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Do you guys still have a land line? Remember those ha. I don't think we had a home telephone line for almost a decade now, so I guess that saves us some money. I'm on a Tmobile family shared plan with unlimited text and unlimited talk with only 1gb free data. My phone is really outdated so even if I could use data on the run, I wouldn't since it slows down my phone. I remember trying to use driving directions and it was not a good experience ha. I could connect via wifi but only time I really do is from home to download updates. I think if I do get a new phone, my user habit will be the same and that's just use for mainly text and talk but connect to wifi if available. I do find myself using the wife phone to surf online when we're out and about since she has an old unlimited data plan from AT&T. Speaking about plans, my brother has a phone plan which he could only upgrade to iPhones to keep his unlimited AT&T data plan for $30 per month lol. I don't think AT&T has unlimited data, so that's why they never change their plans.

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This is shaping up to be better than any exclusive right now.

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Not only FH2 looks sexy, I really like the presentation. It's not like DriveClub which seems to be uninspiring, Forza Horizon 2 is really lively.

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720p? Why not 1080p or even 900p? Oh wait, only those fanboys care for resolutions. Looks pretty good. I hope it's as challenging as DS.

That's just the video source, the games 1080p.

Yeah I was just trying to be SW funny but failed lol. Looks good though. I hope it doesn't look that dark on our screens though.

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Looking good. Hopefully it'll be challenging enough like DS.

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I have an old Nokia N8. I bought it unlocked long time ago because of the camera, it still takes great pictures and videos. The OS is really outdated so I'm thinking of upgrading soon. If you have a cell phone, what kind do you have?

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There he/she goes again. Maybe Microsoft should buy Sony's phone brand like they did Nokia for giggles. Since it seems like they could.

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Nope, see Titanfall, that crossgen game (XO, PC, 360) is still the best shooter game right now.

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Too bad Bungie won't get that quality bonus they always seem to get when they were only working with Microsoft.

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Time to sell their mobile device department like how they did with their computers. I wouldn't be surprised if they just remake another game rather than invest in a blockbuster new game.