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"Huge" is being sarcastic right? Looks like they just turn the contrast and brightness up a little bit on the PS3 version and labeled it the PS4 version. So $60 bucks for the same game but you have to pay for online now for PS4 version.

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All of the above and then some. I heard you can't even play dvd on it. Their controllers were too unconventional and awkward. And the games didn't really offer much for me. From release till now, Nintendo hasn't showed me anything that grabbed my attention and I don't think anything will, oh yeah the Wii was pretty disappointing too.

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Don't worry Greatmess Awaits.

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Lol@"Hey guys we saw the success of TLoU on PS4....". EA are some opportunistic mofos lol. Oh great what have Sony done, they opened a pandora box. Now well known dick companies like EA can now release a game and not even a year after a remaster comes out. And let me remind you, they are not Game of the Year editions they are just remasters. They will likely release another version, a true GoTY edition a year after the remaster.

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I hope they improve the AI. It's like I'm over here trying to be silent and sneak pass enemies then suddenly here comes stupid Ellie and/or other followers running across the damn room but but the enemies don't notice them, they can only spot me lol. Just search youtube and there's a bunch of dumb AI that's been captured on video. No wonder this game flopped here.

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Again, some salty sony fans need to stop labeling this something that it's not. This is not a Game of the Year edition, hell it's not even an updated Survival Edition, why couldn't they include the goodies that came with that. This is just an HD upgrade edition to not even a year old game. Don't forget, you pay to play online now. Also it seems like they dumb downed the game and made it casual friendly by increasing crafting speed and such. Stop saying this is a GoTY edition. Knowing Sony they will release that a year after this is released, for both PS3 and PS4 and even put a version on PS Now, milked.

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People are using these awards the PS3 version got to show how good the game is. Matter of fact some salty Sony fans are spewing numbers like 300+ GoTY year awards. In some bazaar way, they they are taking these awards and somehow giving it to the PS4 version. What?! So if they made a Vita version, that version will also be GoTY material too?! The bottomline is this is just a remaster of graphics, nothing more. If the PS4 version also receives these 300+ spartan awards, then that's how it'll be just as good. By the look of it, increasing crafting speed and such, just makes this version dumbed down and more casual friendly. Don't know why some can't see this is just an easy money grabber.

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Sony fans are pretty salty right now. If this was a Game of the Year edition, don't you think they would label it that, nope. This is an HD upgrade just like other HD upgrades before but the difference is TLoU isn't even a year old. Also why are some people automatically thinking the PS4 version will be just as good as the PS3 version? It's the PS3 version that got all the awards, not this HD upgrade. The graphics got remastered not the awards. But since some are so hyped about this game, you guys sound like you are hyping the PS4 version upwards to 9.5 - 10 status here. I bet these salty Sony fans here will play it safe as usual and hype it an 8 lol.

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They might as well remaster it for the PS4 already lol.

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Remastering one of the biggest flop in GS SW in recent years is why it's a rip off. What's next to remaster, Haze, Lair, the Resistance Trilogy.