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People who are in the preview are already testing out these games and unlocking Achievements, so they are not demos. I hope they do that MGS game, I think an hour would be enough to finish the game. Xbox Live continues to dominate over PSN.

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@xeno_ghost: youtube search Kajieme Powell shooting, look for the cell phone footage. Cops said he had his hand up with knife but his hands were down when they shot. Crazy. I expect not only protest but another wave of riots.

Actually here:

Strong language and violence warning.

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There's a video that got released that shows 2 police men shooting a mentally disabled man with a butter knife to death. He stole pastries and two sodas but he put the sodas on the sidewalk. The police came and he yelled out to shoot him. He was pacing erratically and I guess it scared the police and they shot like 6 rounds each. They said he had the knife ready to attack the cops but the video shows the truth. It will get even more crazy there since this happened like yesterday only miles away from Ferg.

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There was just breaking news that the US tried to save and rescue him over the summer. I wonder what happened.

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The Philippines had the chance to be part of the USA but the Philippines wanted to be independent. They helped the US win a world war and there was even a huge US Naval base there. I don't want to generalize but there are some Philippine women that US military personnel would love bring home though.

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Kinda sucks that he was captured before, kept for like 44 days and then released but the itch of being in the front line and getting the story first as a reporter really was his down fall. He should have never came back to these war zones. I don't think invasion, bombs, airstrikes or any kind of war can ever stop this evil. ISIS is made up of former groups of different terrorist organizations from different parts of the world including America and Britain, I believe the person who committed the murder is British. It's really true what they say, cut one head off and two more will grow, and it might be worst than before. I just wonder what if Saddam was still in power in that region, would any of these groups even exist. I mean let's look at North Korea, are there any militants from within that country going against Kim Jong Un. Or it doesn't even have to be dictators, what if there's groups in the US that wants to take power away from politicians and the president. Imagine if that happened, it would be chaos like how it is in the Middle East when there's no leadership or anyone in power.

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Electric shaver.

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I played this at SDCC and it's alright. I personally haven't seen any hype for this game so I doubt it'll flop. The stealth part reminds me of Last of Us but I think Evil can get more intense. If you like horror you're gonna enjoy the game.

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I don't trust them because they seem to always pick at Navy personnel and giving them traffic tickets when they go to and from the Navy base. I never had any problem with any though. Also I guess it depends on where you are too.

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I'm still waiting for videos or pictures of Darren Wilson's injuries. I think that will really tell the true story.