all for now. As you can see, I'm going to be rather busy catching up on these games. How big is your backlog? Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.

Video game related doodles.

Hello fellow gaming friends and welcome to another blog post of mine. During my free time recently, I've been drawing quite a bit. I haven't drawn any video game characters in such a long time, so I decided to do so. Here they are.

Squirtle is one of my favorite Pokemon ever, so I had to drawn this pocket monster. Only used a blue colored pencil on this sketch, not wanting to take too much time on it.

Look familiar to you? I used the Super Smash Brother Brawl box art as a reference. Spent about five hours on this drawing coloring it in full.

Toon Link. I first sketched it out and then colored it with oil pastels. Those are very messy to use, but I like how it turned out. Spent about four hours it.

Well that is all for now. I picked up my copy of Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon and I'm three hours in so far. This title is has tons of charm and very detailed for a handheld game. Looking forward to digging deeper into each mansion. Thanks for reading and feel free to leave a comment below.

Bought a new television.

Old 13" television compared to the new 19" television.

You are probably thinking to yourself that a new tv was long overdue and you're right, but I often say don't fix it (or replace it in this case) if it ain't broken. So my old television was starting to pop right when I turned off, knowing it's going to stop working one of these days. Best Buy had a 19" LED tv on sale for only $99 dollars, and I had to take advantage of the deal. I picked it up last weekend and really enjoying it ever since.

PS3 games and Blu-Ray movies looks much better on it (with the HDMI cables I bought too), especially Uncharted 2 Among Thieves. I was kinda bummed out at first, not having a VCR player in my room anymore (I have all the Star Wars movies on tape :P), but good thing we still have one in the living room. Hopefully this HD television keeps kicking for years to come.

Well, that is all for today. Round 2 of the March Madness tournament is starting tomorrow and I already filled out my bracket for it. Hopefully I do better this year and the last. Thanks for reading this blog post and feel free to leave a comment below.