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Well, yesterday (indoinesia) was saturday which mean my mother goes to Russia (except me and my sister) plus my father is cameraman he shoot movie in Bandung the title is "OBAMA ANAK MENTENG"so my parents will working in Russia and Bandung, my mother will take photo about "Swan Lake". in two weeks plus two day. in sunday evening Indonesia precisely Jakarta. we are so bored and then we going to watch Day breaker this movie is perfect i give 5/5 frome my thrill movie.!!! you all need watch this movie, this is more better than underworld.

Gamespot I'm BACK!!!!

Well this is though week my friend but i'l will recover. hehe since 2009 i never online in gamespot again, well may left hand is good again ( soory bad English) i see game spot is better than yesterday more game and lots of category, and i never get new emblems. So this is my post this week, game spot keep your great job. !!!8)

there is a bomb on my country!

hey guys. u heard the news? JW marriot and ritz calton being bomb by terorist. I am one from all witnes on the scene.

I just walking and then I just fell of because the blast. my body full of my own blood. I saw many people get hurt.

if u play "killzone 2, call of duty 4, gear of war 2" it same!!.

left hand and school disaster.

Guys, when my left hand broke, I really forgot I cant joystick again!!!!!!!!. so anybody know what kind of game can I play with one hand? and, one day in school is like hell. teacher, my friend and everybody in that building, saw me like I'm a freak. :(

Bike Disaster!

yesterday, i go to hospital not for my sister. But for me, my left hand broke because I fell from bike.

I fell because I remember again when first time seen "her". I wrote this blog with my right hand.

In Hospital

after broke with my girllfriend, my sister fell from stair her school, now she on hospital.

I wrote this blog in hospital with my laptop. I so bored waiting my sister check her back.

Obama my president!

hey guys I heard news in indonesia, now obama be the 44 president of america.

thanks to anyone who vote him. I hope he be a better president.

Gaza attack

Hey guys you heard the news?

Gaza been attack by israel. and their rockets hit many children

I dont understand why Israel did not stop the rockets?

Now we must pray to all children in Gaza.

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