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just post the blog

mercs 2 is out and it's fantastic. it's well put together, retains the feel of the original, and is lots and lots of fun to play.

i already have 300+ achvmnt pts and everytime i blow something up it's sooo satisfying, and that's great. i'll review it soon, and i'm sure it'll retain a fantastic score.

but right now i could honestly care less. i wouldn't say i feel down, like really down too terribly often, and as far as i'm aware i can only remember feeling this way once before, but right now, this very moment my office building could collapse in an earthquake, eject my chair and desk out the 6th floor window with me still in it and it would make no difference to me at all.

i won't waste time or words loquating to some inane degree as to what has gotten me to this place. not under the pretense to assume no one would understand, as i'm not quite so conceited to believe my experience is solitary and unique, but because instead that my folly is responsible for my fate, and is embarrassing enough that i'll keep that to myself.

wow i have a skill in rambling when i'm emotionally crushed. that would help justify not explaining it further too i guess.

i want to go home, drink canadian whiskey on my deck, and smoke a pack of cigarettes. when i'm done i want to sleep for a week.

or more...yeah more. that sounds good. but i better do that mercs 2 review first and get that out of the way.